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Tara Radcliffe

Discover the enthralling audiobook 'Scarred' by J.S. Cooper, published by Jaimie Mancham-Case. Follow the unexpected journey of Bryce Evans, the former high school golden boy who chose the Marines instead of his expected path. Witness his encounter with Lexi Lord, the quiet girl who connects with him through anonymous letters. As they reunite years later, both with changed lives and secrets, their chance at happiness is threatened. Immerse yourself in this compelling tale of love, redemption, and the power of second chances.

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An Unexpected Journey

In the small town of Jonesville, Bryce Evans was the picture-perfect high school student - the Mayor's son, star quarterback, dating the head cheerleader, and excelling academically. He seemed to have it all. However, something deep inside him pushed him to defy expectations and enlist in the Marines instead of attending Notre Dame.

A Connection Amidst Differences

Lexi Lord was the quiet and unassuming girl in school, keeping to herself and her unique group of friends. She had no ties to the popular crowd, except for one fateful encounter with Bryce on prom night. When Bryce chose the military, Lexi was the only one who understood and decided to connect with him through anonymous letters. After a year, she stopped, believing their relationship had no future.

A Twist of Fate

Four years later, Bryce returns to Jonesville and crosses paths with Lexi once again. However, both of them have changed. Bryce is no longer the perfect man, and Lexi has shed her quiet demeanor. This time, their connection is different, but they both harbor secrets from their pasts. Friends who threaten their chance at happiness also loom in the background.

A Compelling Tale of Love and Redemption

Scarred, written by J.S. Cooper and published by Jaimie Mancham-Case, is a captivating audiobook that delves into the complexities of relationships, unspoken wounds, and the power of second chances. Cooper masterfully weaves a story of two individuals with hidden scars, brought together in unexpected circumstances. The audiobook takes listeners on an emotional journey filled with love, secrets, and the pursuit of happiness.

Audiobook Details

Author: J.S. Cooper

Publisher: Jaimie Mancham-Case

©2013 J.S. Cooper (P)2013 J.S. Cooper

Additional Info

Book Name: Scarred
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: J. S. Cooper
Narrators: Tara Radcliffe
Genres: Literature & Fiction
Audiobook Length: 4H5M
Publisher: Jaimie Mancham-Case
Language: English
Publish Date: 2013-09-20
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who is the author of the audio book?

J.S. Cooper

What is the publisher of the audio book?

Jaimie Mancham-Case

What is the title of the audio book?


What is the summary of the audio book?

Bryce Evans, the seemingly perfect man in high school, chooses to enlist in the Marines instead of pursuing his expected path. Lexi Lord, a quiet girl in school, starts sending him anonymous letters as a way to feel connected. However, after a year, she stops as she feels their relationship has nowhere to go. Four years later, Bryce returns to their town, and their paths cross again, but they both have secrets and friends that threaten their chance at happiness.

What are some user reviews about the audio book?

1. High School Crush: Lexi and Anna learn that Bryce is back from the Middle East after being gone to war for two years. Lexi had been writing to Bryce religiously and suddenly stopped without any apparent reason. Bryce was her savior one evening when his best friend, Eddie, took Lexi on a date and attempted to rape her. There are secrets behind everyone's story. 2. Audio NOT edited: The book seems to be unedited, with mistakes made by the narrator left in the recording. 3. Leaves you hanging: The book ends on a cliffhanger, which some readers find frustrating. 4. Bland. Cliffhanger: The narrator didn't distinguish between characters' voices and the story was just okay. 5. Not exciting: The narrators voice is monotonous and the main characters are selfish.

What is the overall sentiment of the user reviews?

Mixed. Some users found the story engaging and well-written, while others felt disappointed and frustrated by the cliffhanger ending and the narration.

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9 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Sarah 21-Oct-2023

    I was hooked from the very first page! Scarred is a gripping thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat. The twists and turns were so unexpected and the suspense had me guessing until the very end. Definitely worth a read!

  • Jo
    John 22-Oct-2023

    Scarred is an emotional rollercoaster that leaves you breathless. The author masterfully weaves a tale of love, loss, and redemption. I couldn't put it down! Highly recommend.

  • Em
    Emily 30-Oct-2023

    J. S. Cooper has done it again with Scarred! This book has everything you want in a suspenseful thriller: complex characters, an intense plot, and a twist you won't see coming. Don't miss out on this captivating read.

  • Al
    Alex 20-Nov-2023

    I devoured Scarred in one sitting - it was impossible to put down! The story grabs you from the beginning and doesn't let go. The intensity and raw emotions make this a truly unforgettable read. Highly recommended!

  • Je
    Jessica 02-Dec-2023

    Scarred is a heart-wrenching tale that will stay with you long after you finish reading. J. S. Cooper's writing is captivating and draws you deep into the story. Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster that you won't want to end.

  • Ry
    Ryan 12-Dec-2023

    If you love psychological thrillers, Scarred is a must-read! The author's ability to create suspense is impressive, and the character development is superb. I was enthralled from start to finish.

  • Me
    Megan 05-Jan-2024

    Scarred is a gripping and chilling story that will keep you up late into the night. The author has a knack for creating intense and atmospheric settings that add to the sense of unease. A thrilling read that I couldn't put down.

  • Ch
    Chris 26-Jan-2024

    J. S. Cooper has crafted a captivating story in Scarred. The plot is full of twists and surprises that will keep you guessing until the end. The writing is engaging and the characters are well-developed. A definite page-turner.

  • Em
    Emma 14-Mar-2024

    Scarred is a dark and haunting tale that will leave you wanting more. The author's descriptive writing style creates vivid imagery that pulls you into the story. Prepare to be captivated from beginning to end.

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