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Thanks a Thousand

A. J. Jacobs

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Thanks a Thousand: A Journey into Gratitude


When was the last time you stopped to appreciate the countless people behind the simple pleasures in your life? In his captivating audiobook Thanks a Thousand, best-selling author A.J. Jacobs takes us on a transformative journey of gratitude.


An Unexpected Quest


Jacobs embarked on a seemingly simple mission - to thank every single person involved in producing his morning cup of coffee. Little did he know that this quest would take him across the globe and ignite a profound revelation about the power of gratitude.


A Global Network of Gratitude


Through face-to-face encounters, Jacobs meets a diverse range of individuals who contribute to the creation of his daily cup of joe. From farmers and chemists to truckers and miners, he discovers the intricate web of interconnectedness that sustains our modern lives.


Each encounter provides Jacobs with a valuable lesson, such as the importance of focusing on the numerous things that go right in our lives instead of fixating on the few that go wrong. He also delves into how our culture often prioritizes the individual over the collective, neglecting the power of teamwork and collaboration.


Gratitude Bringing Happiness


While gratitude may not come naturally to Jacobs initially, he soon realizes the immense benefits it brings. Scientific research confirms that gratitude enhances compassion, promotes physical healing, and combats depression.


Along his heartfelt journey, Jacobs beautifully captures captivating stories from individuals across the globe, providing valuable insights and actionable tips for anyone seeking a more fulfilling life. From the iron miners in Minnesota to the marketing experts of Madison Avenue, every encounter offers a fresh perspective on the interconnectedness of our world.


A Reminder of What Really Matters


Thanks a Thousand serves as a poignant reminder of just how much we take for granted in our daily lives. Through Jacobs' engaging storytelling, we are inspired to develop our own "Gratitude Trails" and appreciate the countless individuals who make our lives easier and more enjoyable.


If you're ready to unlock the transformative power of gratitude, this audiobook is a must-listen. Let A.J. Jacobs guide you on a journey towards a happier, kinder, and more impactful life.


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Additional Info

Book Name: Thanks a Thousand
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: A. J. Jacobs
Narrators: A. J. Jacobs
Genres: Politics & Social Sciences
Audiobook Length: 3H12M
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio / TED
Language: English
Publish Date: 2018-11-13
Last Price: 11.24 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book 'Thanks a Thousand' about?

The book is about the journey of A.J. Jacobs as he thanks every single person involved in producing his morning cup of coffee, exploring the concept of gratitude and its benefits.

What does A.J. Jacobs discover during his journey?

A.J. Jacobs discovers that his coffee - and every other item in our lives - would not be possible without hundreds of people we usually take for granted. He learns about the interconnectedness of the world and the importance of expressing gratitude.

Why did A.J. Jacobs embark on this journey?

A.J. Jacobs sets off on the journey as a dare from his son. Initially, gratitude doesn't come naturally to him, but throughout the journey, he realizes the truth behind scientific research on gratitude and its numerous benefits.

What are some of the benefits of gratitude?

Gratitude provides numerous benefits including improving compassion, healing the body, and helping battle depression.

Who are some of the people A.J. Jacobs thanks during his journey?

A.J. Jacobs thanks people from various walks of life including farmers, chemists, artists, presidents, truckers, mechanics, biologists, miners, smugglers, and goatherds.

What insights and tips does A.J. Jacobs provide during his journey?

A.J. Jacobs provides insights and tips on how to focus on the positive things that go right every day, the importance of teamwork over individualism, and the practice of 'savoring meditation' to improve sleep.

What is the overall message of the book 'Thanks a Thousand'?

The book reminds us of the interconnectedness of the world and how much we take for granted. It teaches us about the power of gratitude to make our lives happier, kinder, and more impactful.

Who is the publisher of the book 'Thanks a Thousand'?

The book 'Thanks a Thousand' is published by Simon & Schuster Audio / TED.

What is the tone of the book 'Thanks a Thousand'?

The book is written in a conversational style, using an informal tone, personal pronouns, and engaging the reader. It keeps the content simple, brief, and incorporates analogies and metaphors to enhance understanding.


9 reviews for this audiobook
  • Am
    Amy 02-Oct-2023

    Thanks a Thousand is an incredible audiobook that takes gratitude to a whole new level. A. J. Jacobs embarks on a unique journey of thankfulness, expressing his appreciation for everything involved in that cup of coffee we take for granted each morning. Jacobs' witty storytelling and engaging narrative make this audiobook a must-listen.

  • Jo
    Josh 04-Oct-2023

    I never realized just how many people it takes to make something as simple as a cup of coffee until I listened to Thanks a Thousand. A. J. Jacobs does an amazing job of shedding light on the countless individuals involved in producing everyday items we often take for granted. It's an eye-opening and gratitude-inducing audiobook that deserves all the praise it gets.

  • Em
    Emily 16-Oct-2023

    Thanks a Thousand is a heartwarming and thought-provoking listen. A. J. Jacobs takes the concept of gratitude and explores it in a way that is both entertaining and inspiring. I love how he delves into the intricate webs of connections that bring something as simple as a cup of coffee to our table. This audiobook is a reminder to appreciate the little things in life.

  • Ma
    Mark 03-Nov-2023

    A. J. Jacobs' Thanks a Thousand is a fascinating exploration of the power of gratitude. Through his personal journey, he not only reminds us of the countless people involved in our daily lives but also highlights the importance of expressing appreciation. This audiobook is a reminder to be thankful for the small things and to acknowledge the efforts of those who often go unnoticed.

  • Sa
    Sarah 23-Nov-2023

    Thanks a Thousand is a powerful audiobook that teaches us the value of gratitude. A. J. Jacobs takes us on a journey to discover the countless people who contribute to the things we enjoy every day. His storytelling is engaging and relatable, making it easy to connect with his experiences. This audiobook is a must-listen if you want to cultivate a more grateful mindset.

  • Al
    Alex 13-Dec-2023

    Listening to Thanks a Thousand was a wake-up call for me. A. J. Jacobs brilliantly highlights the hidden army of people that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make our lives comfortable. This audiobook made me appreciate the interconnectedness of our world and the impact that expressing gratitude can have. Highly recommended!

  • Gr
    Grace 24-Jan-2024

    Thanks a Thousand is a delightful audiobook that will make you rethink the way you see the world. A. J. Jacobs' storytelling is both humorous and enlightening, as he explores the profound impact of gratitude. This audiobook will inspire you to express appreciation for even the smallest things in life.

  • Mi
    Mike 06-Mar-2024

    A. J. Jacobs' Thanks a Thousand is a beautifully crafted audiobook that sheds light on the hidden network of people behind the things we often take for granted. His storytelling is captivating, drawing you in and making you appreciate the countless individuals involved in making our lives easier. This audiobook is a wonderful reminder to be grateful for the little things.

  • Ka
    Kate 07-Apr-2024

    Thanks a Thousand is a gem of an audiobook. A. J. Jacobs takes a simple concept like gratitude and turns it into a profound journey of discovery. Through his personal experiences, he shows us the importance of recognizing the efforts of those around us. This audiobook is a must-listen for anyone looking to cultivate a more grateful mindset.

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