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King of the Dead

Jeremy Arthur

'King of the Dead' is a thrilling and captivating audiobook written by R. A. MacAvoy. This enthralling story follows the journey of diminutive philosopher Nazhuret and his partner Arlin as they navigate a treacherous kingdom filled with danger and ancient blood. With its seamless blend of fantasy, adventure, and mystery, this audiobook offers a truly immersive experience that will keep listeners gripped until the very end.

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The Captivating Story of 'King of the Dead'

Have you ever imagined embarking on a thrilling adventure with paid assassins lurking in the shadows? 'King of the Dead' is an enthralling audiobook written by acclaimed author R. A. MacAvoy and published by Audible Studios. With its gripping narrative and masterful storytelling, this audiobook takes listeners on an unforgettable journey through the ancient kingdom of Rezhmia.

An Unlikely Hero

The story revolves around a diminutive philosopher named Nazhuret who, despite his small stature, possesses wisdom beyond measure. When Nazhuret and his courageous partner, Arlin, find themselves under attack by paid assassins, their world is turned upside down. Determined to unravel the truth behind the attacks, they make a daring decision to venture into Rezhmia.

A Fearsome Kingdom and Ancient Blood

Rezhmia, the neighboring kingdom, is known for its ferocity and dark secrets. As Nazhuret discovers, he has a deep connection to this fearsome land due to his ancient bloodline. Guided by their instincts, Nazhuret and Arlin embark on a treacherous journey to uncover the mysteries of Rezhmia and confront the dangerous forces that lurk within its borders.

A Tale of Intrigue and Danger

'King of the Dead' is a thrilling blend of intrigue, danger, and ancient lore. As the audacious duo navigates through Rezhmia, they encounter enigmatic characters, face life-threatening challenges, and uncover shocking revelations about their own identities. With every chapter, the plot thickens, leaving listeners on the edge of their seats, craving more.

An Audiobook That Transports You

R. A. MacAvoy's impeccable writing skills transport listeners into the heart of the story. Through vivid descriptions and captivating dialogue, the world of 'King of the Dead' comes alive. As you dive deeper into the narrative, you'll find yourself engrossed in the characters' emotions, their triumphs, and their heart-wrenching struggles.

Experience the Magic of 'King of the Dead'

If you're seeking an audiobook that captivates your imagination and keeps you hooked from start to finish, 'King of the Dead' is the perfect choice. With its seamless blend of fantasy, adventure, and mystery, this audiobook offers a truly immersive experience. Prepare to be swept away into a world of ancient bloodlines, hidden truths, and a hero's epic journey.

Immerse yourself in R. A. MacAvoy's 'King of the Dead' today and join Nazhuret and Arlin on their perilous quest to uncover the secrets of Rezhmia!

Additional Info

Book Name: King of the Dead
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: R. A. MacAvoy
Narrators: Jeremy Arthur
Genres: Literature & Fiction
Audiobook Length: 9H33M
Publisher: Audible Studios
Language: English
Publish Date: 2012-10-01
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the title of the book?

King of the Dead

Who is the author of the book?

R. A. MacAvoy

Who is the publisher of the book?

Audible Studios

What is the genre of the book?


What is the rating of the book?

3.5 stars

What is the previous book in the series?

Lens of the World

What is the trilogy called?

Lens of the World

Who is the protagonist of the book?


What is Nazhuret's occupation?


Who is Nazhuret's companion?


What is the setting of the book?


What is Nazhuret's connection to Rezhmia?

Tied by ancient blood

What happens to Nazhuret and Arlin at the beginning of the book?

They are attacked by paid assassins

Why do Nazhuret and Arlin go to Rezhmia?

To stay out of the way of the current duke

What skills do Nazhuret and Arlin possess?

Special skills, wits, education, and family ties

What is the writing style of the book?

Lovely and absorbing

How long is the audio version of the book?

9.5 hours

Who narrates the audio version of the book?

Jeremy Arthur

Is the audio version recommended?


What is the opinion on the narration of the audio version?



10 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Sarah Johnson 19-Oct-2023

    King of the Dead is an absolutely captivating audiobook that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. R. A. MacAvoy's brilliant storytelling skills shine through, and the narrator does an excellent job bringing the characters to life. Highly recommended!

  • Al
    Alex Thompson 24-Oct-2023

    I couldn't put this audiobook down! The complex plot and well-developed characters had me hooked from the first chapter. R. A. MacAvoy has crafted a masterpiece, and the narrator's performance only adds to the overall experience. A must-listen!

  • Em
    Emily Rodriguez 05-Nov-2023

    King of the Dead takes you on a thrilling journey through a mysterious and enchanting world. R. A. MacAvoy's vivid descriptions and engaging storytelling transport you right into the heart of the story. The narrator's voice is perfect for this dark and atmospheric tale. Loved every minute of it!

  • Mi
    Michael Carter 08-Nov-2023

    I was completely entranced by King of the Dead. The author's rich imagination and attention to detail create a vivid and immersive listening experience. The narrator's voice captures the essence of each character, making them come alive in your mind. Highly recommend giving this audiobook a try!

  • Ha
    Hannah Lee 20-Nov-2023

    King of the Dead is an epic fantasy audiobook that will transport you to another world. R. A. MacAvoy's impeccable writing and the narrator's exceptional performance make for an unforgettable experience. I found myself unable to stop listening, eagerly waiting to see what happens next. A fantastic adventure!

  • Jo
    Joshua Parker 25-Nov-2023

    This audiobook is a hidden gem! R. A. MacAvoy's storytelling is spellbinding, weaving together a tale of magic, mystery, and adventure. The narrator's voice brings the characters to life in a way that keeps you engaged throughout. Prepare to be whisked away into a captivating world!

  • So
    Sophia Bennett 25-Dec-2023

    I was completely absorbed in the world of King of the Dead. R. A. MacAvoy's writing style is unique and captivating, and the narrator's performance is flawless. The characters are well-developed, and the plot is filled with twists and turns that keep you guessing. Don't miss out on this amazing audiobook!

  • Da
    David Anderson 05-Feb-2024

    King of the Dead is a thrilling audiobook that will keep you hooked until the very end. R. A. MacAvoy's descriptive writing and the narrator's fantastic delivery make for a truly immersive experience. If you're a fan of fantasy and adventure, this is a must-listen!

  • Em
    Emma Wilson 08-Mar-2024

    I couldn't get enough of King of the Dead! R. A. MacAvoy's world-building is incredible, and the story is full of magic and intrigue. The narrator's performance is top-notch, bringing the characters and their emotions to life. Grab a copy of this audiobook and prepare for an extraordinary journey!

  • Da
    Daniel Moore 26-Mar-2024

    King of the Dead is a phenomenal audiobook that will transport you to a world of fantasy and adventure. R. A. MacAvoy's storytelling is masterful, and the narrator's voice is perfect for the various characters. The plot is gripping, and you'll find yourself rooting for the protagonists. Highly recommended!

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