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Worley Manor

Michael Adashefski

Experience the excitement and mystery of 'Worley Manor,' an audiobook by Drac Von Stoller. Join Johnny as he explores old abandoned houses, weaves tall tales of ghostly encounters, and uncovers the truth about Worley Manor. With engaging characters, a thrilling mystery, and an exploration of imagination, 'Worley Manor' is a must-listen for fans of horror, mystery, and suspense genres. Written by the talented Drac Von Stoller and published under his name, this audiobook guarantees a captivating and entertaining experience. So grab your headphones and get ready to immerse yourself in the chilling world of 'Worley Manor.'

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Have you ever been fascinated by old abandoned houses and the mysteries they hold? If like Johnny, the main character in 'Worley Manor,' you enjoy exploring such places, then this audiobook is perfect for you. In 'Worley Manor,' Johnny discovers a mysterious abandoned home called Worley Manor, rumored to be the site of buried treasure. Desperate to impress his classmates, Johnny weaves captivating tales of his adventures, claiming that the houses he explored were haunted. However, as doubt begins to creep in, Johnny's stories are put to the ultimate test.

About the Author - Drac Von Stoller

Drac Von Stoller, the talented writer behind 'Worley Manor,' has created yet another masterpiece. With his unique storytelling abilities, Von Stoller expertly weaves suspense, mystery, and adventure into his narratives. His captivating writing style keeps readers engaged and eager to uncover each new twist and turn. Through his imaginative tales, Von Stoller allows readers to explore the dark corners of their own imaginations.

About the Publisher

Drac Von Stoller, the publisher of 'Worley Manor,' ensures that each audiobook published under his name meets the highest standards of quality. With a commitment to providing readers with gripping stories that entertain and captivate, Von Stoller's audiobooks have become popular among fans of horror, suspense, and mystery genres.

Summary of 'Worley Manor'

'Worley Manor' tells the story of Johnny, a young adventurer who loves exploring old abandoned homes. However, there's one place Johnny has always been too scared to explore: Worley Manor. Legend has it that buried treasure lies hidden in the family crypt at Worley Manor, but nobody has ever survived digging it up to tell the tale. Desperate to maintain his popularity, Johnny weaves elaborate tales about his haunted adventures in other abandoned houses. But as doubt begins to grow among his classmates, Johnny's stories are put to the test.

Why 'Worley Manor' is a Must-Listen


Engaging Characters

'Worley Manor' features relatable and intriguing characters that will capture your attention from the very beginning. Johnny, with his wild imagination and daring spirit, is a character that readers of all ages will find endearing. 2.

Thrilling Mystery

The mystery of the buried treasure at Worley Manor provides an exciting and suspenseful backdrop for the story. As Johnny and his classmates attempt to uncover the truth, listeners will be on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting each new revelation. 3.

Exploration of Imagination

Through 'Worley Manor,' author Drac Von Stoller invites listeners to tap into their own imaginations. With vivid descriptions and atmospheric settings, listeners will feel transported to the eerie and mysterious world of Worley Manor.

The Verdict

'Worley Manor' is a captivating audiobook that combines adventure, mystery, and imagination. Drac Von Stoller's storytelling abilities shine through in this thrilling tale of buried treasure and haunted houses. Whether you're a fan of horror, mystery, or suspense, this audiobook is a must-listen. So grab your headphones, find a cozy spot, and prepare to embark on a spine-chilling journey with Johnny and his classmates in 'Worley Manor.'

Additional Info

Book Name: Worley Manor
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Drac Von Stoller
Narrators: Michael Adashefski
Genres: Literature & Fiction
Audiobook Length: 15M
Publisher: Drac Von Stoller
Language: English
Publish Date: 2012-06-29
Last Price: 3.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the legend surrounding Worley Manor?

According to legend, there is buried treasure in the family crypt of Worley Manor that no one has been able to retrieve and survive to tell the tale.

Why did Johnny avoid exploring Worley Manor?

Johnny avoided exploring Worley Manor because of the legend that there is buried treasure in the family crypt that has claimed the lives of those who tried to dig it up.

Why did Johnny enjoy exploring old abandoned houses?

Johnny enjoyed exploring old abandoned houses, especially on stormy days, because it gave them an eerie feeling that added to the excitement of his adventures.

What did Johnny like to do after his adventures in the abandoned houses?

After his adventures in the abandoned houses, Johnny liked to tell tall tales to his classmates about his daring escapes and how the houses were haunted.

What did Johnny gain from telling tall tales to his classmates?

Telling tall tales gained Johnny popularity with his classmates, which was all he cared about.

Why were Johnny's tales about to be put to the test?

Johnny's classmates were starting to doubt the truthfulness of his tales, and they were about to challenge him to prove their authenticity.


10 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Sarah 29-Sep-2023

    Wow, I was completely captivated by Worley Manor! Drac Von Stoller's writing is so engaging and his storytelling ability had me on the edge of my seat. Highly recommend!

  • Mi
    Michael 30-Sep-2023

    Worley Manor is a thrilling audiobook that kept me hooked from start to finish. Drac Von Stoller's talent for creating suspense and a sense of dread is unmatched. A must-listen for horror fans.

  • Je
    Jessica 04-Oct-2023

    I couldn't stop listening to Worley Manor! Drac Von Stoller weaves a chilling tale that will send shivers down your spine. The atmosphere and characters are richly developed, making this audiobook a true gem.

  • Ad
    Adam 25-Oct-2023

    Drac Von Stoller's Worley Manor is a haunting and atmospheric masterpiece. The story unfolds seamlessly, leaving you eager to uncover the mysteries lurking within. A fantastic listen!

  • Em
    Emily 22-Nov-2023

    Worley Manor is a spine-tingling horror audiobook that will keep you up at night. Drac Von Stoller's imaginative storytelling and attention to detail make this a standout in the genre. Prepare to be scared!

  • Da
    Daniel 02-Dec-2023

    I was hooked from the first chapter of Worley Manor. Drac Von Stoller's ability to create a sense of unease and anticipation is remarkable. If you enjoy supernatural tales, this audiobook is a must.

  • So
    Sophia 13-Jan-2024

    Worley Manor is a hauntingly addictive audiobook. Drac Von Stoller's writing style draws you in and keeps you hooked until the very end. The dark and eerie atmosphere he creates is truly immersive.

  • Jo
    Joshua 24-Feb-2024

    I absolutely loved Worley Manor! Drac Von Stoller's storytelling is top-notch and his ability to create suspense and tension is unmatched. This audiobook is a must-listen for any horror enthusiast.

  • Ol
    Olivia 19-Mar-2024

    Worley Manor is a true masterpiece of horror. Drac Von Stoller's writing is both captivating and chilling. The audiobook is expertly narrated, immersing you in its eerie world. I couldn't recommend it enough.

  • Wi
    William 15-Apr-2024

    Drac Von Stoller's Worley Manor is a thrilling ride from beginning to end. The suspense is palpable and the twists and turns will keep you guessing. If you're a fan of horror, this is a must-listen.

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