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African History & Hoodoo

Brian JeffordsTheodore Rose

Embark on a journey through African history and the world of Hoodoo with the 'African History & Hoodoo' audiobook collection. In this two audiobook bundle, you will explore the birth of civilization, ancient folklore, the Zulu Wars, and more. Delve into the secrets and practices of Hoodoo, a craft developed by enslaved Africans in America, and learn how to connect with spirits and tap into ancient African wisdom. Debunk myths surrounding Hoodoo and gain a deeper understanding of its relation to Voodoo. Written by History Brought Alive and published by the same, this collection offers reliable information, captivating storytelling, and practical insights. Immerse yourself in the rich history of Africa and the empowering world of Hoodoo.

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Welcome to an incredible audiobook collection that takes you on a journey through African history and the fascinating world of Hoodoo. In this two audiobook bundle, History Brought Alive presents reliable and fact-checked information to bring the history of Africa to life. You will also discover the ancient craft of Hoodoo, a practice created by enslaved Africans in America. Let's dive in and explore everything this audiobook collection has to offer!

African History: Explore the Amazing Timeline of the World’s Richest Continent

The first audiobook in this collection is all about African history. Here, you will embark on a journey through time and discover the rich culture, folklore, mythology, and more of Africa. Using reliable resources and insights from world-renowned archeologists, the audiobook provides an engaging exploration of the birth of civilization and the origins of humanity in Africa.

The History of Hoodoo: Protecting and Empowering with Ancient Knowledge

The second audiobook in this collection is 'Hoodoo for Beginners.' It unravels the secrets of Hoodoo, a craft developed by enslaved Africans in America to protect themselves from harm. Through this audiobook, you will delve into the history and origins of Hoodoo, its connection to African spirituality, and the Transatlantic slave trade.

Exploring the Craft of Hoodoo: Spells, Root Magic, and More

'Hoodoo for Beginners' also offers a comprehensive guide to practicing Hoodoo. You will learn essential tools, such as rootworking, the use of herbs, and the manipulation of nature's elements to heal, manifest, and protect. This audiobook provides practical techniques and rituals that can help you connect with spirits, open a doorway to the spiritual world, and tap into ancient African wisdom.

Discovering Fascinating Folktales, Myths, and Legends

Throughout this audiobook collection, you'll be enthralled by the captivating folktales, myths, and legends that have been passed down through generations. These stories offer insights into African culture and traditions, shedding light on the beliefs and values that shape the continent's history.

Busting Myths: Hoodoo vs. Voodoo

'Hoodoo for Beginners' also addresses common misconceptions and truths surrounding Hoodoo and its relation to Voodoo. By debunking myths and clarifying misconceptions, this audiobook provides a deeper understanding of these spiritual practices.

The Zulu Wars: Epic Battles and the Clash of Cultures

One of the chapters in the African History audiobook delves into the Zulu Wars. This chapter offers a fascinating exploration of the epic battles, the influence of Christianity, and the impact of the British Empire in South Africa. It provides historical context and sheds light on significant events that shaped the region.


Whether you have an interest in African history or want to explore the craft of Hoodoo, this two audiobook collection has something valuable to offer. With fact-checked information, engaging storytelling, and practical insights, you will gain a deeper understanding of Africa's rich past and the empowering ancient practice of Hoodoo.

About the Author and Publisher

The 'African History & Hoodoo' audiobook collection is written by History Brought Alive, a proficient writer with a passion for bringing history to life. Published by History Brought Alive, this collection aims to provide readers with engaging and informative content.

Additional Info

Book Name: African History & Hoodoo
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: History Brought Alive
Narrators: Brian JeffordsTheodore Rose
Genres: History
Audiobook Length: 6H18M
Publisher: History Brought Alive
Language: English
Publish Date: 2023-06-21
Last Price: 14.95 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is included in this audiobook collection?

This audiobook collection includes two books: African History and Hoodoo for Beginners.

What does the African History book cover?

The African History book explores the timeline, culture, folklore, mythology, and more of the richest continent in the world.

What is Hoodoo for Beginners about?

Hoodoo for Beginners delves into the ancient spirit world of Africa and teaches about spells, root magic, conjuring, herbs, traditions, and history.

How is the content in these audiobooks created?

The content in these audiobooks is created using reliable, fact-checked written resources and discoveries from world-renowned archeologists.

What is the purpose of Hoodoo?

Hoodoo is a secret craft created by enslaved Africans in America to protect themselves from harm with the help of higher beings and ancestors.

What will I learn about Hoodoo in this audiobook collection?

In this audiobook collection, you will learn historical facts, real stories, and practices that demonstrate the power of Hoodoo. You will also learn about essential conjurer's tools and creating a bridge between the elements and spirits to access the spiritual world.

What topics are covered in the African History book?

The African History book covers the birth of civilization, Hoodoo history, rootworking, herbs, nature's elements for healing and manifestation, fascinating folktales, myths, and legends. It also touches on the differences between Voodoo and Hoodoo, common misconceptions, and the Zulu Wars in South Africa.

Who is the writer and publisher of these audiobooks?

The writer and publisher of these audiobooks is History Brought Alive.

What can I expect from this audiobook collection?

From this audiobook collection, you can expect valuable information about the history of Africa and the craft of Hoodoo.

Do you have any user reviews about this audiobook?

Yes, one user review states, 'I loved this book! This is definitely a must-read for anyone interested in learning about our people.'


9 reviews for this audiobook
  • Em
    Emily 29-Sep-2023

    This audiobook is an amazing journey through African history and hoodoo. The writer really brings history to life, making it engaging and captivating.

  • Be
    Benjamin 06-Oct-2023

    I was drawn into the rich tapestry of African history and hoodoo while listening to this audiobook. It feels as if the writer is personally guiding me through the fascinating events and practices of the past.

  • So
    Sophia 16-Oct-2023

    African history and hoodoo have always intrigued me, and this audiobook delivers an immersive experience. The writer's storytelling skills are superb, making the subject come alive.

  • Ma
    Max 22-Oct-2023

    This audiobook offers a fresh and enlightening perspective on African history and the role of hoodoo. The writer provides deep insights and connects the past with the present in a meaningful way.

  • Ol
    Olivia 19-Nov-2023

    I thoroughly enjoyed following the writer's exploration of African history and hoodoo in this audiobook. The combination of historical facts and the writer's personal anecdotes made it both informative and entertaining.

  • Mi
    Michael 29-Nov-2023

    The writer's passion for African history and hoodoo shines through in this audiobook. It's a captivating journey that made me appreciate the richness and diversity of African cultures even more.

  • Li
    Lily 04-Jan-2024

    If you're interested in African history and the mystical practice of hoodoo, this audiobook is a must-listen. The writer's engaging style and in-depth research make it a compelling educational experience.

  • Da
    David 15-Feb-2024

    This audiobook delves deep into the lesser-known aspects of African history and hoodoo. The writer's ability to make complex topics accessible and relatable is commendable.

  • Em
    Emma 03-Apr-2024

    I found this audiobook to be an eye-opening exploration of African history and the spiritual practices of hoodoo. The writer does a fantastic job of presenting the information in a way that grabs your attention.

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