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Office Boy in the Cafeteria

James Talbot

Join Rick Johnson on a captivating workplace adventure in James Talbot's audiobook, 'Office Boy in the Cafeteria.' Follow Rick as he explores new skills, engages in flirtatious encounters, and embarks on a steamy cooking lesson with a sexy Latin chef-in-training. Talbot's narration brings this thrilling story to life, keeping listeners captivated from start to finish. Written with passion and authenticity, 'Office Boy in the Cafeteria' is a must-listen for those craving a workplace tale filled with intrigue and passion.

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An Exciting Workplace Adventure

Are you ready to dive into an exhilarating story set in the workplace? Look no further than James Talbot's latest audiobook, Office Boy in the Cafeteria. This captivating tale revolves around Rick Johnson, the newest addition to Rigid Industries.

Meet Rick Johnson: The Charming Office Boy

Rick Johnson is a young, attractive, and preppy office boy who turns heads wherever he goes. With his boyish charm and striking blonde locks, he catches the attention of everyone, including his fellow colleagues.

A Surprising Learning Experience

Working at Rigid Industries, Rick finds himself venturing into uncharted territory. As the story progresses, he discovers hidden talents and learns new skills on the job. But what truly captures his interest is the alluring Latin chef-in-training he encounters in the cafeteria.

A Flirtatious Connection

Every day in the cafeteria, Rick engages in playful flirtation with the sexy chef-in-training. Their interactions become more intense as time passes, fueled by a mutual attraction. Little does Rick know that their connection will soon transcend the boundaries of the cafeteria.

A Steamy Cooking Lesson

One fateful night, the office boy's desire for cooking intertwines with his infatuation for the chef-in-training. When the Latin chef-in-training offers Rick a surprise cooking lesson, the kitchen becomes a heated space where two hot studs explore the art of mixing ingredients.

Author James Talbot's Captivating Style

James Talbot's narration of this sizzling workplace adventure keeps readers hooked from start to finish. With his vivid descriptions and the ability to create a palpable atmosphere, Talbot brings the story to life, leaving listeners captivated.

A Talented Author and Publisher

Author James Talbot not only wrote this steamy audiobook but also served as the publisher. Talbot's dedication to his craft shines through his work, ensuring that each moment of the story is delivered with passion and authenticity.


Office Boy in the Cafeteria takes listeners on a thrilling journey through the world of Rigid Industries. Join Rick Johnson as he navigates the complex dynamics of the office environment while discovering unanticipated passions in the most unexpected places. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be enthralled by this captivating audiobook.

Additional Info

Book Name: Office Boy in the Cafeteria
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: James Talbot
Narrators: James Talbot
Genres: Erotica
Audiobook Length: 30M
Publisher: James Talbot
Language: English
Publish Date: 2021-04-28
Last Price: 3.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the title of the book?

The title of the book is 'Office Boy in the Cafeteria'.

Who is the author of the book?

The book is written by James Talbot.

Who is the publisher of the book?

The book is published by James Talbot.

What is the genre of the book?

The genre of the book is not mentioned in the provided information.

What is the plot of the book?

The plot of the book revolves around the newest office boy, Rick Johnson, at Rigid Industries. He develops skills on the job and engages in a surprising cooking lesson with a sexy Latin chef-in-training in the cafeteria, leading to a heated kitchen encounter. The book is written by James Talbot.

What are some user reviews about the audiobook?

One user review states, 'Great book, kept my attention all the way to the end, amazing audio delivery, loved it. Will be reading again, every chapter was received amazingly do recommend you give it a read.'


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