Author: Shelly Alexander

About Author If you're a fan of contemporary romance, then you've probably heard of Shelly Alexander. This talented author has achieved remarkable success in the genre, earning the prestigious title of #1 Bestseller in various categories including Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Women's Fiction, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Series, Single Women's Fiction, and Women's Fiction Romance. Shelly's journey to becoming a bestselling author was born out of her love for reading and her desire to escape into a world of romance. Growing up with four older brothers, she was surrounded by male influences, with activities like watching Star Trek and playing with G.I. Joes dominating her childhood. However, Shelly found solace in the fantasy of romance novels, and this passion stayed with her throughout her life. After earning a bachelor's degree in marketing and working in the business world for twenty-five years, Shelly finally decided to pursue her dream of writing romance novels. Her unique perspective, influenced by her upbringing and life experiences, brings an authentic and refreshing voice to her stories. Shelly's writing style can be described as a delightful blend of sweet, sizzling, and sassy. She captivates her readers with engaging and relatable characters, weaving compelling narratives that keep her audience hooked from start to finish. Her stories are filled with all the elements that make contemporary romance so irresistible - heartwarming moments, steamy chemistry, and a healthy dose of humor. When she's not busy crafting her next love story, Shelly enjoys the beautiful arid climate of the Southwest, where she resides with her two adorable toy poodles named Mozart and Midge (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel). You might even catch a glimpse of her cute furry friends on her Instagram page, where she shares glimpses of her writing life and personal adventures. If you're craving even more Shelly Alexander in your life, be sure to connect with her on social media. You can find her engaging with her dedicated readers on her Facebook page, where she loves to interact and share updates about her writing journey. And for exclusive news, book sales, and exciting giveaways, don't forget to join Shelly's VIPeep Reader List. As a subscriber, you'll get all the insider information straight to your inbox. To stay up-to-date with Shelly's latest releases, make sure to follow her on BookBub. By following her on this platform, you'll receive timely updates about her new books and never miss a chance to dive into her captivating stories. So, if you're ready to immerse yourself in the world of contemporary romance and experience the magic of Shelly Alexander's storytelling, start by grabbing one of her books today. And who knows, you might just fall head over heels for her charming characters and irresistible love stories.