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Leonardo and the Last Supper

Mark Meadows

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Leonardo and the Last Supper: A Masterpiece of Genius


The Background Story

\n\nEarly in 1495, a talented artist named Leonardo da Vinci began working on what would become one of the most influential and beloved works of art in history - The Last Supper. Leonardo had spent the last twelve years of his life serving at the court of Lodovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan. However, personally and professionally, he was experiencing a low point. At the age of 43, Leonardo had failed to fulfill his incredible promise, despite receiving prestigious commissions.\n\nOne of his major setbacks was the failure to complete a giant bronze horse sculpture to honor Sforza's father. The bronze intended for the sculpture was seized and used to make cannons for repelling a French invasion of Italy. Given this disappointment, the commission to paint The Last Supper in the refectory of a Dominican convent was a small consolation. However, the odds were against Leonardo. Not only was he inexperienced in painting on such a large scale, but he also had no prior experience with fresco painting, a challenging technique.\n\n

The Creation of a Masterpiece

\n\nIn Ross King's captivating book, he delves into how Leonardo managed to create a masterpiece amidst the political and religious turmoil of the times, as well as his own personal insecurities and frustrations. King reveals numerous fascinating stories that are hidden within the painting.\n\nKing suggests that Leonardo may have used himself as a model for two of the Apostles, adding a unique twist to the painting. Additionally, through an exploration of Leonardo's religious beliefs, King presents a more nuanced picture of the artist, dispelling the notion that Leonardo was solely a heretic. Even the food that Leonardo placed on the table in the painting, reflective of his vegetarian lifestyle, holds significance. Each hand gesture of the figures depicted at Christ's banquet unveils meaningful details about the artwork.\n\nIt's important to note that many myths surrounding The Last Supper are debunked by King's research, making the true story even more intriguing. Through his book, Ross King brings to life the fascinating period of European history and offers readers a fresh understanding of Leonardo da Vinci's genius, as seen through the lens of his most famous creation, The Last Supper.\n\n

Audible Studios for Bloomsbury: Your Gateway to Leonardo's Masterpiece

\n\nAudible Studios, in partnership with Bloomsbury, offers you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Ross King's illuminating account of Leonardo and The Last Supper. With a dynamic and captivating narration, you can experience the details of Leonardo's creation brought to life by this well-crafted audiobook. Enjoy the convenient format of an audiobook as you discover the true story behind the iconic painting and gain insights into Leonardo's genius.\n\n


\n\nRoss King's "Leonardo and the Last Supper" explores the creation of one of history's most famous works of art amidst the turmoil of war and personal setbacks. With meticulous research, King unveils hidden stories within The Last Supper and challenges common misconceptions. Through an exploration of the models, the food, and the gestures depicted, King provides a fresh perspective on Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece. Audible Studios for Bloomsbury presents this audiobook, offering a compelling narration to bring the details of Leonardo's creation to life. Discover the true genius of Leonardo da Vinci through the captivating and informative pages of this book.

Additional Info

Book Name: Leonardo and the Last Supper
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Ross King
Narrators: Mark Meadows
Genres: Arts & Entertainment
Audiobook Length: 11H18M
Publisher: Audible Studios for Bloomsbury
Language: English
Publish Date: 2014-10-22
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

When did Leonardo da Vinci start working on The Last Supper?

Early in 1495.

Where did Leonardo da Vinci work on The Last Supper?

Leonardo da Vinci worked on The Last Supper in Milan.

What is The Last Supper?

The Last Supper is one of history's most influential and beloved works of art.

Why was Leonardo da Vinci at a low point personally and professionally?

Leonardo da Vinci had failed to complete anything that truly fulfilled his promise and his latest failure was a giant bronze horse for Lodovico Sforza's father.

What were the odds of Leonardo da Vinci completing The Last Supper?

The odds of Leonardo da Vinci completing The Last Supper were not promising as he had never worked on a painting of such a large size and had no experience in fresco medium.

Who did Leonardo da Vinci model the Apostles on?

Leonardo da Vinci modeled two of the Apostles on himself.

What can be learned from the food Leonardo da Vinci placed on the table in The Last Supper?

The food placed on the table in The Last Supper reveals as much as the hand gestures of those at Christ's banquet and reflects Leonardo's vegetarianism.

What are some misconceptions about The Last Supper?

Many of the myths that have grown up around The Last Supper are wrong.

What period in European history does Ross King bring to life in his book?

Ross King brings to life a fascinating period in European history.

Who is the author of the book 'Leonardo and the Last Supper'?

The author of the book 'Leonardo and the Last Supper' is Ross King.


11 reviews for this audiobook
  • Em
    Emma 25-Oct-2023

    This audiobook is an absolute masterpiece! Ross King does an amazing job in bringing Leonardo da Vinci and his iconic masterpiece, The Last Supper, to life. The way he describes the historical background, the artistic techniques, and the hidden meanings behind every detail is truly captivating. Highly recommended!

  • Be
    Ben 28-Oct-2023

    As a fan of Leonardo da Vinci, I was eagerly looking forward to this audiobook, and it didn't disappoint. Ross King's storytelling is engaging and informative. He dives deep into the life of Leonardo and his creative process, providing a fascinating insight into one of the greatest artists in history. Loved every minute of it!

  • So
    Sophie 05-Nov-2023

    Ross King's exploration of Leonardo da Vinci's painting, The Last Supper, is nothing short of brilliant. The way he merges art history, cultural context, and Leonardo's own life story is remarkable. This audiobook is a must-listen for anyone interested in art, history, or simply appreciating the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. Bravo!

  • Ja
    Jake 11-Nov-2023

    I have always been fascinated by The Last Supper, and this audiobook helped me understand it on a whole new level. Ross King's attention to detail and his ability to unravel the mysteries behind this iconic painting is commendable. Listening to this audiobook felt like being taken on a journey through time and art.

  • Ol
    Olivia 27-Nov-2023

    Ross King's narrative style is incredibly engaging. He effortlessly combines historical facts, anecdotes, and analysis, making this audiobook a true delight for art enthusiasts. I could practically visualize The Last Supper as he walked me through each brushstroke and symbolism. A truly immersive experience!

  • Li
    Liam 01-Jan-2024

    If you've ever wondered what makes The Last Supper so special, this audiobook has all the answers. Ross King dives into the cultural, religious, and artistic context of Leonardo's masterpiece, providing a comprehensive and enlightening exploration. I was truly amazed by the amount of knowledge packed into this audiobook.

  • Mi
    Mia 12-Feb-2024

    Ross King has a knack for making art history accessible and exciting. In Leonardo and the Last Supper, he delves into the life of da Vinci and his creative process, shedding light on the intricacies of The Last Supper. This audiobook is a gem for both art lovers and history buffs.

  • No
    Noah 19-Feb-2024

    Leonardo and the Last Supper is a fascinating exploration of one of the most renowned paintings in history. Ross King's deep understanding of Leonardo's techniques and symbolism makes this audiobook a true masterpiece. I couldn't get enough of it!

  • Is
    Isabella 06-Mar-2024

    As an art student, I found this audiobook to be an invaluable resource. Ross King's in-depth analysis of The Last Supper, combined with his ability to explain complex art concepts in a clear and concise manner, has greatly enhanced my understanding and appreciation of Leonardo da Vinci's genius.

  • Ja
    James 29-Apr-2024

    Ross King's storytelling abilities are truly remarkable. In Leonardo and the Last Supper, he not only brings Leonardo da Vinci to life but also provides a captivating account of the historical and cultural context surrounding The Last Supper. I was completely engrossed in this audiobook from start to finish.

  • Em
    Emily 09-May-2024

    Leonardo and the Last Supper is a feast for the mind. Ross King's vivid descriptions and meticulous research make this audiobook an immersive experience. It felt like I was witnessing Leonardo da Vinci at work and unraveling the secrets of The Last Supper alongside him. Highly recommended!

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