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Truth & Games

Milo Churchcutt

Join Felicity, Ben, and Aaron on a journey of friendship, romance, and exploration with the audiobook 'Truth & Games' by K. D. West. This captivating tale takes you into the world of three friends who decide to challenge societal norms and explore their desires. Through a game proposed by Felicity, they embark on an unconventional journey that uncovers hidden desires and unspoken fantasies. With expert storytelling and engaging narration, the Stillpoint Digital Press brings this audiobook to life, making you feel like you're right there with the characters. Published by Stillpoint/Eros, 'Truth & Games' is a thought-provoking work that pushes boundaries and encourages listeners to embrace new possibilities.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take your friendships and relationships to a whole new level? In the audiobook 'Truth & Games' by K. D. West, you'll join Felicity, Ben, and Aaron, three friends who have known each other for years, on a journey of exploration and discovery.

The Rainy-Day Get-Together

One rainy day, the three friends gather together over margaritas and Felicity proposes a game that will change everything. Curiosity and a desire for something new drive them to give it a try. Little do they know that this innocent game will open doors they never thought possible.

A Tale of Friendship, Romance, and Adventure

'Truth & Games' is not just about the game itself; it's about the bonds of friendship and the willingness to step outside of societal norms. As Felicity, Ben, and Aaron embark on this unconventional journey, they discover aspects of themselves and each other that they never anticipated.

Through the ups and downs, they navigate the complexities of their evolving relationships, exploring their desires, and embracing their vulnerabilities. Their journey takes them on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, uncovering hidden desires and unspoken fantasies.

A Captivating Narration

In this audiobook, the story comes to life through the captivating narration by the Stillpoint Digital Press. With their expert storytelling and engaging voices, they transport you into the world of Felicity, Ben, and Aaron, making you feel as if you're right there with them, experiencing every moment of their exhilarating journey.

'Truth & Games' is an audiobook that will keep you captivated from start to finish. It's a tale that will make you question societal norms, explore your own desires, and perhaps even inspire you to step outside your comfort zone.

A Unique Offering from Stillpoint/Eros

Published by Stillpoint/Eros, 'Truth & Games' is just one of the many thought-provoking and boundary-pushing works they offer. Stillpoint/Eros is known for their commitment to bringing captivating stories to life, embracing the exploration of human relationships and desires.

Whether you're new to audiobooks or a seasoned listener, 'Truth & Games' is a must-listen. Get ready to join Felicity, Ben, and Aaron on a journey that will challenge your preconceptions and open your mind to new possibilities.

Additional Info

Book Name: Truth & Games
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: K. D. West
Narrators: Milo Churchcutt
Genres: Erotica
Audiobook Length: 30M
Publisher: Stillpoint/Eros
Language: English
Publish Date: 2014-01-28
Last Price: 3.95 USD


10 reviews for this audiobook
  • Em
    Emma Johnson 28-Oct-2023

    Truth & Games is an incredible audiobook that hooks you from the very beginning. The writing by K. D. West is so immersive that you feel like you are a part of the story. I couldn't stop listening!

  • Mi
    Mike Thompson 02-Nov-2023

    I absolutely loved Truth & Games! K. D. West has crafted a captivating story with well-developed characters. The narration is superb, bringing the story to life in a way that keeps you engaged until the very end.

  • So
    Sophia Davis 14-Nov-2023

    If you're a fan of steamy romance and intense games, Truth & Games is a must-listen. K. D. West masterfully combines lust and love in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I highly recommend it!

  • Al
    Alex Turner 17-Nov-2023

    Prepare yourself for a wild ride with Truth & Games! K. D. West's storytelling is so vivid and descriptive that you can practically see the scenes unfold in your mind. The audiobook is a perfect blend of passion, mystery, and suspense.

  • Ol
    Olivia Mitchell 25-Nov-2023

    Truth & Games takes you on a thrilling journey filled with secrets, desire, and unexpected twists. K. D. West's writing style is addictive, making it difficult to hit pause. The narration is top-notch, making this audiobook a must-have for any romance fan.

  • Be
    Benjamin Wilson 30-Nov-2023

    I couldn't get enough of Truth & Games! K. D. West has crafted a story that keeps you guessing until the very end. The chemistry between the characters is electrifying, and the steamy scenes are incredibly well-written.

  • Em
    Emily Peterson 05-Jan-2024

    Truth & Games is a deliciously addictive audiobook that will leave you craving for more. K. D. West's writing is so captivating that you won't be able to stop listening. Get ready to be completely absorbed in this enticing tale!

  • Da
    Daniel Adams 12-Jan-2024

    Audiobooks don't get much better than Truth & Games! K. D. West knows how to create tension and build anticipation like no other. From start to finish, this audiobook had me hooked.

  • Is
    Isabella Collins 13-Feb-2024

    Truth & Games is a rollercoaster of emotions and desires. K. D. West's storytelling is so vivid that it feels like you're right there alongside the characters. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a passionate and thrilling audiobook.

  • Na
    Nathan Lee 29-Mar-2024

    I devoured Truth & Games in record time! K. D. West's writing style is addictive, drawing you into the story and keeping you engaged until the very end. The narration is excellent, making this audiobook a must-listen for romance fans.

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