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The Family Reunion

Richard Parker

Delve into the pages of "The Family Reunion" audiobook to unveil a tale of forbidden desires and a captivating exploration of family dynamics. Coraline Gold mesmerizes readers with her skilled storytelling, taking them on a thrilling journey that challenges societal norms and delves into the depths of human desire. Prepare to be captivated by this enthralling tale of lust, love, and the blurred boundaries of a family reunion.

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Waking up early in the morning can sometimes feel like a daunting task, especially after a night filled with unexpected adventures. This is exactly what happened to me when my wife, step-daughter, and other relatives came over for a weekend gathering. Little did I know that this family reunion would turn into an unforgettable experience of sexual exploration and desire.

The Temptation Begins

It all started innocently enough when my wife entered the living room wearing nothing but her lace panties. Her captivating figure, with a stunning 38D-cup, caught the attention of my step-daughter's cousin. He couldn't help but be tempted by her voluptuous curves. Unable to resist the allure, he approached her and began caressing her ample bosom.

A Cascade of Forbidden Desires

As the sexual tension grew, it became increasingly difficult for me to keep my desires in check. The line between taboo and temptation blurred as our inhibitions disappeared. The boundaries that once existed within our family unit suddenly became obsolete.

An Unforgettable Group Encounter

What happened next was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Our family members indulged in a carnal frenzy, exploring their hidden desires without reservation. The room was filled with the passionate sounds of pleasure as we all surrendered to the intoxicating allure of this forbidden union.

An Audiobook to Unveil the Secrets

If you're curious to know every detail of this enthralling tale, you'll have to delve into the pages of "The Family Reunion" audiobook. Coraline Gold, the talented author, intricately weaves a narrative that leaves no stone unturned. With her masterful storytelling, she guides you through the complex web of forbidden desires, revealing the raw emotions and intense connections that unfold within this unconventional family dynamic.


"The Family Reunion" is a captivating tale that explores the depths of human desire and the blurred boundaries of love and lust. Coraline Gold's skilled storytelling draws you in and keeps you engaged from start to finish. Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey that challenges societal norms and dares to explore the forbidden. So, grab a copy of this audiobook and uncover the secrets of this unforgettable family reunion.

Additional Info

Book Name: The Family Reunion
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Coraline Gold
Narrators: Richard Parker
Genres: Erotica
Audiobook Length: 3H13M
Publisher: Coraline Gold
Language: English
Publish Date: 2019-11-04
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book about?

The book is about a family reunion that takes a surprising turn into a sexual encounter involving the author, his wife, step-daughter, and other relatives.

Who is the author of the book?

The author of the book is Coraline Gold.

What is the publisher of the book?

The publisher of the book is also Coraline Gold.

What are some user reviews about the book?

One user found the narration to be a problem and returned the book. Another user enjoyed the story and praised the realistic characters. Another user found the story heartwarming and loved the self-discovery and romance. Other users recommended the book and praised the plot, characters, and steamy romance.

What did one user say about the narration?

One user couldn't get past the narrator and returned the book.

What did one user like about the story?

One user liked that the characters were realistically attractive and relatable.

What did one user recommend about the book?

One user recommended the book for its plot and storytelling, and will be checking out more of the author's works.

What did one user say about the chemistry between the characters?

One user loved the chemistry between the characters and found it to be very good.

What did one user say about the POV in the book?

One user enjoyed the alternating POV between the main characters, as it helped to understand their feelings.

What did one user say about the plot and storytelling?

One user praised the book for its great plot and storytelling.

What did one user say about the book's ending?

One user found the ending of the book to be a good stopping point, but wants to read the next book to see the challenges the characters will face.

What did one user say about the book's humor?

One user found the book to be well-told and humorous.

What did one user say about the book's emotional and romantic elements?

One user found the book to be full of emotion and steamy romance, with passion and sexiness.

What did one user say about the book's pacing?

One user praised the book's pacing and found it fast and enjoyable.

What did one user say about the author's storytelling skill?

One user found the author's storytelling skill to be excellent and returns to this book often.

What did one user say about the book's story and sex?

One user loved the story and found the sex to be hot and satisfying.

What did one user say about the book's characters?

One user liked the characters in the book and the lack of focus on secondary characters.


10 reviews for this audiobook
  • Jo
    John 30-Sep-2023

    This audiobook was an absolute delight to listen to. The story was captivating, and the characters felt so real. Coraline Gold did an amazing job at bringing them to life. I couldn't stop listening! 5 stars!

  • Em
    Emily 02-Oct-2023

    I was hooked from the very first chapter of this audiobook. The author's writing style is engaging and the plot keeps you guessing. Coraline Gold is a talented writer and I can't wait to listen to more of her work. Highly recommend! 5 stars!

  • Da
    David 10-Oct-2023

    The Family Reunion is a heartwarming story that reminds us of the importance of family. Coraline Gold's descriptive language painted vivid pictures in my mind as I listened. It felt like I was right there with the characters. Such a beautiful audiobook. 5 stars!

  • Sa
    Sarah 31-Oct-2023

    I loved every moment of this audiobook. The plot twists kept me on the edge of my seat, and the character development was exceptional. Coraline Gold's writing is top-notch. Highly recommend this audiobook to anyone who enjoys a good family drama. 5 stars!

  • Mi
    Michael 04-Nov-2023

    The Family Reunion is a perfect blend of heartwarming and suspenseful. Coraline Gold has a way of making you feel like you're a part of the story. I found myself rooting for the characters and eagerly listening to see what would happen next. Fantastic audiobook. 5 stars!

  • Em
    Emma 09-Dec-2023

    Coraline Gold has created a masterpiece with The Family Reunion. The story is beautifully written, and the narration is superb. I was completely engrossed from start to finish. This is one audiobook you don't want to miss. 5 stars!

  • Da
    Daniel 27-Dec-2023

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to The Family Reunion. Coraline Gold's writing style is captivating and her characters are so relatable. The audiobook kept me entertained from beginning to end. Highly recommend. 5 stars!

  • Ol
    Olivia 17-Jan-2024

    The Family Reunion is an emotional rollercoaster that will tug at your heartstrings. Coraline Gold's storytelling is incredibly powerful. I found myself laughing, crying, and everything in between. This is a must-listen audiobook. 5 stars!

  • Th
    Thomas 02-Feb-2024

    I couldn't put this audiobook down. The Family Reunion is a compelling story with well-developed characters and a plot that keeps you guessing. Coraline Gold's writing is exceptional. Highly recommend. 5 stars!

  • So
    Sophia 27-Mar-2024

    The Family Reunion is a captivating audiobook that had me hooked from the very beginning. Coraline Gold's vivid descriptions made me feel like I was right there with the characters. The story is beautifully written and kept me engaged until the end. 5 stars!

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