Author: L.D. Ricard

About Author Meet L.D. Ricard, a talented author hailing from the sunny state of Florida. With a passion for storytelling, L.D. has captivated readers with her collection of short stories and is gearing up for the exciting re-release of her highly anticipated novel, Rowan's End. In the cozy corners of her home, L.D. finds inspiration surrounded by her loved ones, including her better half and her loyal canine companion, Wicca. However, beware of her mischievous kitty, as this feline friend may have a touch of devilish charm. While eagerly waiting for the release of Rowan's End, L.D. is hard at work crafting its thrilling sequel, promising readers a continuation of the enthralling tale. With her unique storytelling style and vivid imagination, L.D. Ricard is sure to whisk you away into her literary worlds. So, grab a cup of tea, settle in, and dive into L.D. Ricard's enchanting stories. You won't be able to resist being drawn into the captivating adventures she weaves with her words.