Author: Dawn Peers

About Author Meet Dawn Peers, a talented and passionate UK-based author who specializes in the genres of fantasy and horror. But that's not all - she also writes under the pen name Warren Fielding, showcasing her versatility as a writer. Since she was a young girl, Dawn has been captivated by the world of fiction. She devoured books of all kinds and nurtured her love for storytelling. As she grew older, the desire to create her own stories became a burning passion. She embarked on a journey to craft her debut novel, Legacy of Darkness, which is the first installment in The Graces fantasy series. Interestingly, Dawn admits that she has been tinkering with the idea for this series since she was just sixteen years old. Now, on the cusp of turning thirty, she is determined to release the next book in the series much sooner. Dawn was born in Warwickshire, a county in the heart of England, and currently resides in West Sussex. Apart from her writing pursuits, she also works as a tech guru, spending her days helping people troubleshoot their computer issues. Being a professional geek, as she fondly calls herself, doesn't stop her from enjoying her personal geeky pursuits. When she's not busy with her writing or tech wizardry, she loves to blog, share her reviews, and engage in adventurous activities like mountain biking and running. If you're interested in keeping up with Dawn's latest projects or want to connect with her, you can find her on Twitter @dawnpeersauthor. Additionally, you can visit her website,, to learn more about her work and explore the fascinating worlds she has created through her words.