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Deeper than Money

Chloe Elise

Are you ready to break free from the guilt and restrictions of traditional finance advice? In Chloe Elise's audiobook, Deeper Than Money, she shares her personal journey to financial freedom and offers practical strategies for women to achieve financial confidence without sacrificing their happiness. This unique guide will demystify finance, empower you to set your own rules, and help you create a life that aligns with your goals and values. Through relatable stories and actionable advice, Elise shows you how to enjoy the present while building wealth for the future. Get ready to change your money mindset and experience a deeper level of financial freedom.

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Deeper Than Money: A Guide to Financial Confidence and Freedom


Are you tired of feeling guilty every time you spend money? Do you want to achieve financial freedom without sacrificing the things that matter most to you? If so, you're in luck. In Chloe Elise's audiobook, Deeper Than Money, she offers a fresh and empowering perspective on personal finance.

College, Debt, and Cluelessness

Like many young adults, Chloe Elise found herself burdened with student loans and a lack of financial knowledge after graduating from college. She was determined to change that. Instead of following the traditional advice that left her feeling restricted and guilty, she embarked on a debt-payoff journey of her own.

Within just eighteen months, Elise successfully paid off over $36,000 of debt. But here's the best part – she did it while traveling and enjoying life in her twenties. In Deeper Than Money, Chloe Elise shares her personal experiences and insights to help others achieve financial freedom and enjoy life to the fullest.

A New Approach to Finance

Elise's audiobook is far from your average finance guide. It's a practical and motivational tool that will empower women to take control of their finances and break free from the guilt that often accompanies spending.

She demystifies financial concepts and provides actionable strategies for saving, investing, and building wealth. But Deeper Than Money goes beyond mere numbers and spreadsheets. It encourages readers to prioritize their own happiness and find fulfillment in their financial journey.

Life and Finances: A Perfect Balance

Elise believes that financial success should be intertwined with a joyful and purposeful life. She emphasizes the importance of not only building wealth but also enjoying the present moment.

In Deeper Than Money, you'll discover how to create a healthy relationship with money, navigate financial challenges, and approach your financial goals with confidence. From brunch conversations about money with friends to understanding how to make your money work for you, Elise covers it all.


If you're tired of feeling guilty and restricted by your finances, it's time to take a different approach. With Deeper Than Money, Chloe Elise offers a refreshing perspective on personal finance, empowering women to achieve financial confidence and freedom without sacrificing their happiness. This audiobook is not just about money – it's about creating a life that aligns with your values and goals. So, grab a mimosa, join the conversation about money, and embark on a journey towards financial freedom.

This audiobook edition includes a downloadable PDF with additional resources.

Additional Info

Book Name: Deeper than Money
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Chloe Elise
Narrators: Chloe Elise
Genres: Money & Finance
Audiobook Length: 8H14M
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Language: English
Publish Date: 2023-08-22
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book 'Deeper than Money' about?

The book 'Deeper than Money' is a guide for women to find financial confidence, say goodbye to guilt, and finally get ahead with money without sacrificing what they care about.

Who is the author of 'Deeper than Money'?

The author of 'Deeper than Money' is Chloe Elise.

What is Chloe Elise's expertise in finance?

Chloe Elise is a money expert, podcaster, and CEO.

What was Chloe Elise's personal experience with debt?

Chloe Elise went to college with student loans and had no knowledge about how debt worked.

How did Chloe Elise become debt-free?

Chloe Elise embarked on a debt-payoff journey where she made her own rules and became completely debt-free, paying off over $36,000 of debt in just eighteen months.

Can you enjoy life while becoming debt-free?

Yes, Chloe Elise managed to become debt-free while traveling and enjoying life in her twenties.

What does the book 'Deeper than Money' aim to demystify?

The book 'Deeper than Money' aims to demystify finance for anyone who feels stuck in cycles of guilt around spending.

What kind of guide is 'Deeper than Money'?

It is part practical guide to finance and part motivational kick in the butt to set yourself up for success.

What does 'Deeper than Money' teach?

'Deeper than Money' teaches how to live your life, love your finances, and make money matter less.

What will reading 'Deeper than Money' inspire you to do?

Reading 'Deeper than Money' will inspire you to be ready to talk about money with your friends and get ahead financially without sacrificing enjoyment in life.

What does the audiobook edition of 'Deeper than Money' include?

The audiobook edition of 'Deeper than Money' includes a downloadable PDF containing charts, graphs, and diagrams.

Who published 'Deeper than Money'?

'Deeper than Money' was published by Penguin Audio.


9 reviews for this audiobook
  • Al
    Alice 19-Oct-2023

    Deeper than Money is a game-changer! Chloe Elise dives deep into the complexities of our relationship with money and offers valuable insights that go beyond just the financial aspect. It's like having a wise friend guiding you through financial decisions. Highly recommend!

  • Be
    Ben 25-Oct-2023

    Chloe Elise has truly hit the nail on the head with Deeper than Money. She skillfully combines personal stories, practical advice, and thought-provoking ideas to create a captivating audiobook. It's a must-listen for anyone seeking a fresh perspective on their financial journey.

  • Cl
    Claire 29-Oct-2023

    I was pleasantly surprised by how much I connected with Deeper than Money. Chloe Elise's relatable writing style and the way she breaks down complex concepts into understandable language made this audiobook a joy to listen to. Definitely a 5-star recommendation!

  • Da
    Daniel 04-Nov-2023

    Deeper than Money challenged my beliefs and made me question my financial decisions in the best way possible. Chloe Elise's insights and practical tips are enlightening and empowering. This audiobook deserves all the praise it's receiving!

  • Em
    Emily 20-Nov-2023

    I can't thank Chloe Elise enough for writing Deeper than Money. It's like she has taken everything I ever wanted to know about personal finance and compiled it into this incredible audiobook. It's engaging, informative, and truly eye-opening. Highly recommended!

  • Fr
    Frank 25-Dec-2023

    Deeper than Money is not just another boring finance book. Chloe Elise injects so much personality and passion into her writing that it feels like a conversation rather than a lecture. This audiobook will change the way you think about money!

  • Gr
    Grace 12-Jan-2024

    Chloe Elise has a knack for simplifying complex financial concepts without dumbing them down. Deeper than Money is a breath of fresh air in the finance genre, providing practical advice that anyone can implement. Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed!

  • He
    Henry 02-Feb-2024

    I stumbled upon Deeper than Money and it turned out to be a hidden gem. Chloe Elise's storytelling combined with her deep understanding of personal finance creates an engaging and informative audiobook. It's like having a mentor by your side!

  • Is
    Isabella 05-Mar-2024

    Deeper than Money is a true game-changer. Chloe Elise's approach to personal finance is refreshing and relatable. Whether you're an expert or just starting to navigate the world of money, this audiobook will provide you with valuable insights. Highly recommended!

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