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Ray Porter

Bloodlines is a groundbreaking book by John Piper that addresses racism through the gospel of Jesus Christ. With personal anecdotes and biblical insights, Piper guides readers in understanding the reality and extent of racism, and how the gospel brings about healing and unity. Published by

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Bloodlines: A Groundbreaking Book on Racial Issues

Racism and Ethnic Superiority

Racism, hatred, and claims to ethnic superiority have plagued humanity since the beginning of time. These tragic elements of the human condition are rooted in an unbelieving heart that resists the grace and mercy of God. In the book Bloodlines, author John Piper sheds light on the gospel of Jesus Christ as the only solution to racial issues.

A Personal Journey

Piper begins his book with a heartfelt confession of his own sins and experiences with racial tensions. He shares how God has been transforming him and his church, bringing about a greater understanding of the reality and extent of racism.

The Gospel's Power

Using Scripture as his guide, Piper demonstrates how the light of the gospel can penetrate the darkness of racial sin. He explores the impact of Jesus's atoning death on racial issues, interracial marriage, and prejudice. Through his careful reading of the Scriptures, Piper helps readers navigate the painful landscape of racial sin with sensitivity and compassion.

A Common Bloodline

One of the key messages in Bloodlines is that in the gospel, we all share a common bloodline. Through the blood of Jesus, race and ethnicity become secondary, uniting us as a common people of God. This message challenges the notion of ethnic superiority and promotes unity among believers.

An Author with Authority

John Piper is a renowned writer and theologian, known for his thought-provoking insights into biblical truths. His books have impacted countless lives and sparked meaningful conversations about faith and race. Bloodlines is no exception, as it addresses one of the most pressing issues of our time with wisdom and grace.

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Bloodlines is a groundbreaking book by John Piper that tackles the issue of racism with the gospel of Jesus Christ as the ultimate solution. With personal anecdotes, scriptural references, and a message of unity, Piper challenges readers to confront racial sin and embrace their common bloodline in Christ. This thought-provoking book is published by

Additional Info

Book Name: Bloodlines
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: John Piper
Narrators: Ray Porter
Genres: Religion & Spirituality
Audiobook Length: 9H23M
Language: English
Publish Date: 2011-11-07
Last Price: 7.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the book 'Bloodlines' about?

The book 'Bloodlines' is about racism and ethnic superiority, and how the gospel of Jesus Christ offers hope for racial solutions.

Who is the author of the book 'Bloodlines'?

The author of the book 'Bloodlines' is John Piper.

What does John Piper confess in the book 'Bloodlines'?

John Piper confesses his own sins and experience with racial tensions in the book 'Bloodlines', along with how God has been transforming him and his church.

How does John Piper demonstrate the impact of the gospel on racial issues?

John Piper demonstrates from Scripture how the light of the gospel penetrates the darkness of racial sin in the book 'Bloodlines'.

What does 'Bloodlines' conclude with?

'Bloodlines' concludes with sections on what Jesus's atoning death means for racial issues, interracial marriage, and prejudice.

What does John Piper argue in 'Bloodlines'?

John Piper presents convincing arguments against racism in 'Bloodlines'.

What is the opinion of a reader who left a review about 'Bloodlines'?

A reader who left a review stated that the book offers the perfect solution to the problem of racism and is well written and researched.

What was the conclusion of a Bible Study group about the book 'Bloodlines'?

A Bible Study group concluded that the book 'Bloodlines' could have been shorter and found it repetitive and difficult to push through.

How did a reader describe the narration of 'Bloodlines'?

A reader stated that the narration of 'Bloodlines' was mediocre and that audible should get narrators who know the Bible for Christian books.


11 reviews for this audiobook
  • Ka
    Katie 29-Sep-2023

    Bloodlines is a thought-provoking and powerful audiobook that tackles the issue of racial reconciliation with grace and depth. John Piper explores the biblical perspective on race and challenges listeners to consider how they can contribute to healing and unity. Highly recommended!

  • Mi
    Mike 02-Oct-2023

    I was blown away by Bloodlines! John Piper presents a compelling case for the urgent need for racial reconciliation in our society. His insights and biblical teachings are both convicting and inspiring. This audiobook is a must-listen for anyone seeking to understand and address the issue of racial division.

  • Sa
    Sara 08-Oct-2023

    Bloodlines is a game-changer in the conversation about race and reconciliation. John Piper's thought-provoking insights challenge the status quo and push listeners to examine their own attitudes and actions. This audiobook is a powerful tool for promoting understanding, empathy, and love.

  • Ja
    Jason 20-Oct-2023

    I cannot recommend Bloodlines enough! John Piper beautifully weaves together personal stories, biblical teachings, and historical perspectives to shed light on the deep-rooted issue of racism. This audiobook is both informative and transformative. Prepare to be challenged and inspired.

  • Em
    Emily 05-Nov-2023

    Bloodlines is a timely audiobook that explores the painful reality of racism and offers a Christ-centered approach to healing and reconciliation. John Piper's passion for justice and his deep understanding of Scripture shine through in this powerful work. Prepare to have your heart and mind opened.

  • Da
    Daniel 15-Nov-2023

    Bloodlines is a must-read for every Christian. John Piper addresses the issue of racial division with compassion, wisdom, and a firm commitment to the Gospel. This audiobook will challenge you to evaluate your own biases and take action towards unity and justice.

  • Ra
    Rachel 21-Dec-2023

    Bloodlines is a courageous and challenging audiobook that confronts the sin of racism head-on. John Piper's words are both convicting and encouraging, reminding us of the urgency to pursue racial reconciliation and the power of the Gospel to bring about transformation.

  • Sa
    Sam 01-Feb-2024

    I was deeply moved by Bloodlines. John Piper's ability to combine biblical truth with personal stories and historical context is truly remarkable. This audiobook is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to understand the complexities of race and the role of the Church in addressing injustice.

  • Mi
    Michelle 09-Feb-2024

    Bloodlines is a powerful call to action and a reminder of the need for racial reconciliation in our world today. John Piper's insights and biblical teachings provide a solid foundation for understanding the issue of race and its implications for the Church and society. This audiobook is a must-have.

  • An
    Andrew 18-Feb-2024

    Bloodlines is a groundbreaking audiobook that challenges the Church to confront its complicity in racism and work towards healing and justice. John Piper's words are both convicting and encouraging, reminding us of the radical love and unity found in Christ. This is a must-listen for every believer.

  • Li
    Lindsay 29-Mar-2024

    Bloodlines is a thought-provoking and enlightening audiobook that explores the complex issue of race through the lens of Scripture. John Piper's insights and personal experiences offer a unique perspective on the importance of racial reconciliation and the transformative power of the Gospel. Highly recommended!

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