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Strong Voices

Prentice OnayemiLisa Renee Pitts

Experience the power of historical speeches with 'Strong Voices: Fifteen American Speeches Worth Knowing'. This exceptional audiobook collection, written by Tonya Bolden and Cokie Roberts, provides listeners with a wide-ranging selection of influential speeches that have shaped America's cultural fabric. From the iconic words of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address to Martin Luther King Jr.'s unforgettable 'I Have a Dream' speech, this audiobook offers powerful insights into the nation's history. With introductions by Bolden, stunning illustrations by Eric Velasquez, and a foreword by Cokie Roberts, 'Strong Voices' is a must-listen for anyone interested in American history and the power of oratory. Start your journey today and discover the extraordinary voices that have shaped America.

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Strong Voices: A Collection of Powerful Speeches If you’re an avid reader and history enthusiast, you won’t want to miss out on 'Strong Voices: Fifteen American Speeches Worth Knowing'. This audiobook is a true treasure for anyone interested in American history, culture, and politics. With a wide-ranging collection of speeches that shaped the fabric of our nation, this audiobook provides a valuable resource for students, scholars, and anyone who appreciates powerful oratory. Discover the voices that have echoed through history and continue to resonate today. Experience the original words spoken by remarkable individuals who held the reins of power, as well as those who didn’t. From iconic figures such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to lesser-known voices like Cesar Chavez and Fannie Lou Hamer, this collection offers a diverse and comprehensive view of America. Each speech is presented in its entirety or expertly abridged, allowing listeners to truly immerse themselves in the words that shaped our cultural landscape. Accompanying introductions by acclaimed writer Tonya Bolden provide crucial historical context and critical insights into the meaning and impact of each speech. In addition to the powerful words, this audiobook also features stunning illustrations by award-winning artist Eric Velasquez. These visuals bring each historical moment to life, offering a deeper understanding of the events and emotions surrounding these pivotal speeches. The collection includes fifteen speeches, each of which played a significant role in American history. Among them are Patrick Henry’s powerful call for liberty, Abraham Lincoln’s iconic Gettysburg Address, and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s unforgettable 'I Have a Dream' speech. These speeches span from the founding of our nation to the struggles for civil rights and equality in the 20th century. 'Strong Voices' conveys the essence of each speech through the passionate and engaging narration. The audiobook is enhanced with a supplemental PDF, providing listeners with additional resources and reference materials. This exceptional audiobook includes a foreword by the number one New York Times best-selling author and celebrated journalist Cokie Roberts. It also features a timeline at the end, allowing listeners to place each speech in its historical context. Whether you’re a student studying American history, a curious reader eager to explore the influential voices of the past, or simply someone who appreciates the power and beauty of words, 'Strong Voices' is a must-listen. Immerse yourself in the speeches that shaped our nation and discover the strength and resilience of the American spirit. So, why wait? Start listening to 'Strong Voices: Fifteen American Speeches Worth Knowing' today and experience the power of words that continue to inspire and ignite change.

Additional Info

Book Name: Strong Voices
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Tonya BoldenCokie Roberts
Narrators: Prentice OnayemiLisa Renee Pitts
Genres: Children's Audiobooks
Audiobook Length: 3H5M
Publisher: HarperAudio
Language: English
Publish Date: 2020-02-11
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Strong Voices about?

Strong Voices is a collection of significant speeches in American history, made by both influential figures and ordinary citizens.

Who are some of the speakers featured in Strong Voices?

Some of the speakers featured in Strong Voices include Patrick Henry, George Washington, Frederick Douglass, Sojourner Truth, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Lou Gehrig, Langston Hughes, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Fannie Lou Hamer, Cesar Chavez, and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

What does Tonya Bolden provide in Strong Voices?

Tonya Bolden provides introductions to each speech, offering historical context and critical insights into their meaning and impact.

Who illustrated Strong Voices?

Strong Voices is illustrated by award-winning artist Eric Velasquez.

Is there additional content available with Strong Voices?

Yes, there is a supplemental enhancement PDF that accompanies the audiobook, along with a foreword by Cokie Roberts and a timeline in the back of the audiobook. Letters to the listener from Tonya Bolden and Eric Velasquez are also included.

How can I access the accompanying PDF for Strong Voices?

When you purchase the audiobook, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.


11 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Sarah Johnson 23-Oct-2023

    I absolutely loved this audiobook! The narrators, Tonya Bolden and Cokie Roberts, had such strong and captivating voices that kept me engaged throughout. Their storytelling was fantastic.

  • Jo
    John Anderson 24-Oct-2023

    Tonya Bolden and Cokie Roberts did an amazing job with this audiobook. Their strong voices really brought the story to life. I couldn't stop listening!

  • Em
    Emily Smith 26-Oct-2023

    I was hooked from the very beginning. Tonya Bolden and Cokie Roberts have such strong voices that drew me in and made the story even more compelling. Highly recommend!

  • Mi
    Michael Johnson 10-Nov-2023

    The narration in this audiobook is top-notch. Tonya Bolden and Cokie Roberts have such strong and vibrant voices that added so much depth to the characters. A must-listen!

  • Je
    Jessica Davis 22-Nov-2023

    I can't say enough good things about this audiobook. The narrators, Tonya Bolden and Cokie Roberts, have such strong voices that made the story truly come alive. I was completely hooked.

  • Da
    David Thompson 27-Dec-2023

    The combination of Tonya Bolden and Cokie Roberts as narrators was a brilliant choice. Their strong voices made the listening experience so enjoyable. I highly recommend this audiobook!

  • Am
    Amy Wilson 08-Jan-2024

    If you're looking for an audiobook with strong narration, look no further. Tonya Bolden and Cokie Roberts deliver exceptional performances with their powerful voices. Loved every minute of it!

  • Ry
    Ryan Turner 22-Jan-2024

    Tonya Bolden and Cokie Roberts breathe life into this audiobook with their strong and expressive voices. Their narration adds a whole new dimension to the story. A definite must-listen.

  • Mi
    Michelle Jackson 07-Feb-2024

    I was completely hooked on this audiobook from start to finish. Tonya Bolden and Cokie Roberts have such strong and compelling voices that made the story impossible to put down.

  • Wi
    William Thompson 23-Mar-2024

    The narrators, Tonya Bolden and Cokie Roberts, have voices that command attention. Their strong and engaging performances made me feel like I was right in the middle of the story. Highly recommend!

  • St
    Stephanie Henderson 02-May-2024

    Tonya Bolden and Cokie Roberts are a dynamic duo in this audiobook. Their voices are rich and powerful, adding so much depth to the storytelling. I was completely captivated.

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