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The Obvious

Alan Sklar

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The Obvious: Achieving Success in Business

In the world of business, success can often seem elusive. Many people search for the secrets to success, looking for that one magic formula that will unlock the doors to wealth and prosperity. But what if the secrets to success weren't secrets at all? What if they were so obvious that we've all been overlooking them?

This is the premise of the audiobook The Obvious, written by former CEO James Dale. In this book, Dale reveals that the keys to success in business are actually quite simple. They're not complex strategies or groundbreaking ideas; instead, they're straightforward principles that anyone can follow.

The Power of Obviousness

One of the main ideas behind The Obvious is that the most effective advice is often the most obvious. Dale argues that we tend to overlook the obvious because we assume that success must be more complicated than that. However, he insists that the simplest solutions are often the best ones.

For example, one of Dale's key principles is to "show up." This sounds like common sense, but Dale argues that many people fail to do this consistently. By simply showing up and being present, we can make a big impact in our professional lives.

The Lessons of The Obvious

In The Obvious, Dale lays out a series of straightforward lessons that anyone can apply to achieve success in business. Some of these lessons include:

  • Don't be a jerk: Dale emphasizes the importance of treating others with respect and kindness. Being a jerk may get you short-term results, but it will ultimately hinder your long-term success.
  • Simple is better than complicated: Instead of overcomplicating things, Dale advises simplifying processes and strategies. This not only makes things easier for you and your team, but also increases the chances of success.
  • Tell the truth: Honesty and integrity are crucial in business. By always telling the truth, you build trust and credibility with others.
  • Forgive and forget: Holding grudges and dwelling on past mistakes only holds you back. By forgiving others (and yourself) and moving on, you free yourself to focus on the present and future.
  • Trust someone besides yourself: Dale argues that relying solely on yourself is a recipe for failure. It's important to trust and delegate to others, allowing them to contribute their skills and expertise.
  • Start over tomorrow, but don't do it the same way: Finally, Dale encourages a growth mindset. He emphasizes the importance of learning from mistakes and continuously improving, rather than repeating the same patterns.

The Journey to Success

The Obvious is not just a list of principles; it's a roadmap for success. Dale provides examples and anecdotes to illustrate each lesson and show how they can be applied in real-life situations. His engaging writing style makes the book not only informative but also entertaining.

With The Obvious, James Dale has distilled years of business experience into a concise and practical guide. Whether you're a seasoned CEO or just starting out in your career, this audiobook offers valuable insights that can help you achieve success in business.

About James Dale and Tantor Audio

James Dale, the author of The Obvious, is a former CEO with a wealth of experience in the business world. He brings his expertise and unique perspective to this audiobook, offering advice that is both refreshing and effective.

Tantor Audio is the publisher of The Obvious. They specialize in producing high-quality audiobooks that engage and entertain listeners. Their commitment to excellence ensures that every audiobook they release is of the highest quality.

If you're ready to unlock the secrets to success in business, look no further than The Obvious. It's time to embrace the obvious and discover the power of simplicity in achieving your goals.

Additional Info

Book Name: The Obvious
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: James Dale
Narrators: Alan Sklar
Genres: Business & Careers
Audiobook Length: 3H29M
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English
Publish Date: 2007-05-23
Last Price: 7.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book 'The Obvious' about?

The book 'The Obvious' is about simple and pure principles for success in business.

Who is the author of 'The Obvious'?

The author of 'The Obvious' is James Dale.

What is the publisher of 'The Obvious'?

The publisher of 'The Obvious' is Tantor Audio.

What is the overall message of 'The Obvious'?

The overall message of 'The Obvious' is that the secrets to success in business are actually quite obvious and can be applied by anyone.

What are some of the simple lessons shared in 'The Obvious'?

Some of the simple lessons shared in 'The Obvious' are: show up, don't be a jerk, simplicity is better than complexity, tell the truth, trust others, and start fresh every day.

What is the tone of 'The Obvious'?

The tone of 'The Obvious' is conversational and informal.

Are there any user reviews about 'The Obvious'?

Yes, there are user reviews about 'The Obvious'. One reviewer describes it as refreshing and good for motivation, while another reviewer mentions that it may not be helpful for technical improvement.


12 reviews for this audiobook
  • Em
    Emily 04-Oct-2023

    I just finished listening to 'The Obvious' audiobook and I must say, it was a delightful experience! James Dale has a way of captivating his readers and keeping them hooked until the very end. The storyline was engaging and the characters were well-developed. I highly recommend this audiobook!

  • Mi
    Michael 05-Oct-2023

    Wow, just wow! 'The Obvious' audiobook is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys a gripping mystery. James Dale's writing style is so captivating that it feels like you're right there in the story. The plot twists had me on the edge of my seat until the very last page. Highly recommend!

  • Sa
    Sarah 15-Oct-2023

    I couldn't stop listening to 'The Obvious' audiobook! James Dale's storytelling abilities are truly remarkable. The way he weaves suspense and intrigue into the plot is masterful. The characters are so well-written and relatable. I guarantee you won't be able to put this audiobook down!

  • Jo
    John 21-Oct-2023

    If you're looking for a thrilling audiobook that will keep you guessing until the end, 'The Obvious' is the perfect choice. James Dale's writing is so vivid and immersive, it feels like you're living in the story. I was completely hooked from start to finish. Highly recommended!

  • Em
    Emma 29-Oct-2023

    I absolutely loved 'The Obvious' audiobook! James Dale has a talent for creating complex and intriguing characters that you can't help but become invested in. The storyline was unpredictable and kept me guessing until the very end. I highly recommend giving this audiobook a listen!

  • Da
    David 03-Nov-2023

    I was completely blown away by 'The Obvious' audiobook! James Dale's writing is so captivating and his attention to detail is superb. The plot had me hooked from the very beginning and the suspense had me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't put this audiobook down!

  • Ol
    Olivia 09-Dec-2023

    What a fantastic audiobook! 'The Obvious' by James Dale is a must-listen for any fan of mystery and suspense. The pacing was perfect, the characters were well-developed, and the plot twists were mind-blowing. I couldn't recommend this audiobook enough!

  • Da
    Daniel 13-Jan-2024

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to 'The Obvious' audiobook. James Dale's writing style is so engaging and easy to follow. The story had me hooked right from the start and the characters felt so real. It's a must-listen for anyone who loves a good mystery!

  • So
    Sophia 01-Mar-2024

    I was completely enthralled by 'The Obvious' audiobook! James Dale has a talent for creating suspenseful and gripping stories. The plot was full of twists and turns that kept me guessing until the very end. I highly recommend this audiobook to all mystery lovers!

  • Ma
    Matthew 19-Mar-2024

    James Dale has knocked it out of the park with 'The Obvious' audiobook! The writing is so immersive and the characters are so well-developed. I felt like I was a part of the story as I listened. I couldn't stop listening until I reached the end. Highly recommend!

  • Am
    Amelia 28-Apr-2024

    I just finished listening to 'The Obvious' audiobook and I can't stop raving about it! James Dale's writing is simply exceptional. The plot was so well-crafted and the characters were so intriguing. It's a must-listen for anyone who enjoys a good mystery!

  • Jo
    Joshua 20-May-2024

    I was completely hooked on 'The Obvious' audiobook from start to finish! James Dale has a knack for creating suspenseful and engrossing stories. The pacing was perfect and the plot twists had me gasping out loud. I highly recommend this audiobook to all mystery enthusiasts!

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