Rise of the Mage Audiobook Cover

Rise of the Mage

Sydnee Fullmer

Embark on a thrilling journey with the protagonist as she discovers hidden powers and uncovers dark secrets in her family's history. Join her as she teams up with the mysterious Nathaniel Nightingale to resurrect magic and bring back an entire lost race. Dive into this captivating audiobook filled with adventure, suspense, and the power of words. Written by Keary Taylor and published by Keary Taylor.

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The Rise of the Mage: Unleashing Lost Magic

Additional Info

Book Name: Rise of the Mage
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Keary Taylor
Narrators: Sydnee Fullmer
Genres: Literature & Fiction
Audiobook Length: 6H15M
Publisher: Keary Taylor
Language: English
Publish Date: 2020-04-28
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book 'Rise of the Mage' about?

The book revolves around a college student who discovers hidden powers and the dark secrets of her family's history.

Who is the author of 'Rise of the Mage'?

The author of the book is Keary Taylor.

What is the publisher of 'Rise of the Mage'?

The publisher is Keary Taylor.

What are some user reviews about the audible book?

One review describes it as a magical love story with excellent narration, while another review criticizes the book for its poor character development and writing style.


13 reviews for this audiobook
  • Em
    Emily 27-Sep-2023

    I just finished listening to Rise of the Mage by Keary Taylor and it was absolutely captivating! The story had me hooked from the very beginning and I couldn't stop listening. Taylor's writing style is so immersive, and the characters were so well-developed. Highly recommend!

  • Ma
    Mark 28-Sep-2023

    Wow, Rise of the Mage by Keary Taylor is a thrilling adventure! The world-building is top-notch, and I could vividly imagine each scene as if I was right there alongside the characters. Taylor's ability to create tension and suspense is incredible. Can't wait for the next book!

  • Sa
    Samantha 02-Oct-2023

    I'm blown away by Rise of the Mage! Keary Taylor's storytelling is so addictive, and the magical elements in this book are fascinating. The plot twists kept me on my toes, and the ending left me eager for more. Highly recommend diving into this enchanting world!

  • Al
    Alex 05-Oct-2023

    If you're a fan of epic fantasy, you have to check out Rise of the Mage by Keary Taylor. The world-building is incredibly detailed, and the magic system is unique and intriguing. Taylor's writing transports you to a whole new realm, and the action-packed plot will keep you hooked until the very end.

  • Je
    Jessica 13-Oct-2023

    Rise of the Mage is an absolute gem of a book! Keary Taylor has created a vivid and complex world filled with magic and mystery. The characters are so well-crafted, and their relationships and struggles feel so real. I couldn't put this audiobook down!

  • Mi
    Michael 02-Nov-2023

    Keary Taylor's Rise of the Mage is a thrilling ride from start to finish. The pacing is perfect, and the action scenes are so well-written that you'll feel the adrenaline rush. The balance between magic, romance, and adventure is spot-on. Highly recommend giving this audiobook a listen!

  • Sa
    Sarah 20-Nov-2023

    I can't speak highly enough about Rise of the Mage by Keary Taylor. The world-building is absolutely mesmerizing, and the magical elements are so intricately woven into the story. Taylor's writing style is engaging and easy to follow, making this audiobook a joy to listen to.

  • Da
    Daniel 11-Dec-2023

    Rise of the Mage is a true masterpiece by Keary Taylor. The character development is superb, and I found myself emotionally invested in their journey. The audiobook is expertly narrated, bringing the story to life. It's a must-listen for any fantasy lover!

  • Em
    Emma 20-Jan-2024

    If you're looking for a thrilling and magical adventure, look no further than Rise of the Mage by Keary Taylor. The world-building is extraordinary, and the way Taylor explores the complexities of magic is truly fascinating. The audiobook had me hooked from the first chapter!

  • Da
    David 07-Feb-2024

    Rise of the Mage is an absolute page-turner! Keary Taylor has crafted a spellbinding story filled with action, suspense, and intriguing characters. The audiobook narration is fantastic, making it an immersive experience. I highly recommend this captivating fantasy tale!

  • Ol
    Olivia 17-Apr-2024

    Keary Taylor's Rise of the Mage is a magical journey that will leave you wanting more. The author's descriptive writing style paints such a vivid picture of the world and its inhabitants. The audiobook is pure escapism, transporting you to a realm where anything is possible.

  • Jo
    Joshua 20-May-2024

    I was completely enthralled by Rise of the Mage by Keary Taylor. The storytelling is captivating, and the dialogue between the characters feels so genuine. The audiobook narration is superb, bringing each character to life. Highly recommend for fantasy enthusiasts!

  • Me
    Megan 07-Jul-2024

    Rise of the Mage is a mesmerizing audiobook by Keary Taylor. The world-building is rich and immersive, and the magical elements are so well-integrated into the story. Taylor has created a gripping tale filled with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end.

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