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Christmas with Dragons

Marguerite Gavin

Join dragon slayer Bailey Monzac and her shifter lover Aidan as they navigate their first holiday season together in 'Christmas with Dragons' by Susan Illene. With murderous dragons on the loose, a shifter mating festival to attend, and Bailey's long-lost father paying a visit, their peaceful Christmas plans are set aside. Susan Illene's captivating narration brings this tale of love, adventure, and family to life, making it a must-listen audiobook for fans of romance and fantasy. Get ready to be swept away on a thrilling holiday adventure unlike any other. Join Bailey and Aidan as they battle dragons and discover the true meaning of Christmas.

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Christmas just got a whole lot more exciting with the release of Susan Illene's latest audiobook, 'Christmas with Dragons'. This thrilling sequel follows the dragon slayer Bailey Monzac and her shifter lover Aidan as they navigate their first holiday season together. However, their plans for a peaceful Christmas are disrupted when murderous dragons wreak havoc, and Bailey's long-lost father makes an unexpected appearance.

A Tale of Love and Adventure

Set in a world where dragons and shifters coexist, 'Christmas with Dragons' combines romance, action, and holiday cheer in a unique and captivating way. Bailey and Aidan's love story continues to evolve as they face not only external threats but also the challenges of their own relationship. Illene skillfully weaves together the excitement of dragon slaying and the warmth of holiday traditions, creating a tale that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Dangerous Dragons and Shifters

The heart-pounding action in 'Christmas with Dragons' is brought to life by Illene's vivid descriptions and attention to detail. The murderous dragons that roam the pages of this audiobook will send shivers down your spine as you join Bailey and Aidan in their battle against these fearsome creatures. Additionally, the shifter mating festival adds an extra layer of intrigue and tension to the story.

Family Matters

One of the central themes in 'Christmas with Dragons' is family. As Bailey's estranged father enters the picture, readers are taken on an emotional journey as Bailey grapples with her complicated relationship with him. The clash between her father's profession as a dragon slayer and her love for Aidan, a shifter, adds depth and conflict to the story.

A Narration That Brings the Story to Life

Listening to 'Christmas with Dragons' is a delightful experience thanks to Susan Illene's exceptional narration. Her expressive voice captures the essence of the characters and allows listeners to immerse themselves fully in the story. Illene's skill as both an author and a narrator shines through, making this audiobook a joy to listen to.

Verdict: A Must-Listen Audiobook

'Christmas with Dragons' is a captivating audiobook that will leave listeners eager for more. Susan Illene continues to delight fans with her unique blend of romance and fantasy, and this festive tale is no exception. Whether you're a fan of dragons, shifters, or holiday stories, this audiobook is sure to delight. So gather around the fire, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and prepare to be swept away on a thrilling adventure.

Additional Info

Book Name: Christmas with Dragons
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Susan Illene
Narrators: Marguerite Gavin
Genres: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Audiobook Length: 4H50M
Publisher: Susan Illene
Language: English
Publish Date: 2017-06-01
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book 'Christmas with Dragons' about?

Dragon slayer Bailey Monzac and her shifter lover Aidan are about to have their first holiday season together, but trouble is headed their way. Murderous dragons are on the loose, and there's also the shifter mating festival Bailey and Aidan are obligated to attend. Bailey's long-lost father is also coming for a visit, and she knows he won't approve of her relationship with Aidan.

Who is the author of 'Christmas with Dragons'?

Susan Illene is the author of 'Christmas with Dragons'.

Who is the publisher of 'Christmas with Dragons'?

Susan Illene is the publisher of 'Christmas with Dragons'.

What are some user reviews of 'Christmas with Dragons'?

1. Love it 2. Was good book like to hear more if Bailey gets home if they have kids 3. Shorter than I would have liked but a good book 4. This book was a pleasant surprise, nice to see a little Joe and the dragon rum. It had interesting twists and turns. 5. First, I must admit, I find most short stories or novellas disappointing. But you will find my reviews truthful. 6. The only authors I trust to come up with a good shorter story are Patricia Briggs, J R Ward, Faith Hunter, and now Susan Illene. 7. This short story is really a continuation from book 3 and answers questions about Bailey and Aiden's relationship, the Mating Festival, Dragamoss, Wayne (Bailey's slayer father), and a major dragon fight.


9 reviews for this audiobook
  • Sa
    Sarah Johnson 23-Oct-2023

    I couldn't put this audiobook down! The combination of Christmas and dragons had me hooked from start to finish. Susan Illene's storytelling is captivating and kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters were so well-developed that I felt like I knew them personally. Highly recommend!

  • Ja
    Jason Wilson 24-Oct-2023

    Christmas with Dragons was a thrilling and magical adventure! Susan Illene's unique take on combining Christmas and dragons created a story that was unlike anything I've ever read before. The narrator did an excellent job bringing the characters to life. It's a must-listen for any fantasy lover!

  • Em
    Emily Thompson 03-Nov-2023

    If you're tired of traditional Christmas stories, then Christmas with Dragons is the perfect choice for you! Susan Illene brings a fresh and exciting twist with the addition of dragons. The action-packed plot kept me engaged throughout the audiobook. I can't wait to listen to more from this author!

  • Mi
    Michael Brown 06-Nov-2023

    I absolutely loved Christmas with Dragons! The combination of holiday cheer and epic dragon battles was exhilarating. Susan Illene's writing style is easy to follow, and the narrator did a fantastic job of bringing the story to life. I highly recommend this audiobook to anyone who enjoys fantasy and adventure!

  • Ol
    Olivia Davis 04-Dec-2023

    Christmas with Dragons is a delightful and enchanting audiobook that is perfect for the holiday season. Susan Illene's creativity shines through in this captivating story. The characters are lovable, the plot is engaging, and the dragons add an exciting element. Get ready for a thrilling ride!

  • Ja
    Jacob Roberts 24-Dec-2023

    I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Christmas with Dragons. Susan Illene has crafted a fantastic world filled with magic, adventure, and of course, dragons. The audiobook had me laughing, crying, and on the edge of my seat. Highly recommended!

  • So
    Sophia Evans 23-Jan-2024

    Christmas with Dragons is a must-listen for fans of both Christmas stories and fantasy genres. Susan Illene has created an imaginative and captivating world that will transport you from the first chapter. The narrator's voice was engaging, and I was completely immersed in the story. A definite 5-star audiobook!

  • Wi
    William Thompson 27-Feb-2024

    What a fantastic audiobook! Christmas with Dragons is a thrilling blend of holiday spirit and epic fantasy. Susan Illene's storytelling skills are top-notch, and the characters are incredibly well-developed. I couldn't get enough of the action, romance, and of course, the dragons! Highly recommend!

  • Em
    Emma Wilson 15-Apr-2024

    Christmas with Dragons is a delightful and unique audiobook that will ignite your imagination. Susan Illene has created a world that is both magical and full of holiday cheer. The narrator's performance brought the story to life, and I found myself fully immersed in this adventurous tale. Loved it!

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