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The Refuge

Stina Nielsen

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The Refuge: A Heartwarming Tale of Love and Family


When a cholera epidemic strikes the area, Darcie and Walter Goodwin find refuge in the villages of the Shakers, a community seemingly immune to the disease. However, tragedy strikes when Walter meets with a fatal riverboat accident, leaving Darcie alone and pregnant. Bound by the Shakers' strict celibacy rules, Darcie finds herself in a unique and challenging situation.

Finding Hope in Unexpected Places

Just when life seems unbearable, widower Flynn Keller and his spirited daughter enter the scene, bringing the promise of happiness and the warmth of family for Darcie. As their lives intertwine, Darcie discovers that love and the bond of family have the power to heal even the deepest wounds.

About the Author

"The Refuge" is a captivating audiobook written by Ann H. Gabhart. Known for her poignant storytelling and ability to transport readers to different times and places, Gabhart takes us on an emotional journey through the enigmatic world of the Shakers.


In "The Refuge," Darcie's life takes an unexpected turn when she joins the Shakers to escape a cholera epidemic. After the death of her husband, she finds herself pregnant and isolated in a celibate community. However, the arrival of widower Flynn Keller and his daughter offers her hope and the possibility of a new family. Ann H. Gabhart masterfully explores the themes of love, family, and resilience in this heartwarming audiobook.

Additional Info

Book Name: The Refuge
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Ann H. Gabhart
Narrators: Stina Nielsen
Genres: Literature & Fiction
Audiobook Length: 11H52M
Publisher: Recorded Books
Language: English
Publish Date: 2019-05-07
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book about?

The book is about a woman named Darcie and her experiences with the Shakers, a celibate community, after her husband's death.

What leads Darcie and Walter Goodwin to join the Shakers?

They join the Shakers after hearing of a cholera epidemic sweeping the area, as the Shakers' villages seem immune to the disease.

What happens to Walter Goodwin?

Walter Goodwin is killed in a riverboat accident.

Why does Darcie have to stay with the Shakers?

Darcie has no family and no money, so she has little choice but to stay with the Shakers.

What complicates Darcie's situation in the Shaker village?

Darcie is expecting a baby conceived before she and her husband came to the Shaker village. Marital relationships are considered sinful in this celibate community.

Who is Flynn Keller?

Flynn Keller is a widower who arrives in the Shaker village.

What does Flynn Keller offer to Darcie?

Flynn Keller and his headstrong daughter offer Darcie the hope of happiness and family.

What is the theme of the book?

The book explores the power of love and the bond of family.

Who is the author of the book?

The author of the book is Ann H. Gabhart.

Who is the publisher of the book?

The book is published by Recorded Books.


12 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Sarah 05-Oct-2023

    I stumbled upon this audiobook by accident, but I'm so glad I did! 'The Refuge' by Ann H. Gabhart is a heartwarming story that kept me captivated from beginning to end. The author beautifully weaves together the lives of the characters and creates a sense of community that is both comforting and inspiring. Definitely a must-listen!

  • Mi
    Michael 06-Oct-2023

    If you're looking for an audiobook that will transport you to another time and place, 'The Refuge' is the perfect choice. Ann H. Gabhart's descriptive writing style and attention to detail had me feeling like I was right there in the small Kentucky town. The characters are relatable and the storyline keeps you engaged. Highly recommend!

  • Em
    Emily 12-Oct-2023

    I couldn't get enough of 'The Refuge'! Ann H. Gabhart's storytelling is simply superb. The way she brings each character to life and delves into their emotions is truly remarkable. It's a beautiful tale of love, forgiveness, and the power of community. I couldn't put it down!

  • Da
    David 27-Oct-2023

    Ann H. Gabhart has done it again with 'The Refuge'. This audiobook is filled with lovable characters, a compelling plot, and a setting that feels like home. I laughed, I cried, and I was thoroughly entertained throughout. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys heartwarming stories!

  • Ol
    Olivia 24-Nov-2023

    'The Refuge' is a gem of an audiobook. Ann H. Gabhart brings authenticity to the characters and the small-town setting, making it easy to connect with the story. It's a beautifully written and emotionally engaging novel that will stay with you long after you've finished listening. Bravo!

  • Be
    Ben 09-Dec-2023

    I was completely absorbed in 'The Refuge' from start to finish. Ann H. Gabhart has a gift for creating immersive stories, and this one is no exception. The characters are so well-developed and the plot is full of unexpected twists and turns. I highly recommend giving this audiobook a listen!

  • So
    Sophia 21-Dec-2023

    Ann H. Gabhart's 'The Refuge' is a true delight. The author has a way of capturing the essence of small-town life and making you feel like a part of the community. The story is heartwarming, the writing is beautiful, and the narration is top-notch. A fantastic audiobook all around!

  • Da
    Daniel 28-Dec-2023

    'The Refuge' took me on an emotional rollercoaster. Ann H. Gabhart beautifully explores themes of love, loss, and resilience in this captivating story. The characters are so well-developed that you can't help but root for them. I laughed, I cried, and I was left wanting more. Highly recommend!

  • Em
    Emma 06-Feb-2024

    I stumbled upon 'The Refuge' while browsing for a new audiobook, and I am so glad I did. Ann H. Gabhart's storytelling is authentic and heartfelt, and she has a way of drawing you in right from the start. The setting is vividly described, making it easy to visualize the town and its inhabitants. An absolute joy to listen to!

  • Et
    Ethan 24-Feb-2024

    ‘The Refuge’ is like a warm hug on a cold day. Ann H. Gabhart's writing style is so inviting and engaging that you can't help but become immersed in the story. The characters are wonderfully written, and the narration brings them to life. This is an audiobook you won't want to miss!

  • Mi
    Mia 04-Apr-2024

    I found myself completely engrossed in 'The Refuge' within minutes of pressing play. Ann H. Gabhart has a way of creating memorable characters and a richly detailed world. The story is filled with heart, hope, and the power of human connection. I highly recommend giving this audiobook a listen!

  • Ja
    Jack 29-May-2024

    'The Refuge' is a true gem of an audiobook. Ann H. Gabhart's storytelling is so vivid and compelling that you'll find yourself transported to the small Kentucky town. The characters are wonderfully fleshed out, and their journeys will have you laughing and crying along with them. A must-listen for fans of heartwarming stories!

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