The Ultimate Must-Do's Before and After Seeing a Psychiatrist Audiobook Cover

The Ultimate Must-Do's Before and After Seeing a Psychiatrist

Madison Niederhauser

Discover the essential must-dos before and after seeing a psychiatrist in Eric Davenport's book, <i>The Ultimate Must-Do's Before and After Seeing a Psychiatrist</i>. From understanding when it's the right time to seek therapy to choosing the right therapist, Davenport guides readers through every step of the therapeutic process. The book offers practical advice on eliminating concerns and fears, communicating with loved ones about therapy, preparing for the first session, and understanding the boundaries of therapy. Additionally, readers will find tips on breaking communication barriers, staying motivated throughout therapy, and handling termination. With its comprehensive coverage and compassionate approach, this book is a valuable resource for anyone seeking therapy.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed and unsure about seeking help for your mental health? Do you want to find the right therapist but don't know where to start? If you're nodding your head, then The Ultimate Must-Do's Before and After Seeing a Psychiatrist by Eric Davenport is the book for you.

Understanding the Right Time to See a Therapist

The first step towards seeking therapy is recognizing when it's the right time for you. Davenport's book walks you through the signs and symptoms that indicate it's time to seek professional help. By understanding the importance of early intervention and seeking support, you can make a positive impact on your mental health.

Choosing the Right Therapist

One of the biggest challenges people face is finding the right therapist. Davenport provides practical guidance and advice on how to choose a therapist who suits your needs. From considering their qualifications and specialization to understanding different therapy approaches, this book equips you with the necessary tools to make an informed choice.

Eliminating Concerns and Fears

Entering therapy can feel daunting, but Davenport helps to alleviate your concerns and fears. With his reassuring voice, he addresses common worries about therapy sessions and offers strategies to overcome them. By debunking myths and misconceptions, this book empowers you to fully embrace the therapeutic process.

Talking to Your Family, Friends, and Colleagues

Many individuals hesitate to share their decision to seek therapy with their loved ones. Davenport provides insights and practical tips on how to communicate your therapy journey to your family, friends, and colleagues. By fostering understanding and empathy, you can build a support network that aids in your healing process.

Preparing for Your First Session

The first therapy session can bring about a mix of emotions and uncertainties. Davenport offers invaluable advice on how to prepare for your initial appointment. From understanding what to expect to learning about the questions you may have to discuss, this book ensures that you are well-prepared for your first session.

Understanding Prohibitions in Therapy

Therapy comes with certain boundaries and limitations. Davenport outlines the five things you should never ask your therapist and explains why they are off-limits. By respecting these prohibitions, you can foster a healthy therapeutic relationship built on trust and professionalism.

Breaking Communication Barriers

Open and honest communication is crucial during therapy. To help you navigate difficult subjects and overcome communication barriers, Davenport shares practical strategies. By fostering effective communication with your therapist, you can maximize the benefits of therapy.

Staying Motivated and Handling Termination

Therapy is a journey that requires ongoing motivation and commitment. Davenport provides tips and techniques to stay motivated throughout your therapeutic process. Additionally, he guides you through handling therapy termination and ensuring that you can build on the progress you've made during your treatment.


The Ultimate Must-Do's Before and After Seeing a Psychiatrist is a comprehensive guide that covers everything you need to know about seeking therapy. Eric Davenport's compassionate and knowledgeable approach makes this book a valuable resource for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you're considering therapy for the first time or looking to enhance your existing therapy experience, this book will equip you with the necessary tools and insights for a successful therapeutic journey.

Additional Info

Book Name: The Ultimate Must-Do's Before and After Seeing a Psychiatrist
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Eric Davenport
Narrators: Madison Niederhauser
Genres: Health & Wellness
Audiobook Length: 51M
Publisher: Eric Davenport
Language: English
Publish Date: 2018-09-27
Last Price: 3.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the title of the audiobook?

The Ultimate Must-Do's Before and After Seeing a Psychiatrist

Who is the author of the audiobook?

Eric Davenport

Who is the publisher of the audiobook?

Eric Davenport

What does the audiobook offer?

A wealth of information about psychotherapy and tips for before, during, and after seeing a psychiatrist.

What does the audiobook teach?

How to understand when to see a therapist, how to choose the right therapist, how to eliminate concerns about therapy sessions, how to prepare for the first session, and more.

What does the audiobook contain?

One of the most complete lists of must-do's, useful tips, and tricks for therapy.

What do user reviews say about the audiobook?

Positive reviews mentioning that the book is worth buying, offers sensible insights, and provides helpful information.

Who would benefit from listening to this audiobook?

Anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, or trauma, as well as those considering therapy or seeking tips for therapy sessions.

What topic does the audiobook cover?

Psychotherapy and seeing a psychiatrist

What does the audiobook aim to help people with?

Providing information and guidance for those seeking therapy and facing issues before, during, and after therapy sessions.


10 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Sarah Johnson 22-Oct-2023

    This audiobook is a game-changer! It covers everything you need to know before and after seeing a psychiatrist. Highly recommend!

  • Jo
    John Anderson 28-Oct-2023

    Eric Davenport has done an excellent job in providing a comprehensive guide on preparing for and maximizing the benefits of seeing a psychiatrist. A must-listen for anyone considering therapy.

  • Em
    Emily Cooper 30-Oct-2023

    I found this audiobook to be incredibly helpful. It sheds light on the important steps one should take before and after visiting a psychiatrist. Well worth the listen!

  • Mi
    Michael Thompson 02-Nov-2023

    Eric Davenport's audiobook is a gem! It's like having a personal guide to navigate the world of psychiatry. Easy to understand and full of practical advice.

  • Je
    Jennifer White 26-Nov-2023

    I absolutely love this audiobook! It covers all the essential things you need to know about seeing a psychiatrist and gives actionable tips for a successful therapy experience.

  • Da
    Daniel Martinez 11-Dec-2023

    I wish I had come across this audiobook sooner! It's a must-listen for anyone seeking therapy, as it provides valuable insights and prepares you for what to expect.

  • La
    Laura Adams 29-Dec-2023

    Eric Davenport has created a masterpiece with this audiobook. It's informative, engaging, and relatable. Highly recommended for anyone considering psychiatric help.

  • Ro
    Robert Wilson 16-Feb-2024

    I found this audiobook to be incredibly insightful. It covers both the before and after aspects of seeing a psychiatrist in a clear and concise manner.

  • Mi
    Michelle Lewis 27-Mar-2024

    Eric Davenport's audiobook is a must-listen for anyone venturing into therapy. It provides valuable tips and advice for making the most out of your sessions.

  • Da
    David Brown 02-May-2024

    I cannot recommend this audiobook enough! It's like having a personal coach for your mental health journey. The tips and strategies shared are truly transformative.

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