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How Healing Works

Ray Porter

Discover a revolutionary approach to health and wellness in the audiobook "How Healing Works" by Wayne Jonas MD. Drawing on decades of experience and research, Dr. Jonas reveals how our bodies have the incredible ability to heal themselves. By understanding the biology of healing and embracing the mind-body connection, we can activate our own healing process and achieve lasting wellness. Through inspiring personal stories and practical advice, Dr. Jonas empowers listeners to take control of their health. This groundbreaking book challenges the traditional model of health care and offers a proactive, holistic approach to well-being. Published by Audible Studios, "How Healing Works" is an essential resource for anyone interested in the power of healing.

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How Healing Works: A Revolutionary Approach to Health and Wellness


Have you ever wondered how the body has the incredible ability to heal itself? In the audiobook "How Healing Works", written by Wayne Jonas MD, a renowned expert in integrative medicine, the biology of healing is explored in depth. Drawing on over 40 years of research and patient care, Dr. Jonas reveals the secrets behind the mind-body connection and other natural processes that contribute to our ability to heal. This groundbreaking book offers a revolutionary new approach to injury, illness, and wellness that will change the way we think about health care.

The Science of Healing

Dr. Jonas presents compelling evidence that 80 percent of healing is initiated and driven by our own bodies. This means that the majority of the healing process occurs naturally, without any medical intervention. The mind-body connection plays a crucial role in this process, with our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs influencing our physical well-being. By understanding the biology of healing, we can tap into our innate ability to heal and promote lasting wellness.

Activating the Healing Process

One of the key insights offered by Dr. Jonas is that we have the power to activate our own healing process. By adopting certain practices and behaviors, we can create an optimal environment for healing to occur. This includes making lifestyle changes, such as improving our diet, getting regular exercise, managing stress, and fostering positive relationships. Dr. Jonas also explores the role of complementary and alternative therapies, such as acupuncture, meditation, and herbal remedies, in supporting the healing process.

Personal Stories of Healing

Throughout the audiobook, Dr. Jonas shares inspiring stories from his own practice and studies, illustrating how his method for helping people get well and stay well has transformed lives. These stories serve as powerful examples of the effectiveness of his approach and provide hope and encouragement to listeners facing their own health challenges. Dr. Jonas's compassionate and personalized approach to care empowers individuals to take control of their own recovery and achieve lasting wellness.

A New Approach to Health Care

By understanding how healing works and taking an active role in our own health, we can fundamentally change the way we consume health care. Dr. Jonas challenges the traditional model of reactive, symptom-based medicine and advocates for a more proactive, holistic approach. This shift in mindset allows us to see health not as the absence of disease, but as a dynamic state of well-being that can be cultivated and maintained.


In "How Healing Works", Dr. Wayne Jonas presents a groundbreaking perspective on health and wellness. Drawing on his extensive research and clinical experience, Dr. Jonas reveals the power of the mind-body connection and other natural processes that contribute to our ability to heal. By understanding the biology of healing and adopting practices that activate the healing process, we can take control of our own well-being. This audiobook is a must-read for anyone interested in exploring a new approach to health care that focuses on empowerment, prevention, and lasting wellness.

Publisher Information

The audiobook "How Healing Works" is published by Audible Studios. It is available for download from and is narrated by Wayne Jonas MD. The accompanying reference guide can also be downloaded to further enhance the listener's understanding of the material.

Cover Design

The cover design of "How Healing Works" was created by Margaux Keres and Lisa Ferkel. It captures the essence of the book's revolutionary approach to health care and visually represents the mind-body connection and the power of healing. The cover design is a reflection of the transformative and empowering message that Dr. Jonas shares in his audiobook.


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Additional Info

Book Name: How Healing Works
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Wayne Jonas
Narrators: Ray Porter
Genres: Health & Wellness
Audiobook Length: 11H28M
Publisher: Audible Studios
Language: English
Publish Date: 2018-05-29
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book 'How Healing Works' about?

The book 'How Healing Works' by Dr. Wayne Jonas explains the biology of healing and the science behind the mind-body connection and other naturally occurring processes.

What percentage of healing can be attributed to the mind-body connection?

According to Dr. Wayne Jonas, 80 percent of healing can be attributed to the mind-body connection.

How does Dr. Jonas describe the healing process?

Dr. Jonas explains how the healing process works and provides advice on how to facilitate our own innate ability to heal.

How does Dr. Jonas's book change our approach to health care?

Dr. Jonas's book changes our approach to health care by empowering individuals to be more in control of their recovery and lasting wellness.

What are some examples of stories in the book?

The book includes stories from Dr. Jonas's practice and studies that illustrate his method for helping people get well and stay well after medical events.

What do reviewers say about the book?

Reviewers found the book informative, easy to read, and beneficial. They recommend discussing the recommendations in the book with health care providers.

What is the purpose of the book according to reviewers?

According to reviewers, the book aims to assist readers in making changes in patterns that they perceive need changes and taking charge of their health and well-being.

What is the overall feedback on the book?

The book has received positive feedback, with reviewers highly recommending it and considering it a valuable resource for anyone looking for a path to physical and emotional-spiritual healing.


11 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Sarah 29-Sep-2023

    I just finished listening to 'How Healing Works' by Wayne Jonas and I have to say, it was eye-opening! The author did a fantastic job explaining the intricate process of healing and how our bodies have the power to heal themselves. I highly recommend this audiobook for anyone interested in understanding the power of healing.

  • Jo
    John 01-Oct-2023

    As someone who has always been fascinated by the human body, I was immediately drawn to 'How Healing Works' by Wayne Jonas. This audiobook really dives deep into the science behind healing and provides practical tips for promoting self-healing. I couldn't stop listening! Highly recommended.

  • Em
    Emily 05-Oct-2023

    'How Healing Works' by Wayne Jonas is a must-listen for anyone seeking a better understanding of the body's natural healing mechanisms. The author presents complex concepts in a way that is easy to comprehend, making it accessible to listeners of all backgrounds. Prepare to be amazed!

  • Al
    Alex 17-Oct-2023

    I've always been skeptical about alternative healing methods, but 'How Healing Works' by Wayne Jonas opened my eyes to a whole new perspective. This audiobook thoroughly explores the mind-body connection and provides compelling evidence for the effectiveness of holistic healing. A truly enlightening listen.

  • Je
    Jessica 02-Nov-2023

    If you're looking for an audiobook that will challenge your beliefs about healing, 'How Healing Works' by Wayne Jonas is the perfect choice. The author presents a wealth of scientific research and personal anecdotes to support his theories, making for a thought-provoking and engaging listening experience.

  • Mi
    Michael 02-Dec-2023

    'How Healing Works' by Wayne Jonas is a game-changer. This audiobook provides a comprehensive overview of the various factors that contribute to healing and offers practical strategies for harnessing the body's innate healing abilities. I'm feeling inspired and empowered after listening to this.

  • So
    Sophie 13-Jan-2024

    I've listened to many audiobooks on the topic of healing, but 'How Healing Works' by Wayne Jonas stands out from the rest. The author's expertise and passion shine through in every chapter, making for an engaging and educational listening experience. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the power of healing.

  • An
    Andrew 17-Feb-2024

    'How Healing Works' by Wayne Jonas is a breath of fresh air. Unlike other books on the subject, this audiobook takes a holistic approach to healing, exploring the connection between the mind, body, and spirit. The narrator's voice is soothing and the content is thought-provoking. Loved it!

  • Mi
    Michelle 04-Mar-2024

    Listening to 'How Healing Works' by Wayne Jonas was like flipping a switch in my mind. This audiobook provides a wealth of information on how to tap into our body's healing potential and lead a healthier, more balanced life. I can't recommend it enough.

  • Da
    David 22-Mar-2024

    If you're feeling stuck on your healing journey, give 'How Healing Works' by Wayne Jonas a listen. This audiobook not only explores the science behind healing, but also provides practical guidance for overcoming obstacles and creating lasting change. It's like having your own personal healing coach.

  • Ol
    Olivia 11-Apr-2024

    'How Healing Works' by Wayne Jonas is a true gem. This audiobook delves into the mind-body connection and demonstrates how our thoughts and beliefs can influence our healing process. The information presented is eye-opening and empowering. A must-listen for anyone interested in holistic health.

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