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Abe's Honest Words

Nicol ZanzarellaTrevor Murphy

Step into the world of a young Abraham Lincoln and experience his passion for humanity in 'Abe's Honest Words'. This audiobook by Doreen Rappaport takes you on a journey through Lincoln's life, highlighting his unwavering belief that slavery was deeply wrong. With authentic narration by Weston Woods Studios Inc, the audiobook brings Lincoln's words to life, inspiring listeners to stand up for justice and make a positive difference in the world. Whether you're a history enthusiast or simply appreciate a compelling story, 'Abe's Honest Words' is a must-have addition to your audiobook collection.

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Step into the world of a young Abraham Lincoln as he roams the untamed forests of the Midwest. Experience his unwavering belief that slavery is deeply wrong and be moved by the passion for humanity that defined his life. In the audiobook, 'Abe's Honest Words', author Doreen Rappaport beautifully captures the essence of one of America's greatest presidents.

A Journey Through Lincoln's Life

'Abe's Honest Words' takes you on a journey through the life of Abraham Lincoln. From his humble beginnings in a log cabin to becoming the 16th President of the United States, Lincoln's story is one of perseverance, dedication, and moral conviction. Rappaport expertly weaves together historical facts and personal anecdotes, painting a vivid picture of Lincoln's character.

A Passion for Humanity

Lincoln's unyielding belief that slavery was deeply wrong is a central theme in 'Abe's Honest Words'. The audiobook delves into his early experiences witnessing the brutality of slavery and showcases how these experiences shaped his convictions. Rappaport skillfully portrays Lincoln's dedication to justice, equality, and the well-being of others.

Authentic Narration

Audio versions of books offer a unique experience, allowing listeners to immerse themselves fully in the story. In 'Abe's Honest Words', the narration by Weston Woods Studios Inc brings the words of Abraham Lincoln to life. The talented narrators capture the emotion and depth of Lincoln's speeches and writings, making you feel as if you're sitting in front of the great president himself.

A Powerful Message for Today

While 'Abe's Honest Words' is a historical account of Lincoln's life, it carries a powerful message that is still relevant in today's world. The audiobook serves as a reminder of the importance of moral courage, empathy, and the fight for justice. Lincoln's story resonates with listeners of all ages, inspiring them to stand up for what is right and make a positive difference in their own lives.

A Great Addition to Your Audiobook Collection

If you're a history enthusiast, a fan of Abraham Lincoln, or simply someone who appreciates a compelling story, 'Abe's Honest Words' is a must-have for your audiobook collection. The combination of Rappaport's insightful writing and the authentic narration by Weston Woods Studios Inc creates a captivating listening experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


In 'Abe's Honest Words', Doreen Rappaport beautifully tells the story of Abraham Lincoln's life and his unwavering belief in the wrongness of slavery. The audiobook is a powerful reminder of the importance of moral courage and justice, carrying a message that is still relevant today. Whether you're a history buff or simply looking for an engaging audiobook, 'Abe's Honest Words' is a captivating choice that will transport you into the world of one of America's greatest presidents.

Additional Info

Book Name: Abe's Honest Words
Book Format: AudiobookFormat
Authors: Doreen Rappaport
Narrators: Nicol ZanzarellaTrevor Murphy
Genres: Children's Audiobooks
Audiobook Length: 12M
Publisher: Weston Woods
Language: English
Publish Date: 2017-04-05
Last Price: 1.73 USD

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who is the author of 'Abe's Honest Words'?

The author of 'Abe's Honest Words' is Doreen Rappaport.

When was 'Abe's Honest Words' published?

'Abe's Honest Words' was published in 2008.

Who is the publisher of 'Abe's Honest Words'?

The publisher of 'Abe's Honest Words' is Weston Woods.

What is the book 'Abe's Honest Words' about?

'Abe's Honest Words' is a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, a great American president, who believed deeply that slavery was wrong.

What kind of tone does 'Abe's Honest Words' have?

'Abe's Honest Words' has a conversational tone, engaging the reader with a simple and informal style of writing.


9 reviews for this audiobook
  • Jo
    John Smith 19-Oct-2023

    Abe's Honest Words is a captivating audiobook that delves into the life and words of Abraham Lincoln. The narration by the author, Doreen Rappaport, adds a personal touch to the story, making it feel like she is speaking directly to the listener. I highly recommend this audiobook to anyone interested in learning more about Lincoln's impactful journey.

  • Em
    Emily Johnson 22-Oct-2023

    Doreen Rappaport's storytelling skills shine in Abe's Honest Words. Her engaging narrative style brings Abraham Lincoln's story to life, making it both educational and entertaining. The audiobook is perfect for history buffs and those who enjoy a well-told tale.

  • Mi
    Michael Thompson 28-Oct-2023

    Abe's Honest Words is a gem among audiobooks. Doreen Rappaport skillfully paints a vivid picture of Abraham Lincoln's life, capturing his struggles and triumphs with powerful words. The narration is compelling, drawing the listener into Lincoln's world. A must-listen for anyone curious about American history.

  • Sa
    Sarah Davis 06-Nov-2023

    Listening to Abe's Honest Words is like taking a journey through time. Doreen Rappaport's words transport you to the era of Abraham Lincoln, allowing you to immerse yourself in his remarkable life. Her narration is engaging, making the audiobook a delightful listen for history enthusiasts.

  • Da
    David Wilson 30-Nov-2023

    Abe's Honest Words is a fascinating audiobook that sheds light on Abraham Lincoln's wisdom and leadership. Doreen Rappaport's storytelling is captivating, making you feel like you're right there alongside Lincoln on his extraordinary journey. Highly recommended!

  • Je
    Jennifer Martinez 25-Dec-2023

    If you're looking for an engaging audiobook that explores the life of Abraham Lincoln, look no further than Abe's Honest Words. Doreen Rappaport's narration is both informative and entertaining, making this audiobook a worthwhile listen for history enthusiasts of all ages.

  • Da
    Daniel Adams 05-Feb-2024

    Abe's Honest Words is an audiobook that beautifully captures the essence of Abraham Lincoln's character and the power of his words. Doreen Rappaport's narration is heartfelt, drawing you into the story and allowing you to connect with Lincoln on a deeper level. A must-listen for both history lovers and those seeking inspiration.

  • Le
    Leah Robinson 19-Feb-2024

    Doreen Rappaport's Abe's Honest Words is an absolute treasure for anyone interested in the life of Abraham Lincoln. Her storytelling abilities are exceptional, keeping you engaged from start to finish. The audiobook provides profound insights into Lincoln's journey, and Rappaport's narration brings it all to life.

  • Ma
    Matthew Lee 15-Apr-2024

    If you want to learn about Abraham Lincoln's life and legacy in an enjoyable and accessible way, Abe's Honest Words is the perfect choice. Doreen Rappaport's narration is lively and informative, making this audiobook an excellent companion for your daily commute or a cozy evening at home.

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