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Rhys DavidBrittany Goodwin

Join the thrilling journey of Rising, the second audiobook in the Anderson Special Ops series. Melody Anne and John Henley have crafted a heart-pounding tale of love, danger, and suspense. As the team battles evil in Seattle, a new romance blooms between Steve Bregon, also known as Brackish, and Erin Savage, the niece of a dangerous drug lord. Can they overcome the obstacles that threaten their relationship? With alpha male characters and strong women, this series promises danger, passion, and excitement. Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster as you navigate the dark world of drug cartels alongside Sleep, Eyes, Brackish, Smoke, and Green. This compelling audiobook will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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A Thrilling Continuation of the Anderson Special Ops Series

Are you ready for another heart-pounding adventure? If you enjoyed the first audiobook in the Anderson Special Ops series, then you won't want to miss Rising, the exciting second installment. This captivating story picks up right where the first book left off, taking you on a rollercoaster ride of action, romance, and suspense.

The Battle Against Evil

Rising centers around the ongoing mission to rid the city of Seattle of the sinister forces that try to corrupt its foundations. Katherine, our brave protagonist, returns home after her previous encounter with darkness. However, trouble still looms in the Anderson world as she finds herself facing an enemy that cannot easily be defeated.

Joseph, the man who loves Katherine deeply, cannot vanquish the cancerous threat she faces. But that doesn't stop him from standing by her side and supporting the team dedicated to her protection. Together, they will face this new challenge with unwavering determination and unwavering love.

A Story of Love and Adversity

Alongside the familiar characters you met in the first audiobook, Rising introduces a new character that will steal your heart. Steve Bregon, also known as Brackish, takes center stage as he tries to resist his growing feelings for Erin Savage, a waitress he met before. The twist? Erin happens to be the niece of a prominent figure in the dangerous drug world that Brackish's team is fighting against.

Despite his best efforts not to fall for her, thoughts of Erin permeate Brackish's mind both day and night. Will their relationship be doomed, caught in the crossfire of two opposing worlds, or will Brackish find a way to carry out his mission while staying true to his heart?

A Partnership Forged in Danger

Rising continues to delve into the gripping investigation of the drug cartel that threatens the peace of Seattle. Our team of heroes, named Sleep, Eyes, Brackish, Smoke, and Green, grows stronger with each passing challenge. They are united in their determination to complete their mission, no matter the sacrifices.

Join them on their journey as they navigate treacherous waters, facing danger at every turn. In the face of evil, they may find themselves falling, one man at a time.

About the Authors

Melody Anne, a renowned New York Times best-selling author, brings her signature blend of alpha males and strong women to this captivating series. Collaborating with her is John Henley, a military veteran with firsthand experience working alongside some of the most elite warriors in the world's most dangerous locations.

Their powerful partnership has resulted in a storyline that will leave you craving danger, passion, romance, and suspense. Prepare to experience a wide range of emotions as you embark on this journey. Melody Anne has created a truly unique cast of characters, unlike anything she has written before, accompanied by a fresh team of special ops men dedicated to eradicating evil from the shadows.

If you're ready for a wild ride, then Rising is the audiobook for you. Get ready to laugh, cry, and hold your breath as you immerse yourself in the world of the Anderson Special Ops series. So, grab your headphones, settle into a comfortable spot, and be prepared to be captivated.

Publisher Information

Rising, written by Melody Anne and John Henley, is published by Falling Star Publications LLC.

Additional Info

Book Name: Rising
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Melody AnneJohn Henley
Narrators: Rhys DavidBrittany Goodwin
Genres: Romance
Audiobook Length: 9H56M
Publisher: Falling Star Publications LLC
Language: English
Publish Date: 2021-01-19
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the title of the audiobook?


Who is the author of the audiobook?

Melody Anne, John Henley

Who is the publisher of the audiobook?

Falling Star Publications LLC

What is the audiobook about?

The audiobook continues the story of the Anderson Special Ops team as they try to purge evil from Seattle. It focuses on the characters introduced in the first audiobook, including Steve Bregon (Brackish) and his relationship with Erin Savage, who happens to be the niece of a major player in the drug world they are fighting against. It explores their struggle to balance their personal feelings and the mission at hand. The audiobook also delves into the drug cartel impacting Seattle and the growing bond between the team members.

Who is the narrator of the audiobook?

There is no specific information provided about the narrator of the audiobook in the given text.

What are some user reviews about the audiobook?

- Loved it so much - Rising is an enjoyable book - The narrators did a great job - Fantastic book with great narrators - Need more of these men, especially Joseph


12 reviews for this audiobook
  • Am
    Amy 27-Sep-2023

    This audiobook is like a rollercoaster ride of emotions! The storyline is gripping from start to finish, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you hooked. The characters are well-developed and relatable, making it easy to become invested in their journey. Highly recommend!

  • Da
    David 01-Oct-2023

    I couldn't put this audiobook down! The writing is superb and the narration is spot-on. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat, and I was genuinely surprised by some of the plot twists. If you're a fan of gripping thrillers, this is a must-listen.

  • Je
    Jenny 07-Oct-2023

    I was completely engrossed in this audiobook from the first chapter. The authors have a way of painting vivid pictures with their words, making it feel like you're right there in the story. The pacing is perfect, and the ending is satisfying. Definitely worth a listen!

  • Ma
    Mark 19-Oct-2023

    I love how this audiobook combines elements of romance and suspense. The chemistry between the characters is tangible, and you can't help but root for them. The writing is beautifully descriptive, transporting you to different settings effortlessly. Highly recommend!

  • Sa
    Sarah 27-Oct-2023

    Wow, just wow! This audiobook had me hooked from the very first sentence. The writing is powerful and evocative, and the narration is top-notch. The characters are complex and layered, and the plot kept me guessing until the end. A must-listen for any avid reader!

  • Ch
    Chris 16-Nov-2023

    I thoroughly enjoyed this audiobook. The authors have a way of creating multi-dimensional characters that you can't help but become invested in. The pacing is great, and the story is engaging from start to finish. Highly recommend for fans of suspenseful dramas!

  • Em
    Emily 16-Dec-2023

    What a wild ride! This audiobook is packed with action, intrigue, and romance. The writing is fast-paced and energetic, and the plot twists had me gasping with surprise. The narrators did an excellent job bringing the characters to life. A definite page-turner!

  • Mi
    Michael 20-Jan-2024

    I was completely hooked on this audiobook. The writing is crisp and engaging, and the narration is superb. The characters felt real and relatable, and I couldn't wait to see how their stories unfolded. Highly recommend for fans of gripping fiction!

  • La
    Laura 13-Feb-2024

    This audiobook is a gem! The authors have crafted a thrilling story that keeps you on your toes from beginning to end. I was captivated by the characters and their journeys, and the twists and turns had me guessing until the very last chapter. Fantastic!

  • Ja
    Jason 02-Mar-2024

    I couldn't stop listening to this audiobook! The writing is addictive, and the narrators brought the story to life. The characters are compelling, and their relationships are complex and nuanced. This is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys a thrilling, emotional ride.

  • Ra
    Rachel 12-Mar-2024

    This audiobook is a real page-turner! The authors have crafted a captivating storyline filled with suspense, mystery, and romance. The characters are well-developed and the dialogue is natural and engaging. The narrators did an excellent job bringing the story to life. Highly recommend!

  • Th
    Thomas 25-Apr-2024

    I was completely absorbed in this audiobook. The writing is vivid and atmospheric, and the pacing is perfect. The authors have a knack for keeping you guessing, and the twists and turns are truly unexpected. This is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys a thrilling ride.

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