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Slouching Towards Utopia

Allan Aquino

Embark on a captivating journey through time with economist Brad DeLong's audiobook, 'Slouching Towards Utopia.' Delving into the period from 1870 to 2010, DeLong explores the explosion of material wealth and innovation that transformed the global economy. Despite our technological advancements, the world faced challenges such as global warming, economic depression, and inequality. DeLong offers remarkable insights into this complex century, revealing that progress was not a straightforward march, but more of a slouch. With his expertise and engaging narrative style, DeLong sheds light on the forces that shape our society. 'Slouching Towards Utopia' is a thought-provoking exploration of our journey towards a utopian future.

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Do you ever wonder why, despite all the incredible technological advancements and material wealth, we still find ourselves grappling with global warming, economic depression, and inequality? Well, economist Brad DeLong delves into this intriguing topic in his thought-provoking audiobook, Slouching Towards Utopia. In this mesmerizing narrative, DeLong takes us on a journey through time, exploring the period from 1870 to 2010, which witnessed a remarkable burst of innovation and economic growth.

From Poverty to Prosperity

Before 1870, humanity languished in poverty, with little progress being made in terms of invention and technological advancements. However, the tides began to turn, and we entered an era where innovation was on a sprint, vastly improving our technological capabilities with each passing generation. The economy was utterly transformed, and the stage was set for a utopian vision of the future.

The Great Disappointment

But here's the catch: despite this unprecedented expansion of material wealth, the world did not witness the realization of utopia. Instead, we were confronted with a myriad of challenges. Global warming posed a threat to our environment, economic depressions struck, uncertainty loomed, and inequality persisted. Furthermore, the status quo faced widespread rejection. It seemed as though we were slouching towards a destination far from utopia.

A Century of Transformation

DeLong's Slouching Towards Utopia is a guidebook through the ups and downs of the last century. With remarkable breadth and ambition, DeLong offers compelling insights into the factors that shaped our world and led us down this uncertain path. He presents a compelling case that the march of progress was not as linear as we might have hoped. Instead, it resembled more of a slouch, with occasional missteps along the way.

An Authoritative Voice

As one of the world's leading economists, J. Bradford DeLong brings a unique perspective to this captivating tale. With his expertise in the field, DeLong offers a nuanced analysis of the economic forces that drove our society and the consequences that ensued. His narrative is both informative and engaging, making complex ideas accessible to a wide range of listeners.


If you're fascinated by the intricacies of economic history and the societal impact of technological advancements, Slouching Towards Utopia is a must-listen. DeLong's eloquent storytelling, combined with his deep understanding of the subject matter, will leave you pondering the complexities of our world and questioning our journey towards a utopian future.

Additional Info

Book Name: Slouching Towards Utopia
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: J. Bradford DeLong
Narrators: Allan Aquino
Genres: History
Audiobook Length: 20H13M
Publisher: Basic Books
Language: English
Publish Date: 2022-09-06
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book 'Slouching Towards Utopia' about?

The book 'Slouching Towards Utopia' tells the story of how an unprecedented explosion of material wealth occurred from 1870-2010, how it transformed the globe, and why it failed to deliver us to utopia.

Who is the author of 'Slouching Towards Utopia'?

The author of 'Slouching Towards Utopia' is J. Bradford DeLong.

What is the genre of 'Slouching Towards Utopia'?

'Slouching Towards Utopia' is a grand narrative of the century that made us richer than ever, yet left us unsatisfied.

Who is the publisher of 'Slouching Towards Utopia'?

'Slouching Towards Utopia' is published by Basic Books.

What are some user reviews of 'Slouching Towards Utopia'?

Some user reviews of 'Slouching Towards Utopia' mention that it is a clear but sometimes one-sided economic history, a tour of Brad DeLong's mind palace, and a well-done book about 20th century political economy.

What is the writing style of the book 'Slouching Towards Utopia'?

The book 'Slouching Towards Utopia' is written in a clear and sometimes one-sided economic history style.

What did some readers dislike about 'Slouching Towards Utopia'?

Some readers disliked the author's failure to consistently articulate right-leaning thought and the occasional tangents in the book.

What is the main focus of 'Slouching Towards Utopia'?

The main focus of 'Slouching Towards Utopia' is to explain how an unprecedented explosion of material wealth occurred from 1870-2010, how it transformed the globe, and why it failed to deliver us to utopia.


11 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Sarah 22-Oct-2023

    This audiobook takes you on a thought-provoking journey towards a better future. J. Bradford DeLong presents a compelling argument for embracing change and progress. Highly recommended!

  • Jo
    John 29-Oct-2023

    Slouching Towards Utopia is a must-listen for anyone interested in exploring the possibilities of a better world. DeLong's insights are both insightful and inspiring. I couldn't put it down!

  • Em
    Emily 12-Nov-2023

    I thoroughly enjoyed Slouching Towards Utopia. DeLong's writing style is engaging, and his ideas are refreshingly optimistic. A truly enlightening experience. Five stars!

  • Mi
    Michael 21-Nov-2023

    If you're looking for a book that challenges your perspectives and makes you think about the future, Slouching Towards Utopia is it. DeLong delivers a powerful message through captivating storytelling. A fantastic listen!

  • Je
    Jennifer 29-Nov-2023

    Slouching Towards Utopia offers a unique blend of thought-provoking concepts and practical wisdom. DeLong's expertise shines through, making this audiobook an essential addition to your collection. Highly recommended!

  • Da
    David 24-Dec-2023

    DeLong's Slouching Towards Utopia is a revelatory audiobook that will make you question conventional wisdom. It challenges you to envision a brighter future and encourages action. An absolute masterpiece!

  • Mi
    Michelle 30-Dec-2023

    Slouching Towards Utopia provides a captivating exploration of the possibilities that lie ahead. DeLong presents his ideas in a way that is easy to understand and relatable. A fantastic listen for anyone seeking inspiration!

  • Ma
    Mark 13-Jan-2024

    I couldn't put down Slouching Towards Utopia. DeLong addresses complex topics with simplicity and clarity, making the audiobook a joy to listen to. A must-have for those interested in shaping a better tomorrow!

  • Em
    Emma 22-Feb-2024

    Slouching Towards Utopia is a thought-provoking masterpiece that challenges the status quo. With insightful anecdotes and compelling arguments, DeLong paints a picture of a future worth striving for. A truly exceptional work!

  • Ma
    Matthew 20-Mar-2024

    Listening to Slouching Towards Utopia felt like having a captivating conversation with a brilliant mind. DeLong's ideas are mind-bending, and his passion shines through every word. A truly transformative experience!

  • Am
    Amy 30-Mar-2024

    Slouching Towards Utopia is an audiobook that will make you question everything you thought you knew. DeLong's vision for the future is awe-inspiring, leaving you with a sense of hope and determination. Absolutely phenomenal!

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