Author: Vince Molinaro

About Author Let me introduce you to Vince Molinaro, a sought-after thought leader and consultant in the field of leadership accountability. As the founder and CEO of Leadership Contract Inc., Vince travels the globe, working closely with organizations to cultivate strong leadership cultures led by accountable individuals. Early in his career, Vince experienced a life-changing moment when he witnessed a respected colleague and mentor fall victim to cancer, which she believed was a direct result of a toxic work environment. This pivotal event propelled him to dedicate his life to challenging the status quo and advocating for accountable leadership. Vince isn't afraid to shine a spotlight on the worldwide leadership crisis we face today. Through his engaging storytelling, backed by evidence-based principles and practical insights, he presents a compelling strategy to tackle this pressing issue. Leaders from all walks of life are inspired by Vince's approach, stepping up to embrace their responsibilities and drive the success of their organizations. With several published books under his belt, including the New York Times bestseller "Accountable Leaders," Vince is a prolific author who delves into the intricacies of leadership accountability. His other notable works include "The Leadership Contract," now in its third edition, and "The Leadership Contract Field Guide." He has also co-authored two additional books, namely "Leadership Solutions" and "The Leadership Gap." Vince not only writes about leadership accountability but lives and breathes it every day as an entrepreneur and global executive. His expertise on the subject has earned him recognition in leading business publications worldwide. To further share his insights, Vince maintains an informative blog called "Gut Check for Leaders" and offers the Accountable Leaders App, available for download on both the Apple and Google App Stores. When he's not immersed in his work, Vince enjoys spending quality time with his family in their home near Toronto, Canada. With his invaluable contributions to the field of leadership accountability, Vince Molinaro continues to shape and inspire leaders from all corners of the globe.