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The Awakening

Gil Anders

The Awakening, written by Kate Chopin and published by Author's Republic, is a captivating novel set in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast at the end of the 19th century. As a seminal work of early feminism, it sheds light on women's issues and challenges societal norms. The story follows Edna Pontellier, a married woman who falls in love with Robert Lebrun during a resort vacation. Upon returning to New Orleans, Edna isolates herself from society and reevaluates her roles as a wife and mother. The narrative possesses psychological depth, providing social commentary that prefigures the works of later American modernist authors.

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Audiobook Review: The Awakening

The Awakening, written by Kate Chopin and published by Author's Republic, is a captivating novel that takes place in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast during the late 19th century. This thought-provoking story is often considered a groundbreaking work of early feminism, shedding light on the challenges faced by women during that time.

Plot Summary

The Awakening revolves around Edna Pontellier, the wife of a well-to-do businessman from New Orleans. While on a resort vacation in the Gulf of Mexico, Edna meets Robert Lebrun and falls deeply in love with him. However, upon returning to New Orleans, Edna starts to distance herself from society and neglects her responsibilities as a mother.

Throughout the novel, Edna receives conflicting advice from two friends. Adèle Ratignolle, a close friend, encourages Edna to embrace her role as a wife and mother, while Mademoiselle Reisz, a pianist living an independent life, encourages Edna to pursue her own desires and be true to herself.

Robert eventually withdraws from Edna's life, leaving her heartbroken and disillusioned. In a heartfelt note, he explains that he does not want to bring shame upon her in the eyes of society. The combination of a realistic narrative, complex psychological exploration, and social commentary makes The Awakening a precursor to the works of renowned American modernist authors like William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway.

Impact and Significance

The Awakening was published in 1899 and faced severe backlash upon its release. Its exploration of female sexuality, personal freedom, and societal expectations challenged the norms of the time. The novel offers a critique of the limitations placed on women and the stifling nature of patriarchal dominance.

Though initially met with mixed reviews, The Awakening has since gained recognition as a groundbreaking piece of feminist literature. It bravely explores themes of self-discovery, female empowerment, and the constraints imposed by societal norms. Its honest portrayal of a woman's awakening to her own desires resonates even in modern times, making it a timeless and deeply relevant work.

Narration and Listening Experience

The Audiobook version of The Awakening, narrated by Woodkeep Audio, offers a compelling rendition of Kate Chopin's classic novel. The narrator skillfully brings the characters to life, capturing the essence of the story and enhancing the overall listening experience.

The Audiobook format allows listeners to immerse themselves in the world of The Awakening, transporting them to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast of the late 19th century. Whether you're a fan of classic literature, a student studying feminist works, or someone looking to explore thought-provoking narratives, this audiobook is sure to captivate your attention.


The Awakening by Kate Chopin is a timeless masterpiece that continues to resonate with readers and listeners alike. With its exploration of early feminism, complex characters, and thought-provoking themes, it remains a seminal work in American literature. Whether you prefer the written word or enjoy the immersive experience of an audiobook, The Awakening is a must-read (or must-listen) for anyone seeking a powerful and meaningful literary journey.

Additional Info

Book Name: The Awakening
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Kate Chopin
Narrators: Gil Anders
Genres: Literature & Fiction
Audiobook Length: 5H29M
Publisher: Author's Republic
Language: English
Publish Date: 2019-09-24
Last Price: 12.14 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is 'The Awakening' about?

'The Awakening' is a novel by Kate Chopin that is set in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast in the late 19th century. It focuses on the story of Edna Pontellier, the wife of a businessman, who falls in love with a man named Robert Lebrun.

What is the significance of 'The Awakening'?

'The Awakening' is widely regarded as a groundbreaking work of early feminism. It explores women's issues and challenges societal norms of the time. It is also considered a forerunner of American modernist literature.

Who are the main characters in 'The Awakening'?

The main character is Edna Pontellier, who is married to a New Orleans businessman. Other important characters include Robert Lebrun, Edna's love interest, and her friends Adèle Ratignolle and Mademoiselle Reisz.

What does Edna Pontellier do after falling in love with Robert Lebrun?

After falling in love with Robert Lebrun, Edna isolates herself from society and withdraws from some motherly duties. She seeks independence and explores her own desires and passions.

Does Edna Pontellier face any obstacles?

Yes, Edna faces obstacles throughout the story. Society's expectations and norms, as well as the disapproval of those close to her, serve as obstacles to her pursuit of independence and self-discovery.

Who are Edna Pontellier's friends and what advice do they give her?

Edna has two friends who offer her contrasting advice. Adèle Ratignolle encourages her to embrace the traditional roles of wife and mother, while Mademoiselle Reisz supports her quest for independence and individuality.

What role does Robert Lebrun play in Edna's life?

Robert Lebrun becomes a significant figure in Edna's life as they develop a romantic relationship. However, he ultimately withdraws from her, fearing societal judgment and the shame it might bring upon Edna.

What makes 'The Awakening' a significant work of literature?

'The Awakening' combines realistic narrative, psychological complexity, and social commentary. It explores themes of gender roles, individuality, and the constraints of society. It is often regarded as a pioneering work that influenced future literary movements.

Who is the author of 'The Awakening'?

The author of 'The Awakening' is Kate Chopin, an American writer. The novel was published in 1899.

Does 'The Awakening' fall into the public domain?

Yes, 'The Awakening' is in the public domain. It was first published in 1899, which means that the exclusive rights to the work have expired and it is now freely available to the public.

Are there any user reviews about the audiobook?

Yes, there are user reviews about the audiobook. One user mentioned that the narrator has a monotone voice with no expression or emotion in his reading.


12 reviews for this audiobook
  • Em
    Emma 05-Oct-2023

    The Awakening is a thought-provoking and gripping audiobook that delves into the complexities of societal expectations and women's struggles for independence. Kate Chopin's writing beautifully captures the protagonist's inner turmoil and the conflicts she faces in her pursuit of personal freedom. The narrator's captivating voice brings the story to life, keeping the listener hooked from start to finish.

  • Ja
    James 06-Oct-2023

    Kate Chopin's The Awakening is an audiobook that explores the themes of self-discovery and the limitations imposed on women during the late 19th century. The author's evocative descriptions and rich character development create an immersive experience for the listener. The narration is superb, with the narrator skillfully portraying the emotions and struggles of the protagonist. Highly recommended for anyone interested in feminist literature.

  • So
    Sophia 16-Oct-2023

    Listening to The Awakening is like stepping into a time machine and being transported back to the 1800s. Kate Chopin's powerful storytelling and attention to detail paint a vivid picture of the societal constraints faced by women in that era. The narrator's voice is mesmerizing, drawing the listener into the protagonist's journey of self-discovery. Prepare to be captivated and moved by this audiobook.

  • Ol
    Oliver 03-Nov-2023

    The Awakening is a masterpiece that addresses the theme of personal liberation and the role of women in society. Kate Chopin's prose is elegant and poetic, enabling the listener to truly feel the protagonist's desires and frustrations. The narrator's performance is impeccable, effectively conveying the emotions and conflicts portrayed in the story. A must-listen for anyone seeking a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant experience.

  • Av
    Ava 11-Nov-2023

    I was completely engrossed in The Awakening from beginning to end. Kate Chopin's gripping narrative skillfully explores the theme of female empowerment in a time when it was suppressed. The audiobook's narrator brings the characters to life with her emotive and compelling voice. Be prepared to be transported to a different era and to be deeply moved by this remarkable story.

  • No
    Noah 16-Dec-2023

    The Awakening is a powerful novel that sheds light on the societal expectations placed on women during the late 19th century. Kate Chopin's prose is both poignant and powerful, with every word carrying weight and significance. The narrator's performance is exceptional, conveying the protagonist's struggle for independence with great sensitivity. This audiobook is a must-listen for anyone interested in women's rights and feminist literature.

  • Em
    Emily 27-Jan-2024

    Kate Chopin's The Awakening is an important literary work that explores the themes of identity and awakening. The author's exquisite writing style and vivid descriptions make for a compelling listening experience. The narrator's voice is captivating, effectively conveying the protagonist's journey towards self-discovery. This audiobook is a true gem and is highly recommended for fans of classic literature.

  • Li
    Liam 24-Feb-2024

    The Awakening is a beautifully written and captivating audiobook that delves into the complexities of self-fulfillment and societal expectations. Kate Chopin's storytelling is both compelling and thought-provoking, offering profound insights into the struggles faced by women in the late 1800s. The narrator's performance is outstanding, bringing each character to life with distinctive voices and emotions. This audiobook is a must-listen for its timeless themes and masterful narration.

  • Is
    Isabella 03-Mar-2024

    Listening to The Awakening feels like taking a deep dive into the inner world of the protagonist. Kate Chopin's evocative writing and vivid characterizations create a rich and immersive listening experience. The narrator's voice is enchanting, perfectly capturing the emotions and conflicts depicted in the story. Prepare to be moved and awakened by this extraordinary audiobook.

  • Wi
    William 08-Apr-2024

    The Awakening is a groundbreaking novel that challenges societal norms and explores the journey of self-discovery. Kate Chopin's eloquent prose and powerful storytelling make for an unforgettable listening experience. The narrator's performance is exceptional, with her voice embodying the protagonist's desires, frustrations, and transformation. Immerse yourself in this audiobook and let it awaken your senses.

  • Mi
    Mia 07-Jun-2024

    Kate Chopin's The Awakening is a mesmerizing audiobook that delves into the depths of a woman's soul and her search for autonomy. The author's lyrical prose and vivid imagery transport the listener to another time and place. The narrator's voice is enchanting, capturing the nuances of each character and immersing the audience in the protagonist's emotional journey. A truly remarkable listening experience.

  • Ja
    Jacob 18-Jun-2024

    The Awakening is a poignant audiobook that explores the themes of personal freedom and societal expectations. Kate Chopin's writing is lyrical and introspective, capturing the essence of the protagonist's inner struggle. The narrator's voice is mesmerizing, adding depth and emotion to the story. This audiobook is a true gem that will leave a lasting impression on the listener.

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