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Devil May Care

Hollie Jackson

Explore the dark and thrilling world of Devil May Care, a gripping audiobook written by Pippa DaCosta. With a captivating storyline, unforgettable characters, and expert world-building, this audiobook is a must-read for fans of dark fantasy and supernatural thrillers. Get ready to be immersed in a tale of death, brutality, and limitless power as Muse, Damien, and Akil battle their own demons. Pippa DaCosta's masterful storytelling and narration skills will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire audiobook. Don't miss out on this thrilling and intense journey into the depths of the netherworld.

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The Intriguing Storyline

Devil May Care is a gripping and thrilling audiobook written by Pippa DaCosta. It tells the tale of Muse, a character who has experienced death and brutality in the past. With the bodies of three Enforcers being found in just three weeks, Muse is haunted by her past and her owner, Damien, who seeks what is rightfully his. Muse managed to escape him and the netherworld once before, but now she's armed with the fires of hell herself, ready to face him once again. The story is a thrilling blend of dark fantasy, action, and suspense.

Unforgettable Characters

DaCosta brings her characters to life in a way that captures the readers' attention from the first page. Muse, the protagonist, is a strong and resilient woman who has fought her way through hell and back. With her limitless power, she becomes a target for those seeking to regain their own status and power, including the weakened Prince Akil. As Muse, Stefan, and Akil battle their own demons, the consequences of their choices and the weight of their lies become evident. DaCosta's writing beautifully explores the complexities of these characters, making them feel human and relatable despite their extraordinary circumstances.

An Engrossing Narrative

The narration of Devil May Care is flawlessly done by Pippa DaCosta herself. Her choice to narrate the audiobook not only showcases her talent as a writer but also adds an extra layer of authenticity to the story. DaCosta's deep understanding of her characters' emotions allows her to bring them to life with every word. Her clear and expressive narration keeps the listeners engaged throughout the audiobook, making it a truly immersive experience.

The Author's Expertise

Pippa DaCosta's prowess as a writer shines through in Devil May Care. With her captivating storytelling and gripping prose, she effortlessly crafts a dark and atmospheric world. Her ability to delve into the depths of her characters' minds and emotions adds depth and complexity to the story. DaCosta's attention to detail and her skillful world-building create a vivid and immersive reading experience. Fans of dark fantasy and supernatural thrillers will undoubtedly be captivated by her work.

A Must-Read for Fantasy Lovers

Devil May Care is a thrilling and intense audiobook that will keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Pippa DaCosta's masterful storytelling, combined with her impressive narration skills, makes for a captivating experience. With unforgettable characters, a dark and intriguing storyline, and expert world-building, this audiobook is a must-read for fans of fantasy and supernatural thrillers. Dive into the world of Muse, Damien, and Akil, and prepare to be taken on a thrilling journey you won't soon forget.

Additional Info

Book Name: Devil May Care
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Pippa DaCosta
Narrators: Hollie Jackson
Genres: Romance
Audiobook Length: 10H40M
Publisher: Pippa DaCosta
Language: English
Publish Date: 2015-03-11
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book 'Devil May Care' about?

The book 'Devil May Care' is about a protagonist named Muse who has escaped her owner, Damien, and the netherworld. However, Damien returns and wants what he believes is rightfully his. Muse, now stronger and smarter, has the fires of hell at her fingertips, but so does Damien. Akil, a weak Prince, needs Muse's limitless power to regain his title. As Muse, Stefan, and Akil battle their own demons, not all will come away victorious. Some choices can never be forgiven, some lies are never forgotten, and some wounds will never heal.

Who is the author of 'Devil May Care'?

The author of 'Devil May Care' is Pippa DaCosta.

Who is the publisher of 'Devil May Care'?

The publisher of 'Devil May Care' is Pippa DaCosta.

What are some user reviews about the book 'Devil May Care'?

Here are a few user reviews about the book 'Devil May Care': 1. 'Weak. Half blood demon spends the majority of the book getting her butt kicked and the rest feeling sorry for herself.' - 1 person found this helpful. 2. 'Another great book. I am loving this series so much. It keeps my attention and I love all the different characters. As soon as I finish this review, I'm going to start the next book.' 3. 'Very interesting. This book keeps me wanting more, so I am glued to the series. Muse has many people who want her, but she doesn't want anyone to control her. She is powerful and her adventures are fantastic. I recommend this book!' 4. 'Good series. A mix of action, demons, drama, and of course, romance and sex (but nothing too crazy or explicit).' 5. 'Love this series. Wonderfully written, they keep your attention with interesting characters and intense conflicts. You never know what's gonna happen and who's gonna turn out to be the good/bad guys.' 6. 'Another Great Story! I loved this story! This is another great story written by author Pippa DaCosta. I loved everything about this story. She catches you and keeps you immersed in the story from start to finish. She doesn't have any problem keeping you intrigued as you listen to the story unfold.'


11 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Samantha 28-Sep-2023

    I just finished Devil May Care and I couldn't put it down! The story was so captivating and filled with twists and turns. Pippa DaCosta did an amazing job creating a unique and fascinating world.

  • Ja
    Jake 30-Sep-2023

    Devil May Care is a thrilling audiobook that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Pippa DaCosta's writing style is engaging and the characters are well-developed. Highly recommend!

  • Em
    Emily 08-Oct-2023

    I'm obsessed with Devil May Care! Pippa DaCosta has created a dark and gritty story that is impossible to put down. The world-building is phenomenal and the narrator does an excellent job bringing the characters to life.

  • Mi
    Michael 29-Oct-2023

    Wow, just wow! Devil May Care is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Pippa DaCosta has a way of making you feel every high and every low. The twists and turns had me on the edge of my seat!

  • Sa
    Sarah 14-Nov-2023

    Devil May Care is a must-read for fantasy lovers! Pippa DaCosta's writing is enchanting and the storyline is captivating. I couldn't stop listening and can't wait for the next book in the series.

  • Da
    David 19-Dec-2023

    I'm so glad I stumbled upon Devil May Care. Pippa DaCosta has crafted an incredible story filled with complex characters and a gripping plot. The audiobook version is narrated beautifully, making it even more enjoyable.

  • Ra
    Rachel 12-Jan-2024

    Pippa DaCosta has done it again with Devil May Care. The suspense and action in this audiobook are top-notch. I was completely immersed in the story and couldn't stop listening. Highly recommend for fans of urban fantasy.

  • Ja
    Jason 02-Feb-2024

    I was blown away by Devil May Care. Pippa DaCosta has a gift for creating vivid and immersive worlds. The characters are relatable and the plot is full of surprises. I can't wait to see what happens next!

  • Am
    Amanda 18-Feb-2024

    Devil May Care is a wild ride from start to finish. Pippa DaCosta's writing is fast-paced and filled with action. The twists and turns will keep you guessing until the very end. Highly recommended for fans of paranormal romance.

  • Ma
    Matt 07-Mar-2024

    I absolutely loved Devil May Care! Pippa DaCosta has created a breathtaking world filled with magic and danger. The story is gripping and the characters are unforgettable. I couldn't ask for more in an audiobook.

  • Je
    Jennifer 16-May-2024

    Devil May Care is a thrilling and addictive audiobook. Pippa DaCosta's writing style is immersive and the plot is full of surprises. The narrator does a fantastic job bringing the story to life. I highly recommend it!

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