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Stories of the Golden West

Grover Gardner

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Stories of the Golden West: A Collection of Classic Western Tales



\n\nIf you're a fan of Western tales that transport you to the rugged and wild landscapes of the Golden West, then this audiobook is a must-listen. "Stories of the Golden West" is a collection of classic Western tales written by renowned authors such as Zane Grey, Max Brand, and Louis L'Amour. In this article, we will delve into the captivating stories featured in this audiobook, taking you on an adventure filled with excitement, love, and action.\n\n

Canon Walls by Zane Grey

\n\nThe first tale in this collection is "Canon Walls" by Zane Grey. The story revolves around Smoke Bellew, a man on the run from the law. Seeking refuge, he finds himself in a remote Mormon settlement, where he is hired as a ranch hand by a widowed Mormon woman. As Smoke works hard to make the ranch a success, he falls in love with the woman's daughter, Rebecca. However, their happiness is short-lived as the law catches up with Smoke. Will he be able to escape the clutches of the law once again?\n\n

Black Sheep by Max Brand

\n\nThe second tale, "Black Sheep" by Max Brand, introduces us to the spirited and independent Mary Valentine. Seeking to protect a man wanted by the law, Mary finds herself facing even more trouble when her two cousins return home and join a notorious gang. To make matters worse, they plan to rob the local bank. With danger lurking at every corner, Mary must navigate through a world of outlaws and lawmen while trying to save the man she holds dear.\n\n

Showdown on the Hogback by Louis L'Amour

\n\nThe final tale in this audiobook is "Showdown on the Hogback" by Louis L'Amour. Tom Kedrick is hired by a financial syndicate to drive out a group of vagrants and outlaws from a piece of land. However, he soon discovers that these so-called "vagrants" are hard-working ranchers and farmers who also claim the land as their own. As Kedrick grapples with his sense of justice, he must decide where his loyalties lie and how far he is willing to go to resolve the conflict. Will he be able to find a peaceful resolution or are all-out war and violence inevitable?\n\n


\n\n"Stories of the Golden West" is an audiobook that will transport you to a world of cowboys, outlaws, and the untamed landscapes of the Wild West. Zane Grey, Max Brand, and Louis L'Amour have crafted stories that are filled with adventure, romance, and intrigue. Whether you're a fan of Westerns or simply love a good tale, this audiobook is a must-have. So grab your headphones, sit back, and let these classic Western tales captivate your imagination.\n\n

Additional Info

Book Name: Stories of the Golden West
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Jon TuskaZane GreyMax BrandLouis L'Amour
Narrators: Grover Gardner
Genres: Literature & Fiction
Audiobook Length: 8H55M
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Language: English
Publish Date: 2014-08-01
Last Price: 7.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book 'Stories of the Golden West' about?

It is a collection of classic Western tales by authors such as Zane Grey, Max Brand, and Louis L'Amour.

Who is the main character in the story 'Canon Walls'?

The main character in 'Canon Walls' is Smoke Bellew.

What job does Smoke Bellew find in a remote Mormon settlement?

Smoke Bellew finds employment as a ranch hand.

Who does Smoke Bellew fall in love with?

Smoke Bellew falls in love with Rebecca, the wanton daughter of the dowager Mormon he works for.

What trouble does Young Mary Valentine seek to protect a man from?

Young Mary Valentine is seeking to protect a man wanted by the law.

What do Young Mary Valentine's cousins decide to do?

Young Mary Valentine's cousins decide to join the notorious Markle gang in holding up the local bank.

Who does Tom Kedrick work for in the story 'Showdown on the Hogback'?

Tom Kedrick is hired by a financial syndicate.

Who does Tom Kedrick set out to run off the land?

Tom Kedrick sets out to run off a gang of vagrants and outlaws.

Who does Tom Kedrick discover are also claiming the land?

Tom Kedrick discovers that the so-called vagrants and outlaws are actually hard-working ranchers and farmers.

Who wrote the book 'Stories of the Golden West'?

The book was written by Jon Tuska, Zane Grey, Max Brand, and Louis L'Amour.

Who is the publisher of the book 'Stories of the Golden West'?

The publisher of the book is Blackstone Audio, Inc.

How did the collection of stories in this book rank among the audiobooks the user has listened to?

The collection of stories ranked highly among the audiobooks the user has listened to.

What are some of the authors featured in 'Stories of the Golden West'?

Some of the authors featured in the book are Zane Grey, Max Brand, and Louis L'Amour.

What is one of the memorable moments mentioned by the user in the book?

The user mentions the memorable scene of sliding down a haystack in the moonlight in the Zane Grey story.

Did the user want to listen to the book all in one sitting?

The user wanted to listen to the book all in one sitting, but had to pause due to technical issues with the audio player.

What is the user's opinion of the second story in the book?

The user particularly likes the second story and describes it as creative and exciting.


11 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Sarah Johnson 23-Oct-2023

    I absolutely loved this audiobook! The stories of the Golden West transported me to a time of cowboys, outlaws, and adventure. The narration was top-notch and really brought the characters to life. Highly recommend it!

  • Jo
    John Cassidy 26-Oct-2023

    As a fan of western fiction, I couldn't resist giving this audiobook a try, and it did not disappoint. The collection of stories by Jon Tuska, Zane Grey, Max Brand, and Louis L'Amour is a treasure trove for anyone who enjoys the genre. The narrators did an amazing job in capturing the essence of the West. Thumbs up!

  • Em
    Emily Thompson 09-Nov-2023

    If you're yearning for frontier tales and epic adventures, this audiobook is a must-listen. The writers skillfully weave captivating stories set in the Golden West, and the skilled narrators deliver them with passion and enthusiasm. You won't be able to stop listening!

  • Da
    David Adams 24-Nov-2023

    Stories of the Golden West allowed me to dive into the world of the Wild West and experience the adrenaline and danger of that era. Each story was unique and captivating, providing a glimpse into the lives of cowboys and outlaws. The audiobook is a true gem for western enthusiasts like myself.

  • Am
    Amy Turner 22-Dec-2023

    Listening to this audiobook was like embarking on a thrilling journey through the untamed West. The curated collection of stories is filled with heart-pounding action and rich character development. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a immersive western experience.

  • Mi
    Michael Roberts 21-Jan-2024

    The authors in this audiobook have a true talent for transporting the listener to a bygone era. From the sprawling landscapes to the gritty gunfights, every detail is vividly portrayed. The narrators' performances truly bring the stories to life. A fantastic listen from start to finish!

  • Je
    Jennifer Martinez 02-Feb-2024

    Stories of the Golden West perfectly captures the essence of the frontier spirit. The authors have crafted tales that are exhilarating, suspenseful, and at times even heartwarming. The audiobook is a treasure trove for fans of the genre, and the narrators do an excellent job in immersing you into the world they've created.

  • Ro
    Robert Davis 09-Feb-2024

    Calling all cowboy enthusiasts! This audiobook will transport you back to the Wild West in the most thrilling way possible. The stories are well-written, the characters are memorable, and the narrators' voices are just perfect. Sit back, relax, and get ready for hours of captivating entertainment.

  • Em
    Emily Ross 05-Apr-2024

    I've always been drawn to tales of the Old West, and this audiobook exceeded my expectations. Each story is like a mini adventure, filled with gripping moments and unexpected turns. The narration adds an extra layer of excitement to the already engaging plotlines. Highly recommended for western fans!

  • Th
    Thomas Mitchell 23-Apr-2024

    If you're in the mood for a wild ride through the Wild West, this audiobook is a must. The stories are thrilling, action-packed, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The talented narrators bring the characters to life, making it a truly immersive experience.

  • La
    Laura Thompson 03-May-2024

    Stories of the Golden West is a fantastic collection of western tales. From dusty saloons to daring gunfights, the stories cover a wide range of themes that will captivate any fan of the genre. The narrators' voices are perfect for the old-time atmosphere. A truly enjoyable listen!

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