Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little Audiobook Cover

Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little

Mark Dainer

Experience a hot and steamy ageplay romance in <em>Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little</em>. Lisa finds salvation in the arms of Ethan, her guardian angel. But as their love deepens, they are confronted with the chaos of Ethan's tainted legacy. Can Lisa protect their love or will she be consumed by the enemy's rage? This short and sexy audiobook combines elements of DDLG, suspense, and a happily ever after that will leave you cheering. Written by Mary Potter and published by SSPATEL Publishing, this audiobook is a must-listen for fans of romance and erotic fiction.

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Audiobook: Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little

He is her rescuer...she's the reason he wants to love forever...

Lisa. This stranger has come to save my life—not once or twice. He’s my guardian angel. He’s the secret I must keep from the world. But the man I must love forever. Yet he’s got a legacy that’s tainted. And it pulls me into a moment of chaos. Ethan has brought me redemption, but is he going to bring my ruin too?

Ethan. I have found the one my heart beats for.

I have found salvation in her arms. The truth is that I’ll always protect her. And that I did, even from me. But she is caught in the web of my lies. And consumed by an enemy’s rage. Lisa is everything I want. But can I give her everything in turn?

Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little is a hot, short, sexy ageplay romance featuring two consenting adults who are the perfect match for each other. It includes some DDLG elements, some moments of suspense, lots of lust and love, and a happily ever after you can root for.

Meet the Author - Mary Potter

Mary Potter is a talented writer who will captivate you with her words. She has a way of bringing characters to life and creating stories that will keep you hooked until the very last page. Her ability to explore complex emotions and relationships will leave you wanting more.

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Additional Info

Book Name: Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Mary Potter
Narrators: Mark Dainer
Genres: Erotica
Audiobook Length: 1H3M
Publisher: SSPATEL Publishing
Language: English
Publish Date: 2022-06-01
Last Price: 6.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the genre of the book?

The genre of the book is mafia romance with ageplay elements.

Who is the main character in the story?

The main characters are Lisa and Ethan.

What is the plot of the book?

The story revolves around Lisa and Ethan, where Ethan is portrayed as Lisa's guardian angel and the man she must love forever. However, there is a legacy that taints Ethan's reputation and threatens to bring ruin to Lisa's life. The book explores their intense relationship, filled with moments of chaos, redemption, and lies.

What are the elements of the book?

The book includes elements of mafia romance, ageplay, suspense, lust, and love.

Is the book a standalone or part of a series?

It is unclear whether the book is a standalone or part of a series.

What is the publisher of the book?

The publisher of the book is SSPATEL Publishing.

Who is the writer of the book?

The writer of the book is Mary Potter.

Are there any positive reviews of the audiobook?

Yes, there are positive reviews praising the storyline, narration, and the narrator's voice.

Are there any negative reviews of the audiobook?

Yes, there is a negative review stating that the book felt contrived and not special enough to continue the series.

What are the different genres of littles books mentioned in a review?

The different genres of littles books mentioned in a review are not specified.


11 reviews for this audiobook
  • Ja
    Jane Smith 29-Sep-2023

    I was captivated from start to finish! The storyline was intense and kept me on the edge of my seat. Mary Potter did an amazing job crafting this book.

  • Jo
    John Johnson 01-Oct-2023

    Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little is a thrilling audiobook that will leave you hooked. Mary Potter weaves a tale of danger, love, and secrets that will keep you guessing till the end.

  • Em
    Emily Brown 11-Oct-2023

    Once I started listening to Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little, I couldn't stop. Mary Potter's writing style is addictive and the characters are so well-developed. It felt like I was right there in the story.

  • Da
    David Wilson 14-Oct-2023

    I've read a lot of mafia romance novels, but Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little stands out. Mary Potter creates a unique and captivating world within these pages. Prepare yourself for a wild ride!

  • Sa
    Sarah Thompson 07-Nov-2023

    If you're looking for a steamy and suspenseful audiobook, look no further. Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little has it all. Mary Potter knows how to keep her readers engaged and invested in the story.

  • Mi
    Michael Davis 12-Nov-2023

    I'm a huge fan of Mary Potter's storytelling, and Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little did not disappoint. The chemistry between the characters is off the charts, and the plot twists kept me hooked until the end.

  • Ol
    Olivia Wilson 30-Nov-2023

    Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little took me on an emotional rollercoaster. Mary Potter's writing made me feel like I was part of the story, experiencing every high and low with the characters.

  • Ja
    James Anderson 14-Dec-2023

    I couldn't put this audiobook down! Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little had me hooked right from the first chapter. Mary Potter has a knack for creating irresistible alpha males and strong heroines.

  • Je
    Jessica Garcia 08-Feb-2024

    Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little is a hot and thrilling listen. Mary Potter's descriptive writing style brings the story to life and keeps you engaged from beginning to end.

  • Da
    Daniel Martinez 24-Mar-2024

    I loved every minute of this audiobook. Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little is a perfect blend of romance, suspense, and passion. Mary Potter knows how to keep her readers entertained.

  • Sa
    Samantha Adams 03-Apr-2024

    Mary Potter's Mafia Daddy's Seductive Little is addictive. The characters are complex, and their chemistry leaps off the pages. If you're a fan of mafia romances, this one is a must-read.

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