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Glimmer of Hope

Giullian GioielloSienna Jeffries

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Glimmer of Hope: A Blueprint for Social Change


Are you ready to be inspired? "Glimmer of Hope" is not just any ordinary audiobook; it is a powerful testament to the strength and resilience of the youth. Written by the founders of The March for Our Lives movement, this book is a clarion call to action, inviting readers to join the fight against gun violence.


A Movement Driven by Passion


The March for Our Lives founders, a group of courageous teenagers, share their personal journey from grief to activism. Fueled by rage and sorrow over the tragic school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, they channeled their emotions into social change. Their story is one of determination, resilience, and the power of unity.


Empowering Teens to Make a Difference


"Glimmer of Hope" is not just an account of the movement's triumphs and challenges. It also serves as a guidebook for teenagers who want to make a difference in their communities. The book offers practical insights and lessons on organizing rallies, lobbying for policy changes, and creating sustainable, long-term movements.


Bringing Gun Violence to the Forefront


With its vivid storytelling, "Glimmer of Hope" shines a light on the harsh reality of gun violence in America. The founders share their personal experiences and those of their peers who have fallen victim to shootings. Their powerful narratives humanize the statistics and expose the urgent need for change.


A Call to Action


Through their powerful stories, the March for Our Lives founders invite readers to join the movement and take action. They encourage everyone, regardless of age, to use their voices and make a difference. Whether it's attending a protest, writing to lawmakers, or getting involved in local organizations, they show that each individual effort can contribute to a larger collective change.


100% Royalties Donated


What sets "Glimmer of Hope" apart from other books is the authors' commitment to the cause. They have decided not to be paid as authors, and instead, all royalties will be donated to March for Our Lives Action Fund. By supporting this audiobook, you are directly contributing to efforts to end gun violence and create safer communities for all.


A Collaborative Effort


The March for Our Lives founders are not alone in their fight. This audiobook also features contributions from other inspiring individuals who have joined them in their quest for change. From Adam Alhanti to Alex Wind, each voice adds depth and diversity to the narrative, highlighting the collective power of young activists.


An Audiobook for All


Whether you are already involved in activism or simply looking to be inspired, "Glimmer of Hope" is a must-listen. The audiobook, narrated by the March for Our Lives founders themselves, brings their stories to life in a way that resonates deeply. It is a call to action, an ode to resilience, and a blueprint for social change.




"Glimmer of Hope" is more than just an audiobook - it is a powerful movement. Packed with personal stories, practical advice, and a heartfelt call to action, it offers a blueprint for social change. The founders of The March for Our Lives movement have dedicated themselves to ending gun violence, and with this audiobook, they invite you to join them. Let your voice be heard, and together, let's create a brighter future for all.

Additional Info

Book Name: Glimmer of Hope
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: The March for Our Lives Founders
Narrators: Giullian GioielloSienna Jeffries
Genres: Biographies & Memoirs
Audiobook Length: 4H11M
Publisher: Listening Library
Language: English
Publish Date: 2018-10-16
Last Price: 13.5 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Glimmer of Hope?

Glimmer of Hope is the official book from The March for Our Lives founders.

Who are the authors of Glimmer of Hope?

The authors of Glimmer of Hope are the student leaders of March for Our Lives.

What happens to the royalties paid to the authors?

100% of the royalties paid to the authors will be paid to March For Our Lives Action Fund.

What does Glimmer of Hope provide?

Glimmer of Hope provides a blueprint for launching social change.

What recognition did Glimmer of Hope receive?

Glimmer of Hope was named a Seventeen Magazine Best Book of 2018.

What is March For Our Lives Action Fund?

March For Our Lives Action Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending gun violence across the country.

Who are some of the contributors to Glimmer of Hope?

Some of the contributors to Glimmer of Hope include Adam Alhanti, Dylan Baierlein, John Barnitt, Alfonso Calderon, Sarah Chadwick, Jaclyn Corin, Matt Deitsch, Ryan Deitsch, Sam Deitsch, Brendan Duff, Emma González, Chris Grady, David Hogg, Lauren Hogg, Cameron Kasky, Jammal Lemy, Charlie Mirsky, Kyrah Simon, Delaney Tarr, Bradley Thornton, Kevin Trejos, Naomi Wadler, Sofie Whitney, Daniel Williams, and Alex Wind.

What are people saying about this audible book?

People describe the authors of Glimmer of Hope as inspiring and believe that they will make a positive change in the future.

What message does the book convey?

The book encourages individuals to listen, remember, think, and vote for the safety of our children.


10 reviews for this audiobook
  • Am
    Amy Thompson 29-Sep-2023

    This audiobook is a must-listen for anyone interested in the March for Our Lives movement. The founders offer a powerful and personal account of their journey.

  • Da
    David Johnson 02-Oct-2023

    I was deeply moved by the stories shared in this audiobook. The March for Our Lives founders have done an incredible job at capturing the spirit and determination of the movement.

  • Sa
    Sarah Williams 04-Oct-2023

    As someone who closely followed the March for Our Lives movement, I found this audiobook to be incredibly insightful. It provides a deeper understanding of the challenges faced and the progress made.

  • Em
    Emily Davis 07-Oct-2023

    The audiobook offers a glimmer of hope in the face of adversity. It shows the power of young voices coming together to demand change.

  • Mi
    Michael Anderson 23-Oct-2023

    Listening to this audiobook was a reminder of the strength and resilience of our youth. The founders' stories are both inspiring and thought-provoking.

  • Je
    Jessica Thompson 17-Nov-2023

    I appreciated the personal touch in this audiobook. The March for Our Lives founders share their own experiences, making the movement feel more relatable and powerful.

  • Ke
    Kevin Wilson 05-Dec-2023

    This audiobook is a testament to the power of activism. It is a call to action for all listeners to stand up for what they believe in.

  • So
    Sophia Hernandez 12-Dec-2023

    The March for Our Lives founders have done an exceptional job at narrating their own stories. Their passion and conviction shine through in every word.

  • Da
    Daniel Thompson 29-Jan-2024

    I feel truly inspired after listening to this audiobook. It reminds me of the importance of speaking up and fighting for change.

  • St
    Stephanie Lee 14-Mar-2024

    The audiobook captures the energy and determination of the March for Our Lives movement. It is a powerful testament to the collective power of young voices.

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