Author: Jonathan Moeller

About Author Meet Jonathan Moeller, a writer with a fascinating mix of traits. Standing at an impressive height of over six feet, Jonathan possesses the kind of piercing blue eyes that would make even Conan of Cimmeria envious. Add to that his bronze-colored hair, reminiscent of a Visigothic warrior-king, and it's clear that Jonathan has a striking presence. However, despite his strong and commanding appearance, Jonathan is focused on a different realm entirely - the world of computer repair. Yes, you read that right. Jonathan's towering stature and captivating looks may not come in handy in his career as a computer repairman, but he certainly knows his way around a motherboard. But Jonathan's talents are not limited to fixing computers. He is also an incredibly talented author, with an impressive range of written works under his belt. His DEMONSOULED series delves into the captivating realm of sword-and-sorcery novels, while his TOWER OF ENDLESS WORLDS urban fantasy series takes readers on an enchanting journey through mysterious urban landscapes. If that wasn't enough, Jonathan has also explored the thrilling world of assassins and spies in his popular GHOSTS series, centered around the intriguing character Caina Amalas. Not one to be confined to a specific genre, Jonathan has also written the COMPUTER BEGINNER'S GUIDE sequence, providing valuable knowledge to those navigating the complex terrain of computer technology. With such a diverse and impressive body of work, it's no wonder that Jonathan Moeller has earned a dedicated following of readers from around the world. His ability to captivate and entertain is unparalleled, and his writing is loved by fans young and old. To learn more about Jonathan and his captivating works, visit his website at There, you'll find a treasure trove of literary adventures awaiting your discovery. For a glimpse into his tech-savvy side, head over to Jonathan's technology blog at This is where he shares his expertise and offers valuable insights into the ever-evolving world of computers and technology. So, whether you're in need of an exhilarating sword-and-sorcery adventure, a thrilling urban fantasy tale, or a comprehensive guide to navigate the digital world, Jonathan Moeller is the author for you. Embark on a reading journey like no other and lose yourself in the captivating worlds he has created.