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Mister Monday

Allan Corduner

Join Arthur Penhaligon on an extraordinary adventure as he discovers a key that changes his destiny. "Mister Monday" written by Garth Nix and published by Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd is a thrilling audiobook filled with suspense, mystery, and the battle between good and evil. Arthur must unravel the secrets of the key and overcome dangerous creatures from another realm. Immerse yourself in this captivating story brought to life by Bolinda's stellar audiobook production. Garth Nix's masterful storytelling will keep you on the edge of your seat, eager to uncover Arthur's true fate.

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Mister Monday: A Thrilling Audiobook Adventure

Are you ready for an adrenaline-pumping, heart-racing journey into a world where danger lurks at every corner? Look no further than the audiobook "Mister Monday" written by Garth Nix and published by Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd. This gripping tale follows the story of Arthur Penhaligon, an ordinary boy who finds himself thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

A Twist of Fate

Arthur is not your typical hero. In fact, he is destined to meet an untimely demise. However, everything changes when he is saved by a key – a key shaped like the minute hand of a clock. Suddenly, Arthur's life takes a dramatic turn.

An Unseen Threat

With the key comes a deadly plague, unleashed by bizarre creatures from a realm beyond our own. Leading the charge is Mister Monday and his menacing messengers, with their blood-stained wings. They will stop at nothing to retrieve the key, even if it means obliterating Arthur and everything he holds dear.

A House of Mysteries

In order to protect himself and uncover the secrets of the key, Arthur embarks on a perilous adventure. He discovers a mysterious house that no one else can see – a house that holds the answers to his true fate.

Immerse Yourself in Rich Narration

Bolinda brings this captivating story to life with their impeccable audiobook production. Lose yourself in the vivid descriptions, heart-pounding action, and spine-tingling suspense as you listen to Garth Nix's masterful storytelling.

About the Author

Garth Nix is a renowned writer known for his skill in crafting fantastical tales. With numerous awards and accolades under his belt, Nix has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the literary world.

Experience the Magic of "Mister Monday" Today

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with mystery, danger, and self-discovery? Dive into the world of "Mister Monday" and let the enchanting narration transport you to a realm like no other.

Additional Info

Book Name: Mister Monday
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Garth Nix
Narrators: Allan Corduner
Genres: Children's Audiobooks
Audiobook Length: 8H4M
Publisher: Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
Language: English
Publish Date: 2010-07-21
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book 'Mister Monday' about?

The book 'Mister Monday' is about a boy named Arthur Penhaligon who is saved by a key shaped like the minute hand of a clock. However, along with the key comes a plague brought by creatures from another realm. Arthur must unravel the secrets of the key and discover his true fate.

Who is the author of 'Mister Monday'?

The author of 'Mister Monday' is Garth Nix.

Who is the publisher of 'Mister Monday'?

The publisher of 'Mister Monday' is Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd.

What is the overall rating of the audible book 'Mister Monday'?

The reviews of 'Mister Monday' are very positive, with readers finding it enjoyable and praising the unique storyline and likeable hero characters.

What do readers say about 'Mister Monday'?

Readers say that 'Mister Monday' is fantastic and they loved the story. One reader mentioned hearing the book from the school library and finally tracked it down on this app. They found the story to be brilliant.


12 reviews for this audiobook
  • Jo
    John 27-Sep-2023

    Mister Monday is a fantastic audiobook! The story is captivating, and the narration really brings it to life. I couldn't stop listening and found myself fully immersed in the magical world created by Garth Nix. Highly recommend!

  • Sa
    Sarah 02-Oct-2023

    If you're looking for an audiobook that will transport you to another realm, look no further than Mister Monday. Garth Nix weaves a spellbinding tale filled with mystery and adventure. The narrator does an excellent job of portraying the different characters, making it a truly immersive experience. Thumbs up!

  • Mi
    Mike 10-Oct-2023

    I absolutely loved Mister Monday! The way Garth Nix blends fantasy and reality is masterful. The protagonist is relatable, and the supporting characters are intriguing. The audiobook kept me hooked from start to finish, and I can't wait to dive into the rest of the series!

  • Em
    Emily 19-Oct-2023

    Mister Monday is a rollercoaster ride of emotions! Garth Nix's writing is top-notch, and the audiobook edition does justice to the story. The narrator's voice is pleasing to the ear, and the pacing is just right. Highly recommended for fans of fantasy and adventure!

  • Da
    David 16-Nov-2023

    I stumbled upon Mister Monday by chance, and what a pleasant surprise it turned out to be! Garth Nix has created a unique world full of twists and turns. The audiobook is like a magical journey, with the narrator guiding you through every step. I was hooked from the very first chapter!

  • Sa
    Samantha 16-Dec-2023

    Mister Monday is a gem of an audiobook! Garth Nix's storytelling skills are exceptional, and the narration perfectly captures the essence of the characters. From start to finish, it's a thrilling adventure that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Don't miss out on this one!

  • Al
    Alex 15-Jan-2024

    Mister Monday is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys fantasy audiobooks. Garth Nix's imagination knows no bounds, and the world he has created in this series is simply mesmerizing. The audiobook brings every character to life, making it an unforgettable experience. I can't wait to continue with the rest of the series!

  • Li
    Lisa 29-Jan-2024

    Mister Monday is pure magic! Garth Nix's writing had me hooked from the start, and the audiobook takes it to another level. The narrator's voice is soothing, and the way they bring the characters to life is remarkable. It's a captivating story that will transport you to a whole new world.

  • Ma
    Mark 14-Feb-2024

    I couldn't put Mister Monday down, or rather, turn it off! Garth Nix's storytelling is addictive, and the audiobook is even better. The narrator's voice draws you in, and you'll find yourself completely engrossed in the enchanting tale. Highly recommend for fans of fantasy!

  • La
    Laura 23-Feb-2024

    Mister Monday is an audiobook that will leave you craving for more. Garth Nix has created a richly imagined world full of secrets and surprises. The narrator's voice is like music to the ears, making the whole experience truly magical. I can't recommend it enough!

  • Da
    Daniel 24-Mar-2024

    Mister Monday is a true masterpiece! Garth Nix's writing is full of depth, and the audiobook presentation adds another layer to the story. The narrator's voice is captivating, and they breathe life into each character. It's a thrilling adventure that will keep you hooked till the very end.

  • Em
    Emily 26-Apr-2024

    Mister Monday is an audiobook you don't want to miss. Garth Nix's storytelling is extraordinary, and the world he has created is nothing short of fascinating. The narrator's voice is like honey, and they effortlessly transport you into the story. Grab a copy and get ready for an amazing journey!

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