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The Rivalry

Carson BeckStephanie Rose

Experience the intense and forbidden romance in Nikki Sloane's 'The Rivalry' audiobook. Torn between attraction and loyalty, the protagonist must navigate a complex relationship with her school's arch-rival star player. Sloane's skillful storytelling and captivating narration make this audiobook a must-listen for fans of steamy romance and emotional journeys.

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Imagine a world where you're torn between love and loyalty, where your heart is drawn to someone who belongs to the team you despise. This is the captivating premise of 'The Rivalry,' an enthralling audiobook written by Nikki Sloane. This steamy and emotional story explores the forbidden romance between a young woman and a star player from her school's arch-rival football team.

A Tale of Passion and Conflict

The story revolves around a tight end, a player who is not only exceptional on the field but also possesses irresistible charm. He has a way with words that makes it impossible for the protagonist to resist him. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and their connection goes beyond the physical. However, despite his many virtues, there is one major obstacle that prevents her from fully embracing this deepening relationship: he plays for her sworn enemies.

The protagonist finds herself torn between her intense attraction to this amazing athlete and her unwavering loyalty to her beloved school. It's a constant inner struggle that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, sympathetic to her dilemma, and desperate to see how it all unfolds.

A Skillfully Crafted Narrative

'The Rivalry' is a testament to Nikki Sloane's prowess as a writer. Her ability to weave a story filled with passion, conflict, and emotional turmoil is truly remarkable. The audiobook takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, making them laugh, cry, and everything in between.

The characters in 'The Rivalry' are well-developed and relatable, making it easy for the listener to immerse themselves in their world. The vivid descriptions paint a picture so clear that it feels like you're right there with them, experiencing every moment, every touch, and every heartbreak.

The Sensuality and Steaminess

One of the highlights of 'The Rivalry' is the palpable sexual tension that permeates the story. Nikki Sloane has a knack for writing intimate scenes that are both steamy and tastefully done. The chemistry between the main characters leaps off the pages and ignites the listener's imagination.

Despite being an erotic romance, 'The Rivalry' is not solely focused on physical intimacy. It explores the emotional connection between the characters, their vulnerabilities, and the challenges they face in pursuing a relationship that is frowned upon by those around them.

A Strong Audiobook Performance

The audiobook version of 'The Rivalry' is narrated by Nikki Sloane herself, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the storytelling. Sloane's voice perfectly captures the emotions of the characters, enhancing the overall listening experience. Her performance draws the listener in and keeps them engaged from start to finish.


'The Rivalry' is a captivating audiobook that delves into the complexities of forbidden love and the inner conflicts that arise from it. Nikki Sloane's skillful storytelling combined with her impressive narration make this audiobook a must-listen for fans of romance, sports, and intense emotional journeys. Get ready to be enthralled by this tale of passion, loyalty, and the power of love.

Additional Info

Book Name: The Rivalry
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Nikki Sloane
Narrators: Carson BeckStephanie Rose
Genres: Literature & Fiction
Audiobook Length: 8H12M
Publisher: Nikki Sloane
Language: English
Publish Date: 2017-11-21
Last Price: 14.95 USD


11 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Sarah Johnson 20-Oct-2023

    Wow, what a thrilling audiobook! The Rivalry had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

  • Al
    Alex Smith 23-Oct-2023

    I couldn't stop listening to The Rivalry. Sloane's writing style is incredibly engaging and kept me hooked throughout.

  • Je
    Jessica Robertson 29-Oct-2023

    The Rivalry is a rollercoaster of emotions. Sloane expertly weaves together twists and turns that had me guessing until the end.

  • Mi
    Michael Thomas 04-Nov-2023

    The chemistry between the characters in The Rivalry is palpable. Sloane knows how to write steamy scenes that will leave you breathless.

  • Em
    Emma White 12-Nov-2023

    Sloane's attention to detail in The Rivalry is impressive. Every scene is vividly described, making it easy to immerse myself in the story.

  • Da
    Daniel Johnson 17-Nov-2023

    The Rivalry is a perfect blend of romance and suspense. Sloane knows how to keep readers on their toes.

  • Ol
    Olivia Thompson 23-Dec-2023

    I couldn't get enough of The Rivalry. Sloane's storytelling is addictive, and I found myself eagerly waiting to see what would happen next.

  • Ma
    Matthew Wilson 13-Jan-2024

    The Rivalry is a captivating audiobook that will keep you entertained from beginning to end. Sloane has crafted a compelling story.

  • Em
    Emily Davis 22-Feb-2024

    If you're a fan of enemies-to-lovers romance, The Rivalry is a must-listen. Sloane knows how to create complex characters and build tension.

  • Ch
    Christopher Adams 11-Mar-2024

    I was completely hooked on The Rivalry. Sloane has a way of making you emotionally invested in the characters.

  • So
    Sophia Brown 31-Mar-2024

    The Rivalry is a powerful audiobook that explores themes of love, ambition, and redemption. Sloane's writing is thought-provoking and impactful.

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