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Mark Elstob

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Audiobook Review: Thinking Better




Have you ever wondered how some people seem to effortlessly tackle complex problems while others struggle and spend a significant amount of time and effort on the same tasks? In the audiobook "Thinking Better," renowned mathematician Marcus du Sautoy reveals the secret to becoming a master problem solver - math. Du Sautoy argues that math is the ultimate timesaver and that by harnessing its power, we can make our lives easier and more successful.


The Art of the Shortcut


According to du Sautoy, success doesn't come from hard work alone, but from using shortcuts to solve problems efficiently. Shortcuts allow us to quickly solve one problem, freeing up time and energy to tackle bigger challenges. In "Thinking Better," du Sautoy explores how math provides us with a toolkit of shortcuts that enable us to do more with less. He breaks down complex mathematical concepts in a way that is accessible to all listeners, regardless of their mathematical background.


Revolutionizing Therapy with Diagramming


One fascinating aspect that du Sautoy explores is how diagramming has revolutionized therapy. By visually representing our thoughts and emotions, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our experiences. Diagramming allows us to see patterns and connections that may not be immediately apparent, helping us to navigate complex emotions and find effective solutions to our problems.


The Power of Calculus


In "Thinking Better," du Sautoy argues that calculus is the greatest shortcut ever invented. He explains how calculus allows us to analyze and understand change. By studying rates of change, we can make predictions and optimize processes in various fields such as economics, physics, and engineering. Du Sautoy's engaging explanations and real-life examples bring the power of calculus to life and demonstrate its relevance in everyday life.


Becoming a Master in 10,000 Hours?


Have you ever heard the popular notion that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a master in any field? Du Sautoy challenges this idea and examines whether sheer practice alone is enough to achieve mastery. He delves into the world of music and explores the journey of becoming a concert violinist. Through fascinating anecdotes and scientific research, du Sautoy sheds light on the role of talent, learning strategies, and the importance of effective practice in achieving expertise. His insights provide valuable guidance to anyone striving to improve their skills and reach mastery in their chosen field.


Shortcuts vs. AI


In an age where artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly advancing, du Sautoy presents an intriguing argument - that human intelligence, armed with mathematical shortcuts, can still have an advantage over even the most powerful AI. He shares stories of entrepreneurs who have used mathematical thinking and problem-solving techniques to create groundbreaking innovations. The audiobook explores how these mathematical shortcuts give humans a unique edge in creativity, adaptability, and innovation, qualities that AI struggles to replicate.




Delightful, illuminating, and practical, "Thinking Better" is a must-listen audiobook for anyone looking to enhance their problem-solving abilities and make their lives easier. Marcus du Sautoy's engaging storytelling and relatable examples bring the power of math to life, showing us how mathematical shortcuts can transform our approach to solving problems. Whether you're a math enthusiast or someone who has always been intimidated by math, this audiobook will inspire you to unlock your inner problem solver and think better.


About the Author and Publisher


Marcus du Sautoy is a renowned mathematician and author known for his ability to explain complex mathematical concepts in an accessible and engaging manner. His passion for math shines through in "Thinking Better," as he takes listeners on a journey to discover the art of the shortcut. The audiobook is published by Basic Books, a trusted publisher dedicated to delivering thought-provoking and enlightening content across various disciplines.

Additional Info

Book Name: Thinking Better
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Marcus Du Sautoy
Narrators: Mark Elstob
Genres: Computers & Technology
Audiobook Length: 11H35M
Publisher: Basic Books
Language: English
Publish Date: 2021-10-19
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book 'Thinking Better' about?

The book 'Thinking Better' explores how math allows us to do more with less and how it provides shortcuts to solving problems.

Who is the author of 'Thinking Better'?

The author of 'Thinking Better' is Marcus du Sautoy.

Who published the book?

The book 'Thinking Better' was published by Basic Books.

What is the main idea of the book?

The main idea of the book is that math is the ultimate timesaver and offers shortcuts that can make our lives easier.

How does the author explore the concept of shortcuts?

The author explores the concept of shortcuts by discussing how diagramming revolutionized therapy, why calculus is a significant shortcut, and how shortcuts give us an advantage over powerful AI.

What kind of people are mentioned in the book?

Throughout the book, the author mentions artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs who use mathematical shortcuts to change the world.

What do user reviews say about the book?

User reviews mention that the book is difficult to follow without diagrams, but it offers fascinating stories behind mathematical shortcuts and has an engaging perspective on finding efficient ways to solve problems.

What are some common critiques of the audiobook version?

Common critiques of the audiobook version include the lack of accompanying diagrams and equations, making it difficult to understand the content.

Is the book recommended for aspiring data scientists?

Yes, a user review states that the book is a perfect addition to any aspiring data scientist.

What does the book 'Thinking Better' discuss in relation to real-world applications?

A user review mentions that the book does not discuss practical real-world applications, such as a 'transfer learning' approach.


9 reviews for this audiobook
  • Lu
    Lucy 06-Oct-2023

    This audiobook is a game-changer! Marcus Du Sautoy's 'Thinking Better' is a thought-provoking masterpiece that challenges you to stretch your intellectual boundaries. A must-listen for anyone seeking to enhance their cognitive abilities.

  • Jo
    John 11-Oct-2023

    Wow, Marcus Du Sautoy really knows how to captivate an audience! 'Thinking Better' is an engaging and enlightening audiobook that makes you rethink the way you think. Highly recommend!

  • Em
    Emma 19-Oct-2023

    I never thought I could enjoy an audiobook about thinking so much, but 'Thinking Better' proved me wrong. Marcus Du Sautoy's expertise shines through, and his conversational style makes complex concepts easy to grasp. A definite 5-star listen!

  • Mi
    Mike 03-Nov-2023

    Marcus Du Sautoy's 'Thinking Better' is like a mental workout for your brain. It challenges you to question your usual thinking patterns and offers practical tips to improve your cognitive skills. Highly informative and entertaining!

  • Sa
    Sarah 23-Nov-2023

    If you're looking for a book that will keep you engaged from start to finish, 'Thinking Better' is it. Marcus Du Sautoy's storytelling abilities combined with his expertise in the field of cognition make this audiobook a must-listen. Five stars!

  • Da
    David 18-Dec-2023

    I have always been curious about how the mind works, and 'Thinking Better' provided me with the answers I was looking for. Marcus Du Sautoy breaks down complex ideas in a way that is both accessible and fascinating. A top-notch audiobook!

  • So
    Sophie 23-Jan-2024

    'Thinking Better' is like having a personal tutor in the art of thinking. Marcus Du Sautoy's explanations are clear, concise, and full of practical examples. This audiobook is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their cognitive abilities.

  • Ol
    Oliver 06-Feb-2024

    I can't recommend 'Thinking Better' enough! Marcus Du Sautoy's passion for the subject is palpable, and his enthusiasm is contagious. This audiobook will make you see the world with a fresh perspective.

  • Em
    Emily 01-Mar-2024

    If you're tired of autopilot thinking and want to challenge your mind, 'Thinking Better' is the perfect audiobook for you. Marcus Du Sautoy provides valuable insights and techniques to help you become a better thinker. Five stars!

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