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Romancing Miss Bronte

Rosalyn Landor

Explore the captivating world of the Brontë sisters in the novel 'Romancing Miss Brontë'. This extraordinary blend of fact and fiction takes readers on a journey into the life and heart of Charlotte Brontë, as she navigates personal challenges and follows her dreams of becoming a published author. With unexpected romance, tragedy, and the pursuit of deep human longing, this book offers a fascinating portrayal of love and the power of literature. Written by Juliet Gael and published by Random House Audio.

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A Stunning Blend of Fact and Fiction

In the captivating novel 'Romancing Miss Brontë', Juliet Gael weaves together a mesmerizing tale that combines historical fact with imaginative fiction. This extraordinary book takes readers on an emotional journey, delving into the lives and hearts of the Brontë sisters, particularly focusing on Charlotte Brontë.

A Taste of Life's Splendors

During her time studying in Brussels, Charlotte Brontë experienced the wonders of travel, literature, and art. However, after returning to the Yorkshire moors, Charlotte faced the responsibilities of caring for her blind father and alcoholic brother. Despite these challenges, Charlotte remained determined not to succumb to despair.

The Brontës' Ambitious Dream

Together with her sisters, Emily and Anne, Charlotte devised a plan to earn money and pursue their dreams: the Brontë sisters would become authors. Drawing upon the fantastical worlds they had created during their childhood, the sisters set out to write novels that would be truly groundbreaking.

A Triumph of Literary Art

Transforming her personal loneliness and sorrow into a work of literary genius, Charlotte poured her heart and soul into her masterpiece, 'Jane Eyre'. Published in 1847, the novel became an instant sensation, thrusting Charlotte into the vibrant literary scene of London.

A Romantically Unexpected Turn

Within the London literary circles, Charlotte's talent caught the eye of George Smith, her publisher. George, a captivating and handsome man, seemed to take a special interest in Charlotte that went beyond their professional relationship. As life seemed to hold new promises for Charlotte, tragedy strikes the Brontë household, shattering her newfound happiness and leaving her doubting if romance is within her grasp.

The Curate's Secret Love

However, amidst the shadows of despair, a quiet but determined curate named Arthur Nicholls emerges. Having secretly admired Charlotte since joining her father's employ, Arthur reveals his love to her. 'Romancing Miss Brontë' weaves a tale of passion and determination as Charlotte navigates the complexities of her heart, torn between her publisher and the curate who has long held her affection.

Unveiling the Deepest Longing of the Human Heart

In 'Romancing Miss Brontë', Juliet Gael masterfully captures the essence of an extraordinary woman who longs for love and to be loved in return. This compelling novel not only offers readers a glimpse into the life and work of Charlotte Brontë but also taps into the universal human desire for connection and romance.

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Additional Info

Book Name: Romancing Miss Bronte
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Juliet Gael
Narrators: Rosalyn Landor
Genres: Literature & Fiction
Audiobook Length: 14H24M
Publisher: Random House Audio
Language: english
Publish Date: 2010-04-27
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book Romancing Miss Bronte about?

Romancing Miss Bronte is a novel by Juliet Gael that combines fact and fiction to imagine how Charlotte Bronte found unexpected love while writing her masterpiece, Jane Eyre.

Where does the story of Romancing Miss Bronte take place?

The story takes place in the Yorkshire moors of England, where Charlotte Bronte and her sisters are living.

What is the Bronte sisters' plan in the book?

The Bronte sisters come up with a plan to earn money and pursue their dream of becoming published authors.

Which sister pens the novel Jane Eyre in the book?

Charlotte Bronte pens the novel Jane Eyre, which becomes a literary success and catapults her into the spotlight.

Who is George Smith in the book?

George Smith is Charlotte Bronte's publisher and a handsome young man who shows more than just a professional interest in her.

What tragedy befalls the Bronte household in the book?

An unspeakable tragedy occurs in the Bronte household, throwing London and George into the background and leaving Charlotte to fear that she will only find romance through her writing.

Who is Arthur Nicholls in the book?

Arthur Nicholls is a curate who has secretly been in love with Charlotte since he started working for her father, and he reveals his heart to her.

What is Romancing Miss Bronte a portrayal of?

Romancing Miss Bronte is a portrayal of Charlotte Bronte's life and work and her longing for love.

Who is the author of Romancing Miss Bronte?

Juliet Gael is the author of Romancing Miss Bronte.

Who is the publisher of the audiobook version of Romancing Miss Bronte?

Random House Audio is the publisher of the audiobook version of Romancing Miss Bronte.

What are some user reviews of the audiobook?

Some user reviews praise the book for its portrayal of the Bronte sisters and their works, while others criticize aspects of the execution and narration.


7 reviews for this audiobook
  • La
    Laura Smith 19-Sep-2023

    Romancing Miss Bronte is a delightful audiobook that takes you on a journey into the life of Charlotte Bronte, one of the most beloved authors of all time. Juliet Gael's storytelling is engaging, keeping you hooked from start to finish. I couldn't help but feel like I was transported back to Bronte's era, experiencing her struggles and triumphs. Highly recommended for both Bronte fans and those new to her work.

  • Mi
    Michael Johnson 22-Sep-2023

    If you're a fan of historical fiction and love exploring the lives of famous authors, Romancing Miss Bronte is a must-listen. Juliet Gael's writing is impeccable, and her vivid descriptions make you feel like you're right there with Charlotte Bronte. The narrator does a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life. This audiobook is a perfect blend of romance, tragedy, and inspiration.

  • Em
    Emily Davis 06-Oct-2023

    Romancing Miss Bronte is a compelling and beautifully written account of Charlotte Bronte's life. Juliet Gael's attention to detail is impressive, and she captures the essence of Bronte's struggles and passions. The narration is spot-on, making it a pleasure to listen to. You don't have to be a Bronte fan to enjoy this audiobook; it's a captivating story that will resonate with anyone who appreciates the power of literature.

  • Da
    David Wilson 27-Oct-2023

    As someone who has always been fascinated by the Bronte sisters, I was incredibly excited to listen to Romancing Miss Bronte. Juliet Gael's writing is superb, and she weaves together a story that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. The narration is excellent, with each character's voice distinct and believable. This audiobook is a must-have for any Bronte enthusiast.

  • So
    Sophia Moore 24-Nov-2023

    Romancing Miss Bronte is a gem of an audiobook. Juliet Gael's storytelling skills are unmatched, and she brings Charlotte Bronte's world to life in a way that is both enlightening and entertaining. The narrator's performance is top-notch, making it easy to get lost in the story. If you're looking for a captivating historical fiction audiobook, this is the one to choose.

  • Ja
    Jacob Thompson 29-Dec-2023

    Romancing Miss Bronte is a beautifully written and narrated audiobook that transports you to the world of the Bronte sisters. Juliet Gael's attention to detail and her ability to capture the complexity of Charlotte Bronte's life is remarkable. The narrator's voice is soothing and engaging. I found myself completely absorbed in the story and couldn't stop listening. Highly recommended for fans of historical fiction and classic literature.

  • Ol
    Olivia Martinez 03-Feb-2024

    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Romancing Miss Bronte. Juliet Gael's writing is engaging, and her portrayal of Charlotte Bronte is both sympathetic and inspiring. The narrator's voice is pleasant, and she effectively captures the emotions of the characters. Whether you're a Bronte fan or not, this audiobook is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates a well-crafted historical novel.

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