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The City of Brass

Soneela Nankani

Discover the captivating world of "The City of Brass" in this spellbinding debut audiobook by S. A. Chakraborty. Follow Nahri, a young woman in 18th century Cairo, as she navigates the bustling markets and hidden realms filled with magic and wonder. As Nahri's desire for a different life begins to come true, she soon realizes the true power of magic and the dangers that lie ahead. With expert storytelling and vivid descriptions, Chakraborty transports listeners to a world of intrigue and adventure. Published by HarperCollins Publishers Limited, this audiobook is a must-listen for fans of fantasy and enchanting tales.

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The City of Brass: A Spellbinding Debut Audiobook

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a city filled with magic and enchantment? Look no further than "The City of Brass," a captivating audiobook written by S. A. Chakraborty. Set in 18th century Cairo, this spellbinding debut takes you on a journey through bustling markets and hidden worlds.

A World of Outcasts and Riches

Amidst the chaos of Cairo, a group of outcasts make a living by swindling rich Ottoman nobles and foreign invaders. But amidst their schemes and tricks, the old stories of djinn and spirits still linger. Legends of hidden cities and treasures beyond imagination. A world where magic flows through the streets and hangs in the air like dust.

Nahri's Desire for More

However, Nahri, the protagonist of the story, sees through the illusions. She knows that the trades and tricks she employs are nothing more than deceit. She yearns to leave Cairo and its magic-filled streets behind. Little does she know, her wish is about to come true.

A Warning to Be Careful

"Be careful what you wish for." This saying rings true in Nahri's life as she embarks on a journey that will change her destiny forever. As she discovers the hidden city of brass and the true power of magic, Nahri realizes that her seemingly ordinary existence is anything but.

A Captivating Audiobook Experience

"The City of Brass" is an audiobook that will transport you to a world of wonder and danger. S. A. Chakraborty's expert storytelling and vivid descriptions bring the setting and characters to life. From the bustling markets of Cairo to the mystical city hidden in the desert, you'll be captivated by every word.

With a runtime of X hours and X minutes, this audiobook is perfect for those looking for an immersive experience. The narrator, X, does an excellent job of bringing the characters' voices to life, making it feel like you're right there alongside them.

About the Author and Publisher

S. A. Chakraborty is the brilliant mind behind "The City of Brass." This debut novel showcases her talent for storytelling and world-building. Published by HarperCollins Publishers Limited, this audiobook is a testament to their commitment to delivering quality literature.

In Conclusion

If you're looking for an audiobook that will transport you to a world filled with magic, adventure, and rich storytelling, look no further than "The City of Brass." S. A. Chakraborty's spellbinding debut will leave you craving for more as you explore the enchanting city and its secrets. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into this captivating audiobook and let your imagination soar.

Additional Info

Book Name: The City of Brass
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: S. A. Chakraborty
Narrators: Soneela Nankani
Genres: Literature & Fiction
Audiobook Length: 19H36M
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Limited
Language: English
Publish Date: 2018-03-08
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book 'The City of Brass' about?

The book 'The City of Brass' is a fantasy novel set in 18th century Cairo. It follows the story of Nahri, a con artist who ekes out a living by swindling rich Ottoman nobles and foreign invaders. However, Nahri's life takes a twist when she accidentally conjures a djinn, a powerful supernatural being. She is then carried off on a flying carpet to a land of enchantment and magic, where she must navigate political intrigue and her own desires.

Who is the author of 'The City of Brass'?

The author of 'The City of Brass' is S. A. Chakraborty.

Who is the publisher of 'The City of Brass'?

The publisher of 'The City of Brass' is HarperCollins Publishers Limited.

What are some user reviews about 'The City of Brass'?

There are mixed user reviews about 'The City of Brass.' Some users praise the fabulous characters, world-building, and plot, while others find it wildly uneven. Some readers feel that the romance in the book was overdone, while others appreciate the depth and unpredictability of the story. Overall, opinions on the book vary.

What is the genre of 'The City of Brass'?

'The City of Brass' is a fantasy novel.

Is 'The City of Brass' suitable for young adult readers?

'The City of Brass' could be considered suitable for young adult readers. However, there are mixed opinions on this matter, as some readers feel that the book should have been categorized as young adult, while others do not think it falls into that genre.


10 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Sarah 02-Oct-2023

    I couldn't put this audiobook down! The City of Brass is a captivating fantasy filled with rich world-building and complex characters.

  • Da
    David 07-Oct-2023

    S. A. Chakraborty's writing is truly magical in The City of Brass. The audiobook took me on an epic adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat.

  • Em
    Emily 15-Oct-2023

    The City of Brass is a gem among fantasy audiobooks. The author's attention to detail is remarkable, immersing the reader in a vibrant and diverse world.

  • Li
    Lisa 05-Nov-2023

    Wow, just wow! The City of Brass blew me away with its intricate plot and stunning imagery. I felt like I was right there in the city.

  • Ja
    Jason 09-Nov-2023

    This audiobook is a delightful escape from reality. The City of Brass is a mesmerizing tale of djinn, magic, and political intrigue.

  • Me
    Melissa 29-Nov-2023

    S. A. Chakraborty's storytelling is a breath of fresh air. The City of Brass had me hooked from the very first chapter.

  • Ry
    Ryan 23-Dec-2023

    In The City of Brass, S. A. Chakraborty has created a fantastical world that is both enchanting and mysterious. I couldn't recommend it more.

  • Je
    Jessica 03-Feb-2024

    The City of Brass is a thrilling rollercoaster ride that will keep you guessing until the very end. S. A. Chakraborty knows how to keep readers hooked.

  • Da
    Daniel 11-Feb-2024

    I've never read a fantasy novel quite like The City of Brass. The world-building is top-notch and the characters are incredibly well-developed.

  • Mi
    Michelle 14-Apr-2024

    The City of Brass is a captivating audiobook that will transport you to a whole new realm. S. A. Chakraborty's imagination knows no bounds.

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