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The Dugout

Mia MadisonC.J. Mission

Embark on a journey of love, forgiveness, and second chances in 'The Dugout' by Emily Childs. This heartfelt romance tells the story of Ryder Huntington, the man who broke the protagonist's heart, and how fate brings them back together. Despite her initial reservations, she decides to give him a second chance and help heal his broken pieces. With a blend of sweetness and sizzle, this book is perfect for those who love swoony baseball book boyfriends and heartwarming happily ever afters. Join them on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as they navigate love, forgiveness, and the power of healing. Will they find their way back to each other or break each other all over again? Read 'The Dugout' to find out.

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The Dugout: A Heartfelt Romance Filled with Love and Second Chances Introduction Have you ever experienced a broken heart? That feeling of pain and betrayal that lingers long after the tears have dried? Well, I certainly have. And it was all thanks to Ryder Huntington, my brother's ex-best friend. But little did I know that fate had a funny way of bringing us back together. This is the story of how a high-paying interior design job, handcuffs, and a second chance at love collided to create a beautiful mess. A Second Chance When I first laid eyes on Ryder, my heart skipped a beat. There was something about those piercing blue eyes and that charming smile that made it hard to resist him. But love has a way of blindsiding you, and before I knew it, Ryder had shattered my heart into a million pieces. I swore to myself that day that I would never let anyone hurt me like he did. Little did I know that life had other plans. Fate Steps In It was just an ordinary day when I landed a job as an interior designer for an MLB player. And you'll never believe who that player turned out to be - none other than Ryder Huntington himself. Talk about a twist of fate! But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. And in this case, that silver lining came in the form of cops, handcuffs, and a whole lot of chaos. Misunderstandings and Second Chances I never expected Ryder to be accused of a crime he didn't commit. But when the cops showed up at his doorstep, demanding answers, I couldn't help but get tangled up in the mess. As much as I wanted to detest him for what he did to me, there was a part of me that still cared. A part of me that wanted to see the pain behind his steely exterior. And so, against my better judgment, I decided to give him a second chance. Healing Broken Pieces As I spent more time with Ryder, I realized that there was more to him than met the eye. He was hiding a world of hurt, a pain that he didn't let anyone see. And suddenly, all the anger and bitterness I had carried for him began to fade away. Instead, I found myself wanting to heal his broken pieces and mend our shattered hearts. But in doing so, was I risking breaking myself all over again? A Love Like No Other 'The Dugout' is the perfect book for those who crave a blend of sweetness, sizzle, and second chances. It's a heartfelt romance that will have you swooning over toe-curling kisses and falling head over heels for a baseball book boyfriend. Emily Childs weaves a tale that reminds us that love can conquer even the deepest of hurts, and that sometimes, the people who break us are also the ones who can heal us. So grab a copy of 'The Dugout' and get ready to embark on a journey of love, forgiveness, and happily ever afters. Conclusion In the end, love has a way of finding its way back to us, even when we least expect it. 'The Dugout' is a beautiful story of second chances and the healing power of love. Emily Childs has created a world filled with complex characters, heartfelt moments, and a romance that will leave you breathless. So sit back, relax, and let yourself get lost in the pages as you cheer on Ryder Huntington and the woman who just might have the power to mend his broken soul.

Additional Info

Book Name: The Dugout
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Emily Childs
Narrators: Mia MadisonC.J. Mission
Genres: Romance
Audiobook Length: 8H24M
Publisher: Podium Audio
Language: English
Publish Date: 2023-06-06
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the title of the book?

The Dugout

Who is the author of the book?

Emily Childs

Who is the publisher of the book?

Podium Audio

What is the genre of the book?

Standalone romance

What is the premise of the book?

The protagonist's brother's ex-best friend, Ryder, who broke her heart, enters her life again when she lands a high-paying interior design job for an MLB player. However, his arrival brings trouble, with cops and accusations of breaking and entering. Despite her initial reluctance, she finds it hard to hate him as they spend more time together. Discovering the pain he hides, she contemplates healing him, but fears it might break her in the process.

What can readers expect from this book?

Readers can expect a mix of sweetness and passion, captivating kisses, charming baseball book boyfriends, and a satisfying happily ever after. It is a standalone romance.

What year was the book published?


Who narrated the audible book?

Podium Audio

Are there any user reviews about the audible book?

Yes, someone expressed their excitement about Ryder, and mentioned their anticipation for the next book in the series, focusing on Dax.


11 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Samantha 05-Oct-2023

    This audiobook is a home run! Emily Childs takes us inside the world of baseball with her vivid storytelling. I felt like I was right there in the dugout, experiencing all the highs and lows alongside the characters. Five stars!

  • Jo
    John 09-Oct-2023

    I thoroughly enjoyed 'The Dugout' audiobook. Emily Childs did a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the baseball culture. Her writing brought the characters to life, making me emotionally invested in their journey. Highly recommend!

  • Da
    David 15-Oct-2023

    As a baseball fan, I was excited to listen to 'The Dugout' audiobook, and it did not disappoint. Emily Childs' storytelling skills are phenomenal. The way she describes the game and the emotions of the players is simply captivating. Five stars!

  • Je
    Jennifer 02-Nov-2023

    'The Dugout' audiobook is a grand slam! Emily Childs' writing style is engaging, making it easy to get lost in the story. The characters are relatable, and their struggles and victories kept me hooked until the very end. Highly recommended!

  • Mi
    Mike 30-Nov-2023

    If you're a baseball lover like me, 'The Dugout' audiobook is a must-listen. Emily Childs' attention to detail and her ability to bring the game to life in words is remarkable. I felt like I was at the ballpark, cheering for the team. A solid five stars!

  • Em
    Emily 04-Jan-2024

    I was looking for a captivating audiobook, and 'The Dugout' delivered! Emily Childs knows how to create rich, multidimensional characters that you can't help but root for. Her writing style keeps you engaged from start to finish. Highly recommend!

  • Br
    Brian 10-Jan-2024

    'The Dugout' audiobook is a home run! Emily Childs' storytelling talents shine through every chapter. The audiobook is filled with suspense, heartwarming moments, and a realistic portrayal of the baseball world. I couldn't put it down. Five stars!

  • Ki
    Kim 07-Feb-2024

    For anyone who loves baseball or enjoys a good sports story, 'The Dugout' audiobook is a winner. Emily Childs skillfully weaves together the lives of the characters with the game itself, creating a compelling and emotional narrative. Thumbs up!

  • Jo
    Jonathan 03-Apr-2024

    Listening to 'The Dugout' audiobook felt like being part of the team. Emily Childs' vivid descriptions and authentic dialogue transported me to the world of baseball. The book is filled with passion, hope, and a great sense of camaraderie. Highly recommended!

  • Am
    Amy 30-Apr-2024

    I couldn't get enough of 'The Dugout' audiobook. Emily Childs brings the game of baseball to life in a way that only a true fan can. The book has heart, humor, and a great mix of sports action and personal stories. Five stars all the way!

  • Da
    Daniel 10-May-2024

    'The Dugout' audiobook knocked it out of the park! Emily Childs captures the essence of baseball and the passion behind the game with her excellent storytelling. The characters are well-developed, and I found myself rooting for them with every pitch. A solid four stars!

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