Author: Ed Winters

About Author Meet Ed Winters, the dynamic and inspiring voice in the vegan movement. As a passionate vegan educator, public speaker, and content creator, Ed is renowned for his thought-provoking debates, captivating speeches, and engaging video essays. Ed's expertise lies in animal ethics and environmental sustainability, and he has made it his mission to spread awareness and ignite change. With an impressive track record, Ed has delivered enlightening lectures at more than one-third of UK universities, leaving a lasting impact on students. His exceptional knowledge and captivating delivery even earned him the esteemed invitation to be a guest lecturer at Harvard University in 2019 and 2020. Taking his message beyond the borders, Ed has graced prestigious platforms worldwide, including the University of Cambridge, EPFL, Facebook, and Google in both NYC and Zürich. Notably, he has also delivered two inspiring TEDx talks, captivating millions of viewers online. Ed's influence extends into the media realm, where he fearlessly participates in live television and radio debates. His presence has been prominent on renowned networks such as the BBC, ITV, and LadBible. In 2018, Ed took his dedication to the next level by establishing Unity Diner, a remarkable non-profit vegan restaurant in the bustling city of London. Here, every sip and bite contribute to supporting animal welfare initiatives, including the Surge Sanctuary. Founded by Ed and his team in late 2020, this sanctuary offers a permanent home and care for abused and unwanted animals throughout the expansive 18-acre rural site in England. Through his unwavering commitment, Ed Winters continues to make a significant impact, challenging conventions and advocating for a more compassionate world. His relatable and engaging approach connects with audiences of all backgrounds, making him a powerful force for change in the ongoing fight for animal rights.