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Corelli's Mandolin

Stephen Lang

Immerse yourself in the captivating story of Corelli's Mandolin, a novel that seamlessly blends history and romance. Set on the Greek island of Cephallonia during World War II, the book explores the lives of Pelagia, Mandras, and Captain Corelli, as their destinies intertwine amidst the chaos of war. With its beautifully written narrative and rich characterization, 'Corelli's Mandolin' is a passionate masterpiece that delves into themes of love, loyalty, and betrayal. This Random House Audio edition, expertly narrated, brings the novel to life, allowing listeners to experience the joys and hardships of the characters. Prepare to be enthralled by this thought-provoking and emotionally resonant story.

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Imagine waking up one day and realizing that your peaceful paradise has become engulfed in the chaos of history. This is exactly what happens on the picturesque Greek island of Cephallonia in the acclaimed novel, 'Corelli's Mandolin'. Written by Louis de Bernieres, this captivating story effortlessly blends history and romance, resulting in an exuberant masterpiece.

A Timeless Place on the Brink of Destruction

Cephallonia is a place where gods once interacted with humans and the local saint performed miraculous cures. Life on the island was idyllic, until the arrival of the Italian army during World War II. The island quickly finds itself under occupation, and the lives of its inhabitants are forever changed.

A Willful Woman and Her Suitors

The heart of the story revolves around Pelagia, a beautiful and headstrong young woman. She finds herself torn between two very different suitors who are vying for her love.

First, there is Mandras, a former gentle fisherman who transforms into a ruthless guerilla fighter. His love for Pelagia is intense, but so are the horrors of war that he is exposed to.

Then there is Captain Antonio Corelli, an Italian officer stationed on Cephallonia. Despite the circumstances, Corelli is charming, and his skillful mandolin playing enthralls both Pelagia and the readers alike.

A Landscape of Loyalties and Betrayals

The novel delves into the complex web of loyalties and betrayals that emerge during wartime. As the characters navigate through the joys, heartaches, and unimaginable sacrifices, the boundaries between fact and fiction become increasingly blurred.

The author seamlessly blends historical events with fantastical elements, creating a narrative that is as thought-provoking as it is emotionally resonant.

A Passionate Masterpiece

'Corelli's Mandolin' is not simply a love story or a war story. It is a novel that explores the depths of human emotions and the profound impact that historical events can have on individual lives.

This audiobook edition, published by Random House Audio, brings the story to life with its rich narration and vivid characterization. Narrated by a talented voice actor, the audiobook allows listeners to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds, and emotions of Cephallonia.

With his exceptional storytelling skills, Louis de Bernieres has created a timeless masterpiece that will captivate readers and listeners alike. 'Corelli's Mandolin' is a must-read for anyone who appreciates a beautifully written, deeply engaging, and emotionally impactful story.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable journey through love, war, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Additional Info

Book Name: Corelli's Mandolin
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Louis de Bernieres
Narrators: Stephen Lang
Genres: Literature & Fiction
Audiobook Length: 18H30M
Publisher: Random House Audio
Language: English
Publish Date: 2019-06-11
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book Corelli's Mandolin about?

The book is about the Greek island of Cephallonia during World War II, where a young woman named Pelagia finds herself caught between two suitors: Mandras, a fisherman turned guerilla, and Captain Corelli, an Italian officer stationed on the island.

Who is the author of Corelli's Mandolin?

The author of Corelli's Mandolin is Louis de Bernieres.

What is the setting of Corelli's Mandolin?

Corelli's Mandolin is set on the Greek island of Cephallonia during World War II.

What is the genre of Corelli's Mandolin?

Corelli's Mandolin is a historical fiction novel.

What is the significance of the mandolin in Corelli's Mandolin?

The mandolin is played by Captain Corelli, one of the main characters, and serves as a symbol of love, art, and beauty in the midst of war.

What are some themes explored in Corelli's Mandolin?

Some of the themes explored in Corelli's Mandolin include love, war, loyalty, betrayal, and the impact of historical events on everyday lives.

What is the style of writing in Corelli's Mandolin?

The writing style in Corelli's Mandolin is poetic and often humorous, with rich descriptions and vivid characters.

What are some important historical events mentioned in Corelli's Mandolin?

Some important historical events mentioned in Corelli's Mandolin include the Italian and German occupation of Greece during World War II and the subsequent Greek civil war.

Who would enjoy reading Corelli's Mandolin?

Anyone who enjoys historical fiction, romance, and books set during World War II would likely enjoy reading Corelli's Mandolin.

What is the narrative perspective in Corelli's Mandolin?

The narrative perspective in Corelli's Mandolin shifts between different characters, providing multiple viewpoints on the events of the story.


10 reviews for this audiobook
  • Em
    Emma 02-Oct-2023

    This audiobook took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. Louis de Bernieres did an exceptional job in capturing the essence of love and war. The characters were beautifully developed and the narration brought them to life. I was completely engrossed from start to finish. Highly recommend!

  • Ja
    James 09-Oct-2023

    Corelli's Mandolin is a masterpiece of storytelling. Louis de Bernieres has a way with words that is simply enchanting. The historical backdrop of World War II adds depth and intrigue to the plot. The narrator's voice was perfect, adding an extra layer of authenticity. A must-listen for any book lover.

  • Ol
    Olivia 23-Oct-2023

    What a beautifully written audiobook! Louis de Bernieres paints such vivid pictures with his words. I could almost smell the salty sea breeze and feel the warmth of the Greek sun. The characters felt like old friends and their individual stories touched my heart. A truly remarkable listen.

  • Wi
    William 26-Oct-2023

    Louis de Bernieres has a way of capturing the complexity of human relationships like no other. Corelli's Mandolin explores love, sacrifice, and the undeniable power of music. The narration was superb, bringing each character to life with distinct voices. I was completely captivated.

  • So
    Sophia 19-Nov-2023

    Corelli's Mandolin is an epic tale that will transport you to another time and place. Louis de Bernieres weaves together multiple storylines seamlessly, keeping the listener engaged throughout. The narrator added an extra layer of depth with impeccable delivery. Prepare to be swept away.

  • He
    Henry 04-Dec-2023

    Louis de Bernieres has created a masterpiece with Corelli's Mandolin. The characters are so well-developed that you feel as though you know them personally. The audiobook is a perfect blend of romance, history, and tragedy. The narration brought the story to life, making it even more powerful.

  • Av
    Ava 03-Jan-2024

    I was completely immersed in the world of Corelli's Mandolin from the very first chapter. Louis de Bernieres has a way of writing that is both lyrical and captivating. The audiobook is a true work of art, enhanced by the incredible narration. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen.

  • Li
    Liam 31-Jan-2024

    Louis de Bernieres' Corelli's Mandolin is a literary gem that will touch your soul. The characters are so beautifully written, each with their own unique voice. The narrator's performance was stunning, capturing the essence of the story perfectly. I was moved to tears by this audiobook.

  • So
    Sophie 16-Feb-2024

    Prepare to be transported to the stunning island of Cephalonia with Corelli's Mandolin. Louis de Bernieres' descriptions are so vivid, it feels as if you are right there. The audiobook is beautifully narrated, with each character given a distinct voice. A truly immersive listening experience.

  • He
    Henry 01-Apr-2024

    Louis de Bernieres' Corelli's Mandolin is a literary masterpiece. The story is beautifully written, with themes of love, loss, and the human spirit. The narrator's voice is soothing and engaging, making it a joy to listen to. I was enthralled from beginning to end.

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