Author: Arthur W. Upfield

About Author Arthur W. Upfield, a man of adventure and exploration, was born in England and decided to try his luck in Australia in 1911. Although he started his journey in a humble position as a waiter in Adelaide, Upfield felt a magnetic pull towards the vast Australian Interior. Eager to immerse himself in the unique landscapes and eccentric individuals that inhabited this untamed region, Upfield embarked on a series of fascinating jobs. Throughout his eventful life, Upfield took on various roles, ranging from boundary-rider to offside-driver, from cattle-drover to opal-gouger, and even rabbit-trapper. He was also entrusted with the important task of patrolling the vermin fence, ensuring the protection of the land from unwanted intruders. As if these experiences weren't diverse enough, Upfield also managed a camel station, adding yet another layer of richness to his life's narrative. It is these extraordinary encounters and the intriguing settings that would later serve as the foundation for Upfield's impressive literary career. With his unique perspective and deep understanding of the Outback, Upfield penned a total of 35 novels, capturing the imaginations of readers around the world. Among his notable works, 29 novels feature the beloved character Napoleon Bonaparte, affectionately referred to as 'Bony', an Aboriginal detective. Upfield's writing journey began in 1929 with the publication of his first Bony novel, aptly titled "The Barrakee Mystery." The success of this initial endeavor paved the way for a long and fruitful career as a writer. In fact, his stories captivated audiences to such an extent that in the early 1970s, 26 episodes of the popular TV series "BONEY" were created, bringing his characters to life on the small screen. As a testament to the enduring popularity of Upfield's works, a new TV series is set to grace international screens in 2019, introducing a new generation to the thrilling world of 'Bony' and his enthralling adventures. Arthur W. Upfield's exceptional ability to weave intricate tales of mystery and suspense is a testament to his profound passion for Australia's vast and diverse landscapes. Through his writing, he transports readers to a place where danger lurks beneath the rugged beauty and where a brilliant detective, born from the fusion of cultures, solves crimes and preserves justice. So, come along and embark on a thrilling journey through the pages of his books and get ready to be enthralled by the captivating world of Arthur Upfield's imagination.