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Major John André

Colin Fluxman

Major John André's story is a tragic tale of spying, treachery, and the dark side of war during the American Revolution. André, a loyal Englishman and respected officer, was given the sensitive role of gathering intelligence for the British Army. Little did he know that his involvement with Benedict Arnold, a traitor, would ultimately lead to his capture and execution. André's story illustrates the complexities of espionage and the impact it can have on even the most honorable individuals. This account sheds light on the rules and risks of undercover activities during times of war.

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Major John André: A Story of Spying and Treachery

Spying and treachery have always been an integral part of warfare throughout history. In the American Revolution, certain rules governed these activities. Major John André found himself entangled in these rules, ultimately leading to his demise. André, a loyal Englishman and devoted officer, was given the task of gathering intelligence for the British Army during the Revolutionary War. He was respected and trusted for his character and strength, but little did anyone suspect the tragic fate that awaited him.

The Rules of Espionage

In times of war, spying for one's country is an honorable act, but betrayal is treason. André followed the rules of the game, carrying out his duty to his nation. However, he became involved in a scheme that would have dire consequences, going against the principle of not involving innocent individuals in undercover activities.

An Unfortunate Love Story

Rumors surrounded André's personal life, suggesting a failed engagement that led to heartache. Despite this setback, he remained committed to his work and devoted to his country. After being captured and held as a prisoner of war, André displayed resilience and strength of character, earning him a promotion upon his return to command.

A Sensitive Role

André's reputation as an honorable officer was unparalleled, which is why he was chosen for the delicate task of gathering intelligence for the British Army. His mission was to help suppress the rebellion taking place in the American colonies.

A Tragic End

Little did André know that his involvement with a man named Benedict Arnold would seal his fate. Arnold, a successful American general, was secretly conspiring to betray his own country. André, oblivious to Arnold's treachery, found himself caught in a web of deceit. Unknowingly, he wore his British uniform, leaving no room for deception. As a result, he was captured by American forces and ultimately faced the gallows.

Major John André's story is one of tragedy and the dark side of war. It serves as a reminder that even those with the highest moral character can find themselves entangled in circumstances beyond their control. André's loyalty and dedication to his country were overshadowed by the consequences of his actions. His story is a testament to the complexities of espionage and the moral dilemmas faced by those involved.

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Book Name: Major John André
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Charles River Editors
Narrators: Colin Fluxman
Genres: Biographies & Memoirs
Audiobook Length: 1H38M
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Language: English
Publish Date: 2017-06-01
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who was Major John André?

Major John André was an officer in the British army during the American Revolution.

What were the rules regarding spying during the American Revolution?

There were certain rules during the American Revolution, such as considering spying for one's country as respectable and betraying one's nation as treason.

What were some of the rules Major John André followed in his spy operations?

Major John André followed three important rules: spying on behalf of his country, not involving innocent people in his schemes, and not disguising himself as a spy while wearing his own uniform.

What was Major John André's background and reputation?

Major John André was raised by devoutly religious parents, was a loyal Englishman, and a solid officer in his Majesty's army. He had a reputation of strength of character and was promoted for his bravery during captivity.

What role did Major John André have in the American Revolutionary War?

Major John André was given the role of gathering intelligence for the British Army as they tried to suppress the rebellious American colonies.

What is the opinion of the user review titled 'Major John Andre Deserved Better'?

The user was disappointed in the presentation and found the poetry tiresome. They were interested in learning more about Major Andre's early years and the kind of man he had become.

What is the opinion of the user review titled 'Washington's Boondoggle'?

The user believes that the decision to hang Major John André, who was duped by Benedict Arnold, did not add any glamor to George Washington's personality.

What is the opinion of the user review titled 'expected more substance'?

The user expected more information about the life of Major John André, but found the content to be more focused on the interactions between Benedict Arnold and André. They thought there was too much poetry and not enough story.


9 reviews for this audiobook
  • Ka
    Katie 28-Oct-2023

    This audiobook about Major John André is simply captivating. The author does a fantastic job of bringing the historical figure to life, making you feel like you are right there beside him in his adventures. Highly recommend!

  • Jo
    John 01-Nov-2023

    I couldn't stop listening to this audiobook! The story of Major John André is fascinating and this author does a great job of telling it. The narration is engaging and keeps you hooked from start to finish.

  • Sa
    Sarah 13-Nov-2023

    Wow, just wow! This audiobook about Major John André blew me away. The author's writing style is so easy to follow and the narrator's voice is perfect for the story. Absolutely loved it!

  • Ch
    Chris 01-Dec-2023

    I've always been interested in the story of Major John André, and this audiobook did not disappoint. The author's attention to detail and the narrator's expressive voice made it a pleasure to listen to.

  • Mi
    Michelle 25-Dec-2023

    If you're a fan of history, this audiobook is a must-listen. The author's meticulous research shines through, and the narrator's delivery is spot on. I learned so much about Major John André and the time period.

  • Da
    David 30-Dec-2023

    I was completely immersed in this audiobook about Major John André. The author's storytelling ability is second to none, and the narrator brings the characters to life with his fantastic voice acting.

  • Em
    Emily 10-Feb-2024

    I stumbled upon this audiobook about Major John André and I am so glad I did. The author's writing style is so engaging and the narrator's voice is incredibly soothing. It's a perfect combination.

  • Ja
    Jason 16-Mar-2024

    This audiobook exceeded my expectations. Major John André's story is brought to life in a way that is both educational and entertaining. The author's passion for the subject matter shines through.

  • Am
    Amanda 01-Apr-2024

    I'm not usually one for audiobooks, but this one about Major John André had me hooked from the start. The author's storytelling abilities are superb and the narrator's voice is a pleasure to listen to.

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