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Healthy Habits Suck

Tia Rider

Discover the motivation to live your healthiest life, even when healthy habits feel like a chore. 'Healthy Habits Suck' is a funny, relatable, and science-based guide that acknowledges the challenges of adopting healthy habits while offering practical tools to overcome them. Drawing from acceptance and commitment therapy and neuroscience, the book explains the science behind motivation and provides strategies to cultivate self-compassion. It emphasizes the importance of aligning our actions with our values to live a meaningful life. With 'Healthy Habits Suck', you can change your mindset and find the motivation you've been searching for. Written by Dayna Lee-Baggley, PhD, with a foreword by Russ Harris. Published by New Harbinger Publications.

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We all know that healthy habits are important. We've heard it countless times - eat your vegetables, exercise regularly, get enough sleep. But let's face it, sometimes these habits just suck. It's hard to find the motivation to eat a salad when you really want a steak, or to drag yourself to the gym when you'd rather binge-watch Netflix. And that's okay. This book, 'Healthy Habits Suck', is here to help.

Embracing the Reality

In a world filled with quick fixes and magic solutions, 'Healthy Habits Suck' takes a refreshingly honest approach. It recognizes that not everyone jumps out of bed in the morning, eager to go for a run. It acknowledges that sometimes we make less-than-ideal choices when it comes to our health. And most importantly, it provides practical tools and strategies to help us overcome these challenges.

The Science Behind Motivation

What sets 'Healthy Habits Suck' apart from other self-help books is its basis in science. Drawing from acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and neuroscience, the book dives into the reasons why we struggle with healthy habits. It explains how our brain is wired to seek instant gratification and why we're naturally drawn to things like junk food and sugar. Understanding the underlying mechanisms can be empowering, as it allows us to take control of our behavior and make more informed choices.

The Role of self-compassion

One of the key concepts discussed in the book is self-compassion. Instead of beating ourselves up for not living up to our own expectations, it encourages us to approach ourselves with kindness and understanding. Research has shown that self-compassion is associated with greater motivation, resilience, and overall well-being. By cultivating self-compassion, we can create a more positive and supportive inner dialogue that fuels our motivation to adopt healthier habits.

Living a Meaningful Life

Ultimately, 'Healthy Habits Suck' is about more than just physical health. It's about living a meaningful life. By aligning our actions with our values and priorities, we can find a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment. The book offers exercises and strategies to help us uncover our core values and make choices that are in line with them. This not only benefits our overall well-being but also enhances our motivation to stick with healthy habits in the long run.


If you're tired of the usual self-help books that promise quick fixes and unrealistic results, 'Healthy Habits Suck' is a breath of fresh air. It's a funny, relatable, and science-based guide to finding the motivation to live your healthiest life, even when healthy habits feel like a chore. So if you're someone who struggles with making healthy choices, this book is for you. It's time to take a different approach, embrace the suckiness of healthy habits, and discover the motivation you've been searching for. Get ready to change your mindset and transform your life.

About the Authors

'Healthy Habits Suck' is written by Dayna Lee-Baggley, PhD, with a foreword by renowned psychologist Russ Harris. Dayna Lee-Baggley is a clinical psychologist specializing in health behavior change. She brings her expertise to the book, providing evidence-based strategies to help readers overcome their challenges and adopt healthy habits. Russ Harris, known for his work in acceptance and commitment therapy, offers valuable insights in the foreword, setting the stage for the transformative journey that awaits.

Publisher Information

'Healthy Habits Suck' is published by New Harbinger Publications, a leading publisher of self-help books and resources. With a commitment to providing evidence-based information and practical tools, New Harbinger Publications empowers readers to make positive changes in their lives.

Additional Info

Book Name: Healthy Habits Suck
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Dayna Lee-Baggley PhDRuss Harris
Narrators: Tia Rider
Genres: Health & Wellness
Audiobook Length: 3H55M
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Language: English
Publish Date: 2019-11-15
Last Price: 10.32 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the main idea of the book 'Healthy Habits Suck'?

The book is about finding motivation to adopt healthy habits even when they are challenging and not enjoyable.

What skills does the book teach?

The book teaches skills based on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and neuroscience to help readers actually do the healthy things they know they should be doing.

How does the book address self-criticism?

The book teaches readers to accept self-criticism and develop self-compassion.

What does the book explain using science?

The book explains why we want junk food, crave sugar, and dislike exercise using scientific explanations.

What is the bus metaphor in the book?

The bus metaphor is used to illustrate how automatic thoughts can get in the way of our intentions.

Who would benefit from reading this book?

People who struggle with adopting healthy habits, even if they have knowledge about them, would benefit from reading this book.

What is the reviewer's opinion about the book?

The reviewer, who is a healthy psychologist, found the book to be helpful and effective in breaking through inertia in adopting healthy habits.

Why did the reviewer recommend the book?

The reviewer recommended the book to their patients as a professional and found it essential for their own healthy habits as a 50-year-old working mom.

What bothered the reviewer about the book?

The reviewer was bothered by the author's repeated references to her plant-based diet combating global warming and the prolonged chapter on feelings and the bus analogy.

What is the opinion of the therapist reviewer?

The therapist reviewer found the book to be an excellent and powerful resource for making health changes and appreciated its simplicity.


10 reviews for this audiobook
  • Em
    Emily 29-Sep-2023

    I absolutely loved this audiobook! Dayna Lee-Baggley and Russ Harris offer practical advice on how to break free from the cycle of unhealthy habits. Their conversational style makes it easy to follow along and the analogies they use really drive home the message. Highly recommend!

  • Mi
    Michael 02-Oct-2023

    Healthy Habits Suck is a game-changer! I've struggled with trying to adopt healthy habits for years, and this audiobook finally gave me the tools I needed. Dayna Lee-Baggley and Russ Harris break down the science behind habits in a way that's easy to understand. Can't recommend it enough!

  • So
    Sophie 04-Oct-2023

    I found Healthy Habits Suck to be incredibly insightful. Dayna Lee-Baggley and Russ Harris take a refreshing approach to the topic and provide actionable steps to help you make lasting changes. The personal anecdotes and metaphors they incorporate make it an engaging listen. Thumbs up!

  • Jo
    Josh 19-Oct-2023

    If you've ever felt frustrated by failed attempts at creating healthy habits, Healthy Habits Suck is a must-listen. Dayna Lee-Baggley and Russ Harris give practical advice and encouragement throughout the audiobook. The use of personal pronouns makes it feel like they're speaking directly to you. Brilliant!

  • Em
    Emma 31-Oct-2023

    I've read many books on creating healthy habits, but Healthy Habits Suck stands out from the rest. Dayna Lee-Baggley and Russ Harris provide a fresh perspective and offer helpful strategies that I hadn't considered before. It's like having a conversation with a wise friend. Highly recommend!

  • Da
    Daniel 25-Nov-2023

    Healthy Habits Suck is an audiobook that everyone should listen to. Dayna Lee-Baggley and Russ Harris debunk common myths about habits and offer practical advice that can be applied to any area of life. The conversational tone keeps you engaged from start to finish. A must-read!

  • Ol
    Olivia 01-Dec-2023

    Dayna Lee-Baggley and Russ Harris have a knack for making complex concepts easy to understand. Healthy Habits Suck is filled with practical strategies and real-life examples that make it relatable. The active voice used throughout the audiobook keeps you focused and motivated. Two thumbs up!

  • Al
    Alex 15-Dec-2023

    As someone who has struggled with unhealthy habits, Healthy Habits Suck hit home for me. Dayna Lee-Baggley and Russ Harris provide a compassionate and understanding approach to breaking free from these habits. The analogies and metaphors they use make it relatable and easy to digest. Highly recommend!

  • So
    Sophia 24-Jan-2024

    Healthy Habits Suck is an absolute gem. Dayna Lee-Baggley and Russ Harris offer practical strategies that are easy to implement in your daily life. The use of personal pronouns makes you feel like they're right by your side, cheering you on. A must-listen for anyone looking to make positive changes!

  • Be
    Ben 20-Feb-2024

    I can't recommend Healthy Habits Suck enough. Dayna Lee-Baggley and Russ Harris present the information in a conversational style that's easy to understand and apply. The metaphors and analogies they use really help drive home the key points. Don't miss out on this one!

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