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Make Your Art No Matter What

Beth Pickens

Discover 'Make Your Art No Matter What,' a handbook for artists by Beth Pickens. This comprehensive guide offers practical advice and strategies for overcoming obstacles and maintaining a meaningful artistic practice. It's a must-read for artists of all disciplines, providing both encouragement and professional insights. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting on your creative journey, this book will inspire you to overcome challenges and make your art, no matter what.

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A Creative Journey

Being an artist is not just a hobby or a profession, it's a way of life. When we create art, we express ourselves, connect with others, and bring beauty into the world. But sometimes, life can get in the way of our creative pursuits. Whether it's financial struggles, self-doubt, or time constraints, every artist faces obstacles that threaten to dampen their creative spirit.

Overcoming Obstacles

In her inspiring and practical book, 'Make Your Art No Matter What,' renowned creative counselor Beth Pickens offers valuable advice for artists on how to navigate the challenges and distractions that come their way. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Pickens provides a roadmap for artists to develop a meaningful and sustainable artistic practice.

Embracing the Inevitable

Life is unpredictable, and there will always be times when making art feels difficult or impossible. Pickens acknowledges these struggles and offers strategies to overcome them. Whether it's finding the time and space to create, dealing with financial constraints, or managing anxiety and fear, this book is a comprehensive guide to facing the inevitable obstacles all artists encounter.

Professional Advice

Beth Pickens is not just a writer but an experienced arts advocate who understands the unique challenges faced by artists. She has spent years advising artists on various aspects of their creative journey, from financial planning to coping with the emotional toll of the creative process. In 'Make Your Art No Matter What,' she shares her wisdom and expertise, providing practical solutions to common artistic dilemmas.

Practical and Positive

This book is not just a guide to overcoming obstacles; it is also a source of encouragement and motivation. Pickens reminds artists that their work matters and that they are not alone in their struggles. She offers a supportive and positive perspective, reminding artists of the importance of their creative contributions and urging them to persevere in their artistic endeavors.

Timeless Wisdom

Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting on your creative journey, 'Make Your Art No Matter What' has something to offer. From practical tips on managing finances and marketing yourself to addressing deeper emotional challenges, Pickens covers a wide range of topics relevant to artists of all disciplines. This book is a timeless resource that artists can turn to again and again for guidance and inspiration.

Perfect for Artists of All Mediums

'Make Your Art No Matter What' is not limited to a specific artistic medium. It is a book for visual artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, and all creatives who want to overcome obstacles and unleash their artistic potential. Whether you're a recent art school graduate or an established professional, this book will provide valuable insights and strategies to support your creative journey.

A Must-Read for Creative Souls

Published by Chronicle Books and written by Beth Pickens, 'Make Your Art No Matter What' is an essential read for any artist seeking guidance and inspiration. It is a book that will motivate and empower artists to overcome obstacles, embrace their creative potential, and make their art no matter what.

Additional Info

Book Name: Make Your Art No Matter What
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Beth Pickens
Narrators: Beth Pickens
Genres: Arts & Entertainment
Audiobook Length: 5H31M
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Language: English
Publish Date: 2021-04-06
Last Price: 13.25 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Why is it important for artists to make their art?

Making art is essential for artists because it enhances their quality of life. If an artist stops creating, they may experience a diminished sense of purpose and fulfillment.

What does the book offer in terms of practical advice?

The book offers practical advice for artists in various areas such as time management, financial strategy, decision making, coping with isolation, fear, and anxiety.

Who is Beth Pickens?

Beth Pickens is an experienced and passionate arts advocate who has extensive insight into working through creative obstacles. She has spent the last decade advising artists on various aspects of their artistic practice.

What makes this book an invaluable resource?

This book is an invaluable resource because it provides strategies for building a successful creative practice. It covers topics ranging from mixing business and friendship to marketing oneself on social media.

What is the tone of the book?

The book is written in a conversational style, using an informal tone and personal pronouns. It engages the reader and keeps the content simple and accessible.


9 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Sarah Johnson 21-Oct-2023

    This audiobook is a must-listen for any artist who has ever felt discouraged. Beth Pickens truly understands the struggles and challenges that artists face, and she offers practical advice and encouragement to keep going. I highly recommend it!

  • Ja
    Jake Smith 27-Oct-2023

    Make Your Art No Matter What is like having a personal cheerleader in your ear. Beth Pickens' words are motivating and inspiring, and she reminds you that your art is important and worth pursuing. A must-have for any creative!

  • Em
    Emily Davis 10-Nov-2023

    Beth Pickens' audiobook is a fantastic resource for artists of all kinds. She provides valuable insights and practical tips on how to navigate self-doubt, rejection, and the ups and downs of the artistic journey. Highly recommended!

  • Da
    Daniel Thompson 25-Nov-2023

    I can't recommend this audiobook enough. Make Your Art No Matter What is filled with wisdom, encouragement, and empowering advice for artists. It's like having a supportive mentor by your side, guiding you through the tough times.

  • Em
    Emma Roberts 29-Nov-2023

    Beth Pickens has a way of speaking directly to your artistic soul. Her audiobook is both inspiring and validating, making you feel seen and understood. If you're an artist in need of a boost, this is the audiobook for you.

  • Mi
    Michael Adams 09-Dec-2023

    Make Your Art No Matter What is a game-changer for artists. Beth Pickens offers a fresh perspective on the challenges we face and provides practical strategies to overcome them. This audiobook is a must for anyone serious about their artistic practice.

  • Ol
    Olivia Moore 27-Dec-2023

    Beth Pickens' voice is so soothing and encouraging. Listening to her audiobook feels like having a supportive friend cheering you on. If you're struggling with self-doubt or feeling stuck in your creative journey, this audiobook is a game-changer.

  • Ja
    James Wilson 07-Feb-2024

    Make Your Art No Matter What is a treasure trove of wisdom for artists. Beth Pickens' insights and advice are practical, relatable, and delivered with warmth and empathy. This audiobook is a must-have for every artist's toolkit.

  • So
    Sophie Taylor 18-Mar-2024

    Listening to Make Your Art No Matter What is like having a pep talk specifically tailored to artists. Beth Pickens' words are full of encouragement and practical guidance, and you'll come away feeling inspired and ready to create.

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