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Poise, Power & Pizzazz

Stan Muslow

Discover the power of effective communication with the audiobook 'Poise, Power & Pizzazz' written and narrated by Stan Munslow. In this comprehensive program, Munslow provides valuable insights, practical tips, and powerful techniques to help anyone in business become a confident and engaging speaker. From building confidence to creating impactful presentations, this audiobook covers it all. Don't let lackluster presentations hold you back - invest in your speaking skills and transform the way you communicate. Get your copy of 'Poise, Power & Pizzazz' today!

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Poise, Power & Pizzazz: A Must-Have Audiobook for Business Professionals

If you're in business and you give talks lacking in confidence, expertise, or charisma, then you're not persuading, you're not inspiring, you're not selling. The bottom line is, bad talks are bad for business, not to mention your own prospects for success.

Improve Your Speaking Skills with Poise, Power & Pizzazz

Are you tired of giving lackluster presentations that fail to captivate your audience? Do you wish you had the skills to deliver talks that leave a lasting impact on your listeners? Look no further than the audiobook Poise, Power & Pizzazz, written and narrated by the talented Stan Munslow.

Published by Listen & Live Audio, Inc., Poise, Power & Pizzazz is a comprehensive program that is packed with valuable information, inspiration, and guidance to help anyone in business become a confident and engaging speaker. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in your career, this audiobook will equip you with the skills, backbone, and stage-smarts you need to deliver talks and presentations that truly deliver.

Why You Need this Audiobook

While technical knowledge and expertise are important in the business world, the ability to communicate effectively is equally essential. No matter how brilliant your ideas or products are, if you cannot articulate them in a persuasive and engaging manner, you may struggle to win over clients, persuade investors, or inspire your team. This is where Poise, Power & Pizzazz comes in.

Stan Munslow, the author and narrator of this audiobook, is an expert in the field of public speaking. With years of experience under his belt, he understands the challenges that professionals face when it comes to delivering effective presentations. In Poise, Power & Pizzazz, Munslow shares his wealth of knowledge and provides practical tips and techniques to help you become a more confident and compelling speaker.

What You'll Learn

Poise, Power & Pizzazz covers a wide range of topics that are essential for developing your speaking skills. From overcoming stage fright to crafting impactful messages, Munslow guides you through each step of the journey. Here are some key areas that this audiobook explores:

1. Building Confidence:

One of the biggest barriers to effective public speaking is a lack of confidence. Munslow offers strategies to help you overcome your fears and build the confidence you need to command the stage.

2. Enhancing Charisma:

Charisma is a quality that can greatly enhance your speaking abilities. Munslow reveals techniques that will help you develop your unique charisma and captivate your audience.

3. Creating Impactful Presentations:

A captivating presentation can leave a lasting impression on your listeners. Munslow shares tips on structuring your message, using compelling visuals, and delivering your content in a way that truly resonates with your audience.

These are just a few examples of the valuable insights you'll gain from Poise, Power & Pizzazz. Whether you're preparing for a high-stakes business pitch or simply want to improve your everyday communication skills, this audiobook has something to offer.

Invest in Your Speaking Skills Today

Don't let lackluster presentations hold you back in your professional life. With Poise, Power & Pizzazz, you have the opportunity to transform the way you speak and present yourself. Take your business to new heights by investing in this audiobook, and discover the power of effective communication.

Remember, bad talks are bad for business. It's time to step up your speaking game and unleash your inner power and charisma. Get your copy of Poise, Power & Pizzazz today!

Additional Info

Book Name: Poise, Power & Pizzazz
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Stan Munslow
Narrators: Stan Muslow
Genres: Business & Careers
Audiobook Length: 43M
Publisher: Listen & Live Audio, Inc.
Language: English
Publish Date: 2008-09-26
Last Price: 12.15 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the title of the audio book?

The title of the audio book is Poise, Power & Pizzazz.

Who is the author of the audio book?

The author of the audio book is Stan Munslow.

Who is the publisher of the audio book?

The publisher of the audio book is Listen & Live Audio, Inc.

When was the audio book published?

The audio book was published in 2008.

Is the author also the narrator of the audio book?

Yes, the author, Stan Munslow, is the narrator of the audio book.

What does the audio book aim to provide?

The audio book aims to provide information, inspiration, and skills for giving talks and presentations in business.

Why are bad talks bad for business?

Bad talks are bad for business because they fail to persuade, inspire, and sell, negatively impacting success and prospects.

Who can benefit from listening to the audio book?

Anyone in business can benefit from listening to the audio book.


10 reviews for this audiobook
  • Em
    Emma Thompson 28-Oct-2023

    This audiobook is an absolute masterpiece! Stan Munslow's writing is full of poise, power, and pizzazz. It kept me captivated from start to finish.

  • Jo
    John Smith 01-Nov-2023

    Stan Munslow's writing in this audiobook is outstanding. The combination of poise, power, and pizzazz makes it a must-listen for anyone looking for an engaging experience.

  • Am
    Amy Johnson 07-Nov-2023

    If you're searching for an audiobook that oozes with poise, power, and pizzazz, then look no further. Stan Munslow has truly delivered with this masterpiece.

  • Mi
    Michael Anderson 28-Nov-2023

    This audiobook by Stan Munslow is a perfect blend of poise, power, and pizzazz. It's like a symphony for your ears that keeps you hooked throughout.

  • Em
    Emily Davis 06-Dec-2023

    Stan Munslow has a way with words in this audiobook. It's filled with poise, power, and pizzazz, making it an absolute delight to listen to.

  • Da
    Daniel Lopez 16-Dec-2023

    I was blown away by Stan Munslow's writing in this audiobook. It has such an incredible combination of poise, power, and pizzazz that keeps you engaged till the end.

  • Ol
    Olivia Adams 21-Jan-2024

    Listening to this audiobook by Stan Munslow is like being transported to a world of poise, power, and pizzazz. His writing style is simply captivating.

  • Ja
    Jacob Wilson 10-Mar-2024

    Stan Munslow's audiobook is a triumph of poise, power, and pizzazz. It's a wonderful choice for those looking for an engaging and entertaining listening experience.

  • So
    Sophia Moore 18-Mar-2024

    This audiobook is a true gem. Stan Munslow's writing is filled with poise, power, and pizzazz, making it an absolute joy to listen to.

  • Ma
    Matthew Thompson 11-May-2024

    If you want an audiobook that combines poise, power, and pizzazz, then this is the one for you. Stan Munslow's writing is top-notch and keeps you hooked.

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