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The Sorcerer's Daughter

Simon Vance

Embark on an epic adventure in the world of Shannara with The Sorcerer's Daughter. Written by Terry Brooks and published by Hachette Audio UK, this thrilling stand-alone adventure transports listeners to a world of magic, danger, and destiny. Follow Leofur as she navigates the treacherous path between loyalty to her power-hungry father and her devotion to Paxon Leah, the protector of the Druids. With expert audiobook production and captivating narration, the story comes alive in an immersive listening experience. Whether you're a longtime fan of the Shannara series or new to the universe, The Sorcerer's Daughter is an enthralling tale of good versus evil that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

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The Sorcerer's Daughter: An Epic Adventure in the World of Shannara

The world of Shannara is known for its epic tales and mystical characters. The Sorcerer's Daughter, written by Terry Brooks and published by Hachette Audio UK, is a thrilling stand-alone adventure set in this captivating universe. Inspired by the popular Shannara Chronicles TV series, the story unveils untold stories and unexplored territories.

Enter the World of Magic and Blood

In The Sorcerer's Daughter, we meet Leofur, the daughter of Arcannen, a sorcerer with a lust for power and an affinity for dark magic. Despite her bloodline, Leofur finds herself torn between her loyalty to her father and her devotion to Paxon Leah, the sworn protector of the Druids, who defend the Four Lands against evil forces.

When the Druids are unjustly accused of a brutal murder spree, Paxon suspects Arcannen's involvement. With the Druids on the run, seeking refuge, Leofur embarks on a dangerous quest to foil her father's plans to eradicate them.

An Engrossing Tale of Good versus Evil

The Sorcerer's Daughter delves into the age-old battle between good and evil. Terry Brooks masterfully blends elements of fantasy, adventure, and intrigue, creating a narrative that captivates readers from start to finish. The vivid descriptions and colorful characters transport listeners into a world where magic and destiny intertwine.

As Leofur journeys to save the Druids, she encounters a host of unique and memorable characters. From wise old druids to enigmatic sorcerers, each character adds depth and richness to the story. The reader becomes immersed in their struggles, triumphs, and alliances, feeling a personal connection to the unfolding events.

Audible Excellence

The Sorcerer's Daughter is brought to life in the audiobook format by Hachette Audio UK. With their expert narration and professional production quality, listeners are transported into an immersive listening experience. The talented voice actors capture the essence of each character, adding an extra layer of depth to the story.

A Stand-Alone Adventure

Although The Sorcerer's Daughter is part of the larger Shannara universe, it can be enjoyed as a standalone adventure. Both loyal fans and newcomers to the series will be enthralled by the story's gripping plot, engaging characters, and vivid world-building.

In Conclusion

The Sorcerer's Daughter is a must-listen for fans of Terry Brooks and the Shannara series. With its thrilling narrative, rich characters, and expert audiobook production, this stand-alone adventure is sure to captivate and entertain. Join Leofur as she defies her father and embarks on a dangerous journey to protect the Druids and uncover the truth behind the sinister plot that threatens to destroy them all.

Additional Info

Book Name: The Sorcerer's Daughter
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Terry Brooks
Narrators: Simon Vance
Genres: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Audiobook Length: 11H17M
Publisher: Hachette Audio UK
Language: English
Publish Date: 2016-10-21
Last Price: 14.52 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book about?

The book, titled 'The Sorcerer's Daughter,' is about Leofur, who is the daughter of a power-hungry sorcerer named Arcannen. She is also devoted to Arcannen's nemesis, Paxon Leah, who is sworn to protect the Druids in the Four Lands against evil. When the Druids are framed for a murderous rampage and forced to flee, Paxon realizes that Arcannen is behind it. Leofur embarks on a dangerous quest to stop her father from destroying the Druids.

What is the significance of the Shannara Chronicles TV series?

The Shannara Chronicles TV series serves as inspiration for the book. It is set in the world of Shannara, which is full of untold stories and unexplored territory. The TV series has drawn a lot of attention and has gained a dedicated fanbase, creating excitement for this new stand-alone adventure by Terry Brooks.

Who is the author of the book?

The author of 'The Sorcerer's Daughter' is Terry Brooks. He is a best-selling author known for his work in the fantasy genre. Brooks has been praised for his ability to create engaging and immersive worlds filled with magic and adventure.

Who is the publisher of the book?

The book is published by Hachette Audio UK. Hachette Audio UK is a renowned publisher that focuses on producing high-quality audiobooks. They work with talented authors to bring their stories to life in the form of audio content.


13 reviews for this audiobook
  • Am
    Amy Johnson 29-Sep-2023

    I just finished listening to The Sorcerer's Daughter by Terry Brooks and it was absolutely exhilarating! The story was gripping from start to finish and the narrator did an incredible job bringing the characters to life. Highly recommend!

  • Jo
    John Smith 06-Oct-2023

    Terry Brooks has once again captured my imagination with The Sorcerer's Daughter. The world-building is fantastic and the characters are so well-developed. It felt like I was right there alongside them on their journey. Five stars!

  • Em
    Emily Cooper 16-Oct-2023

    I couldn't put The Sorcerer's Daughter down! Terry Brooks weaves a captivating tale filled with magic, suspense, and unforgettable characters. The audiobook version is a must-listen, the narrator's voice is enchanting. Loved every minute of it!

  • Da
    David Thompson 31-Oct-2023

    The Sorcerer's Daughter is a spellbinding adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat. Terry Brooks' storytelling is masterful and I was fully immersed in this magical world. The audiobook is a great way to experience the story, highly recommended!

  • Sa
    Sarah Adams 20-Nov-2023

    I'm a huge fan of Terry Brooks and The Sorcerer's Daughter did not disappoint. The plot twists and turns kept me guessing and the characters felt so real. The narration was top-notch, adding another layer of enjoyment to the experience. Definitely deserves five stars!

  • Ja
    Jason Mitchell 30-Nov-2023

    Listening to The Sorcerer's Daughter was like being transported to another realm. Terry Brooks' descriptive writing brought the world to life and the narrator's voice was like magic in my ears. A must-listen for fantasy lovers!

  • Je
    Jessica Lee 05-Jan-2024

    The Sorcerer's Daughter is a thrilling and immersive fantasy audiobook. Terry Brooks has created a mesmerizing tale filled with intrigue, danger, and a touch of romance. The narrator truly did justice to the story. I couldn't get enough of it!

  • Ma
    Mark Wilson 23-Feb-2024

    If you're looking for an epic fantasy adventure, The Sorcerer's Daughter is the perfect choice. Terry Brooks weaves an intricate tale of magic and personal growth, and the audiobook allows you to fully immerse yourself in the story. I was hooked from the very beginning!

  • St
    Stephanie Clark 02-Mar-2024

    The Sorcerer's Daughter is a mesmerizing audiobook filled with magic and suspense. Terry Brooks has a way of creating unique and captivating characters that stay with you long after the story ends. The narration was fantastic, bringing the story to life. Highly recommended!

  • Mi
    Michael Turner 25-Apr-2024

    The Sorcerer's Daughter is an enthralling fantasy audiobook that kept me hooked from start to finish. Terry Brooks' writing is so engaging and the narrator's performance was excellent. I was completely immersed in the story and can't wait to listen to more from this author!

  • Je
    Jennifer White 15-May-2024

    I'm a big fan of Terry Brooks' books and The Sorcerer's Daughter is another amazing addition to his collection. The characters are richly developed, the plot is full of twists and turns, and the narration is superb. Highly recommend giving this audiobook a listen!

  • Da
    Daniel Roberts 17-Jun-2024

    The Sorcerer's Daughter is a captivating audiobook that had me hooked from the very beginning. Terry Brooks' storytelling is brilliant and the narrator's voice really brought the story to life. A must-listen for fantasy fans!

  • La
    Laura Williams 29-Jun-2024

    Terry Brooks' The Sorcerer's Daughter is a thrilling adventure that will keep you engrossed until the very end. The world-building is incredible and the characters are so well-written. The audiobook version is fantastic, truly enhancing the overall experience. Highly recommended!

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