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Rescuing Finley

Hillary Huber

Follow the journey of Amy Wallace, Chris Seger, and the golden retriever Finley in the heartwarming audiobook Rescuing Finley. Written by Dan Walsh and published by Tantor Audio, this story explores the themes of redemption, healing, and the transformative power of a rescue dog. Amy and Chris's lives are forever changed by unforeseen circumstances, leading them to cross paths with Finley. As they navigate their own personal trials, the bond they form with Finley offers them hope and a chance at redemption. Rescuing Finley is a captivating tale of second chances and the profound impact a dog can have on multiple lives.

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We all make mistakes in life, some bigger than others. But what happens when those mistakes result in tragic consequences? In Rescuing Finley, author Dan Walsh explores the power of redemption and healing through the story of Amy Wallace, Chris Seger, and a golden retriever named Finley.

The Unforeseen Consequences

Amy Wallace, a young woman who has made her fair share of mistakes, finds herself facing the consequences of her actions. She never expected her choices to have such a profound impact on the lives of others. Chris Seger, a marine serving in Afghanistan, also experiences the life-altering effects of a single, fateful step. These two individuals are connected in ways they could never have imagined.

A Devastating Loss

Meanwhile, the mother of another Afghan war veteran suffers a devastating loss that changes the course of her life. As a result of this tragedy, Finley, a mostly golden retriever, ends up alone and confused in a dog shelter. Little does he know that his life is about to take an unexpected turn.

A Second Chance

Finley is eventually brought to a local prison, where he becomes part of a special program for female inmates. Can this prison become the place where Finley finally finds freedom? As he is trained by the inmates, a bond begins to form between Finley and Amy, who is also serving time in the prison. Through their shared experiences, they discover the power of love, forgiveness, and second chances.

The Impact of a Rescue Dog

Rescuing Finley is a heartwarming story that highlights the transformative power of a rescue dog. Finley's presence in the lives of Amy, Chris, and the other characters is profound. As they navigate their own personal trials and tribulations, the bond they form with Finley serves as a source of hope and healing. Together, they embark on a journey of redemption that will change their lives forever.

About the Author and Publisher

Rescuing Finley is written by Dan Walsh, a talented writer known for his compelling storytelling. With his emotive narrative style, Walsh captures the essence of human emotions and the power of second chances. Tantor Audio, the publisher of the audiobook, delivers an exceptional listening experience, bringing the story to life through its expert narration.

Additional Info

Book Name: Rescuing Finley
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Dan Walsh
Narrators: Hillary Huber
Genres: Romance
Audiobook Length: 7H50M
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Language: English
Publish Date: 2017-03-14
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book 'Rescuing Finley' about?

Rescuing Finley is a story about a rescue dog named Finley who impacts the lives of three tragic individuals and ultimately leads them on a path to redemption and healing.

Who is the author of 'Rescuing Finley'?

The author of 'Rescuing Finley' is Dan Walsh.

What is the publishing company of 'Rescuing Finley'?

The publishing company of 'Rescuing Finley' is Tantor Audio.

What do readers think of 'Rescuing Finley'?

Readers have given 'Rescuing Finley' positive reviews, praising its ability to tackle important life issues and its heartwarming story. Many readers have mentioned being deeply moved by the story and have expressed their appreciation for the depiction of the bond between dogs and humans.

What type of readers would enjoy 'Rescuing Finley'?

'Rescuing Finley' would appeal to readers who enjoy stories about the impact of animals, specifically rescue dogs, on human lives. It is also recommended for those interested in themes such as redemption, healing, and the struggles faced by veterans and individuals with disabilities.

Is 'Rescuing Finley' a fictional story?

Yes, 'Rescuing Finley' is a fictional story.


10 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Sarah Thompson 30-Sep-2023

    Rescuing Finley is a heartwarming story that will tug at your heartstrings. I couldn't put it down!

  • Mi
    Michael Johnson 06-Oct-2023

    I absolutely loved Rescuing Finley. It's a beautiful story about friendship, love, and second chances.

  • Em
    Emily Davis 14-Oct-2023

    Rescuing Finley is a must-read for any dog lover. It's a touching tale of redemption and the bond between humans and animals.

  • Be
    Benjamin Carter 29-Oct-2023

    Dan Walsh has crafted a wonderful story in Rescuing Finley. It's a perfect blend of heartwarming moments and suspense.

  • Ol
    Olivia Adams 26-Nov-2023

    I was captivated from the first page of Rescuing Finley. The characters are so real and the story is incredibly moving.

  • Ja
    Jacob Miller 31-Dec-2023

    Rescuing Finley is an emotional rollercoaster that will leave you reaching for the tissues. Highly recommend!

  • So
    Sophia Wilson 11-Feb-2024

    I couldn't stop thinking about Rescuing Finley even after finishing it. It's a beautiful and touching story that will stay with you.

  • Th
    Thomas Thompson 25-Feb-2024

    Rescuing Finley is a heartwarming and uplifting story that reminds us of the power of compassion and forgiveness.

  • Li
    Lily Robinson 05-Apr-2024

    I fell in love with the characters in Rescuing Finley. It's an engaging and heartwarming read that I highly recommend.

  • Et
    Ethan Lewis 11-May-2024

    Rescuing Finley is a powerful story about second chances and the healing power of love. It's a must-read for animal lovers.

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